Shadow: Allison Mack and Sister Wives Nicki Clyne and ‘Charger’

By Shadow State 1958
The Allison Mack champion Charger 426 Hemi continues to defend her/his queen on Instagram.
And now admits she may have been branded.
At first, Charger 426 Hemi denied being a member of the NXIVM sex cult.  But Charger may not have been fully forthcoming about her ties to NXIVM and Allison Mack.
“You never know maybe I’m already involved with her (Allison)”, the love struck Charger 426 Hemi proclaims.
After a further examination of Charger’s Tribute Page to Allison Mack, I ran across this conversation.
@charger426hemi1 how can you say that if you never even talked to her.


@official_jamesreynolds whether i’ve spoken to her at some point is not anyone else’s business

(her being Allison  Mack)


@official_jamesreynolds no it’s not, any conversations i may have with her stays between me and her. It’s got nothing to do with anyone else


@charger426hemi1 now I think you might be telling the truth that you are a member of this cult, and defending someone you care about and want to believe in.

Elsewhere this conversation takes place.


@official_jamesreynolds you never know maybe I’m already involved with her

The picture for this conversation is hilarious
It shows Allison Mack pointing directly at the camera in a predatory pose.


This photo has a caption that screams “watch out all you ladies and kids …. I’m coming for ya!”

Elsewhere, Charger claims  to be living outside the United States but refuses to say if she lives in Mexico.
Charger appears to be fluent in English and knows about American culture
I suspect the name Charger 426 Hemi 1 was chosen for Charger by someone else in NXIVM to make her appear more American than she is.
Who could be controlling Charger?
What members of NXIVM DOS or the Vow could now be living in Mexico and are first line or top tier members?
According to Frank Report, The First Line Slaves, I believe, are
  1. Allison Mack
  2. Rosa Laura Junco
  3. Loreta Garza
  4. Camila Fernandez
  5. Mariana Fernandez
  6. Nicki Clyne
  7. Dani Padilla
  8. Lauren Salzman

Of course several of these “ladies” refuse to return to the United States US to testify

for Allison Mack without a promise from the US DOJ that they won’t be arrested.
Rose Laura Junco used to work at the Knife Media with Nicki Clyne, aka Mrs. Allison Mack.
Loretta Garza was with Mack and Clyne in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when Raniere was arrested.
Now for some questions I would love Nicki Clyne to answer.
1. Who is Charger 426 Hemi1?
2. Who chose that name for Charger?
3. Are you advising or assisting Charger in the operation of the Allison Mack Tribute site?
4. Is Charger part of NXIVM DOS or the Vow?
5. Does Charger live in Mexico?
6. Is Charger a member of NXIVM Mexico?
7. Did Charger live in Clifton Park or elsewhere in New York State?
8. Was Charger involved in the importation of Mexican girls to service Keith Raniere?
I promise that Nicki’s answers will be confidential between her and anyone who happens to read the Frank Report.
Nicki Clyne poses in a Charger 426 Hemi

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  • Is the rampant speculation on the identities of sockpuppet account like this or the most probably a troll pea onyu really necessary? It adds very little to the overall conversation about NXIVM. If other’s like it, that’s fine. I just consider things like this and the art posts to be kinda… spam filler? Maybe make a section for “unverified theories” and “Art” and leave the main feed for actual news on the case?

  • We can always depend on Shadow for writing a story that wastes 5 minutes of our lives we will never get back. On another note, the Mexican and/or illegal alien-heavy population of NXIVM mirrors that of Amway and many other MLM scams.

    • the Mexican and/or illegal alien-heavy population of NXIVM mirrors that of Amway and many other MLM scams.

      Scott, If heavy Mexican or illegal alien populations bother you don’t go to Southern California or as it is now known Mexico Norte.
      Orange County California, the one-time stronghold of the California Republican party, is now only 40% non-Hispanic white.

  • The photo for this conversation is hilarious.
    It shows Allison Mack pointing directly at the camera in a predatory pose.

    please, predatory pose. Now it turns out that pointing a finger at the one who takes the picture is a predatory pose that seems to have never been told to uncle sam.

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