Guest View: Keith had plans on using DOS women for pure evil

By G.

Brandon Porter (I will not refer to him or Danielle Roberts as doctors) were weaponizing these women by showing them snuff films from Mexico.

Keith even hinted at diabolical plans he entertained for these women but would not now reveal them.

I can’t recall the South American country, nor the general’s name, but to bring down the autocratic government a woman used her beauty and sex, to lure the general to her bed and, when he was asleep, she killed him and thus the country owed her a debt of gratitude for her bravery and sacrifice.

Esther, in the Bible, also used her feminine wiles to save her people.

I guarantee you More likely blackmail but possibly assassinations. Keep in mind it only took 13 targeted assassinations to take over the Japanese gov’t before WW2.

How he ever got others to go along and they suspected nothing beats me.

Now that Sara Bronfman says no one believed Keith’s claims of being the world’s smartest man, etc., I can assure you, had Keith been successful, Clare and Sara would be standing either side of Keith’s throne basking in the glory.

Claire and