Nice Guy: Did Allison Mack go to Switzerland to money launder for Nxivm?

BY Nice Guy

Here is a possible money laundering clue.

I  agree with Shadow that Allison Mack is somehow involved in money laundering. When she went to “France”, I believe, she may have gone to Switzerland.


Because there was a photo on her Instagram account of her and her personal tour guide, as well as her mother, on a train that had a similar interior to the French high-speed train that travels to Switzerland. I have traveled on a similar train with a similar interior myself with my wife about 3 years ago.

The photo on Instagram I tried to find again, because of an article Shadow wrote. When I checked the Instagram account, it had been taken off.

France and Switzerland are EU countries. Mack’s passport would not have been stamped.

Do you, “Shadow”, or anyone else have the travel photos of Mack and her foreign travel guide?

All of those photos of the interior of that train have been taken down as well as the other photos of her and Nicki Clyne on the other trains.


Why is the photo of her and Nicky on a commuter rail train still up and all the other train interior photos taken down?

I think someone pointed it out to them that it would show that Allison and Nicki were on a high-speed France/Switzerland train.

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  • Nice Guy:
    Concerning the picture I linked you to of a reddish brown haired Allison Mack in a train, going through her pictures, in most of them she is blonde. Her natural hair color.
    I only found a few pictures of her with reddish brown hair color.
    On a train.
    With a girl. “Root beer. Yes please.”
    With friends.
    These pictures are from 2012.
    I believe the train picture must be from around 2012.
    There are pictures from 2017 from the time when she was in the play “Red Velvet” in San Diego when her hair was dyed reddish.

  • niceguy, I have to say I throughly enjoyed reading about your theory in the main text that was originally a reply to shadow as well as reading all your comments as the day went along. It was like you were giving us insight into the way your mind works and you were making notes here on the Frank Report. It was fascinating. I hope the comments weren’t made while you were driving! I’m just kidding.

  • Reply to shadows drivel. Periodically pick up the mail? No, this was a twice a week task, Tuesday’s and Fridays for a NXIVM employee, among other money laundering methods.

  • Why would anyone Instagram herself on a money laundering — any kind of illegal — mission?

    They all did do a lot of seemingly assigned travel. It is odd Allison was alone for someone so gregarious. Is her red hair for that Victorian play she was in? (Careful with your deets, nice, this is a tough crowd even if your heart’s in the right place.)

    • I did not choose to publish comment as an article. Someone else did.

      It is speculative. I was just intending to share some information with Shadowstate. Once the article was published, I added random comments over the course of the day and in response to criticism of my impromptu article.

      My wife had me running errands all day. Oddly enough, commenting on my own article broke up the monotony of spending my entire day doing chores and running errands.

      The EU comment is wrong … the Schengen Agreement means there is no passport stamp. So in the end I am right.

      The information about financial instruments is 100% correct.

      The facts. Shadowstate seems interested in the money laundering angle I was just sharing some info.

      I don’t mind that Frank published the comment. Just wish there was a disclaimer for the reader.

      Have a great night everyone!!!!

    • Heidi
      Remember Nicki Clyyne posted a photo and her location on Instagram? Law enforcement was able to use the location information from Instagram.

      The NXIVM clowns are amateur criminals.

      Why were the other photos deleted of the train interior with other companions ? Maybe it was all harmless. I just posted a comment to Shadowstate about a possible lead and a theory I had.

      After reading one shadow’s article I looked up the photos and the photos had been removed from Instagram. It’s probably nothing and that is why I did not post an article. It was posted for me.

      I thought Shadowstate was into conspiracy theories. All of the articles Shadowstate seems to write are usually connected to a NXIVM conspiracy.

      I have wasted a large amount of time commenting on my own comment/article today but it help break up an otherwise mundane day.

      I hope you all have a great night!!!

  • Looks like Jeff Peterson off his meds again. A bunch of rambling, incoherent thoughts that he believes to be a conspiracy.

    NiceGuy = Jeff Peterson. Duh.

    How’s that lawsuit going Jeff? Did you ever serve Dennis Burke?

    • DeeZ
      the article was a comment that was turned into an impromptu article. I did not a publish it so you can kiss my nutz

    • Better off your meds than off your rocker, Deez. Or your rocking horse if we’re talking emotional not chronological age.

      I’m sure Jeff and Denny are both busy teaching Sunday school today if they’re not at choir practice — getting ready for that Judgement Day.

      …Whatever happened to “Love thy neighbor as thyself?”
      Or “Judge not lest ye be judged?”

  • From the US State Department, a list of nations with money laundering problems.
    As you can see, many countries have problems with money laundering, even the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

    If I wanted to launder money in Europe, I would choose countries less obvious than Switzerland.
    I would choose Luxembourg, the Isle of Man — an island between Britain and Ireland, and the Chanel Islands British islands just off the coast of France. Guernsey and Jersey are Channel Islands.

    In Chicago, I have seen a case where a Ponzi artist incorporated bogus banks in Montserrat and Grenada for various illegal schemes.
    The Ponzi artist was a former Chicago cop and he bought a bank charter for the Canadian Trade Bank from a Vancouver con artist named Jerome Schneider.
    The Canadian Trade Bank operated out of mail boxes in Montserrat and Grenada.

    Pioneer of Sham Tax Havens Sits Down for Pre-Jail Chat

    SEATTLE, Nov. 17 – Jerome Schneider, the nation’s best-known seller of fraudulent offshore banks, said in an interview today that he had helped hundreds of rich Americans evade taxes, including actors, celebrities and business owners.

    NXIVM used a low tech means of money laundering.
    They rented mail boxes around Albany and sent packages to them packed with pre-paid gift cards.
    NXIVM gofers would periodically empty out the mail boxes.
    Or NXIVM would have mules carry the money across from Canada concealed in cars.

    Picture of Allison Mack in a European style train coach.

    • “NXIVM used a low tech means of money laundering.
      They rented mail boxes around Albany and sent packages to them packed with pre-paid gift cards.
      NXIVM gofers would periodically empty out the mail boxes.
      Or NXIVM would have mules carry the money across from Canada concealed in cars.”

      John Tighe spoke of this. He said Mark Vicente’s mother emptied boxes and that Siohban Hotaling was a mule. Mark Vicente, Juliana Vicente, Siohban Hotaling were all named in O’Hara’s lawsuit, as was Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack. Also, Kreuk and Mack were exposed by Tigue of being on Necker Island where he said they plotted money laundering. He provided these facts years ago.

    • Shadowstate remember Marc Rich?

      Despite the fact that Switzerland claims to enforce tighter financial controls and laws, news stories creep out every year showing the Swiss government is full of shit.

  • This article is speculative and filled with inaccuracy. The writer needs to check his facts before submission. Not knowing Switzerland lies outside the EU and currently has strict banking controls is in-excusable. Furthermore, his knowledge of the French train system including the SNCF and TGV seems speculative at best. Although I reside part-time in France, I cannot pretend to have knowledge of the interiors of French trains. Furthermore, to assume money laundering based on a similar interiors of a French and Swiss train routes seems ridiculous unless you are writing a fictional spy novel.

    • The EU mistake is immaterial; there is agreement in place between France and Switzerland regarding passports.

  • Asking a favor of Frank Report Readers:

    I am running errands for my wife today and have been copious amounts of coffee along the way.

    Last comment for the day.

    I know that a good portion of Frank Report readers have gone to Allison Mack’s and Nicki Clyne’s Instagram accounts.

    Some of you must remember the photos I am referring to of Allison and her foreign travel guide in a train and the interior; possibly of the high speed train. Even if you do not have the photos in your possession, go online and please look up “French high speed train to Switzerland”.
    Look up the interiors of the high speed train.

    Please let me know if I am right.

    If Mack is trying to obscure the fact that she traveled to Switzerland, then she must be up to something.

  • Christ, I am running errands and leaving a bunch of comments like a crazy person. I will thread all of these comments together into a proper article and submit it to the Frank Report like a sane person tomorrow evening.

  • Just a lot of “guessing here”, don’t you all have anything better to do with your time ??

  • FDC
    Have you ever traveled aboard in Europe?

    Well I have and European authorities do no search or strip search you unless you have drugs or weapons.

    Clearly FDC you have never traveled aboard or you would realize how ridiculous the second point of your argument was in regards to bringing currency across the boarder or for that matter other ‘paper financial legal instruments’. I.e. Stock certificates, bonds, and Banker’s checks.

    FDC geta clue.

    • Regarding: Money Laundering and “Paper financial legal instruments”, i.e. Stock certificates, bonds, and Banker’s checks.

      The “Panama Papers” revealed that criminals mixing things up and are going back to the old fashioned paper financial instruments such as paper stock certificates. Now, instead having the stock certificate issued to an individual person, it is issued to an anonymous number account.


      A criminal can purchase stock anonymously through a bank or an attorney using a corporate entity. The stock is issued to a numbered account.

      One stock certificate, one sheet of paper, can be issued for 100,000 shares of stock or more.

      Think about this fact one sheet of paper 11×17 could be worth millions.

      The same thing that can be done with stock certificates can be done with the other legal financial instruments.

      One sheet of paper folded into a book could be worth millions of dollars.

      Shadow is right. Allison Mack traveling around the world doing comicons may have had an additional agenda.

      We probably will never know the truth.

  • HI FDC,

    This article is another impromptu piece. Originally it was a comment and for expediency sake I glossed over an actual fact.
    Here is the actual agreement between …

    Italy, Switzerland and France. They all signed an agreement; The Schengen agreement area – so no passport stamping or whatever immigration control at the common country borders.

    In addition there are many other parts to the agreement one main function is to support travel.

    When I comment or when I eventually write an article, I simplify my writing and the information I provide to appeal to the largest audience possible.

    I do not have all day to squabble about bs. I know it probably seems like it because I do comment a ton.

  • Switzerland is not part of the EU and there are border controls, they are not very strict, but there is a good chance that they catch you. You are only allowed to carry 15000 € into the EU from Switzerland per person. If you carry more, they can even confiscate that money. All of it.

  • Just posting Kristin’s tweet and the truth would make for a timely and interesting editorial piece as well .

  • Frankreport!

    Editorial article idea….

    An editorial piece on Kristin Kreuk’s disingenuous public statements along with her recent tweet and the truth using Scott’s twitter tweet regarding Kreuk.

    The editorial could focus on Scott’s subsequent banning for tweeting the truth would be interesting and timely.

    Twitter is know for hypocritical censorship and the prohibiting of free speech of conservatives. At the same time, liberals are aloud to tweet anything. Kathy Griffin being the prime example her attack on a teenager was disgusting.

    Posting Scott’s actual tweet and Kristin’s tweet back to back with the article would be a nice back drop for the editorial.

    • Writing a damning editorial article pointing out the glaring inconsistencies and lies that both Kristin and Twitter have spewed out should make a great editorial piece.

  • Sara Bronfman is probably leasing a property so that nothing is in her name so nothing is in her name to be traced by US authorities.

  • One more thing….
    When the “Sarah Edmonson branding” story broke, there was a small gap of time between France and going to Ecuador.
    Oddly enough Frank even commented about it on the Frank Report. “Where is Allison Mack. Hell was raining down on Keith and NXIVM. Allison is Keith’s “right hand”. Allison went MIA when Vanguard needed her most.
    Allison went off the grid. Maybe because she was scared or maybe because she was busy doing something else(money laundering); and she was actually in Switzerland.

    • I believe Sara Bronfman owns a residence in Zurich or Geneva Switzerland.

      Maybe Allison just visited Sara?

  • If someone has that photo, please post it.

    There’s a class of high-speed SNCF trains running out of Paris that are specifically designated for traveling to other countries. There’s another class that is specifically operated for travel within France. It’s not hard to tell the difference between the two and there may be additional information in the cabin that tells us the destination. For example, trains that run between Paris and Copenhagen typically have newspapers for each country, whereas a train bound for Sweden may have Swiss newspapers. A photo could reveal a great deal of information.

    Swiss bank-client confidentiality laws are fundamentally different from what they were 10 years ago, the Birkenfield Disclosure revealed many patterns of tax avoidance that are detectable with basic facts to go off. Knowing the specific day a deposit was made and / or where it occurred could be the key to unlocking chains of actions that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

    This is especially important considering who the defendants are and how they are alleged to have operated. There may be controls on a numbered account that prevent funds from being withdrawn in the absence of a signatory. Should Raniere decide to off himself prior to judgement, that money could be lost in the Swedish banking system forever.

    One other thing to consider: currency mules often work in packs. Photos of other people associated with the Cult may reveal more clues.

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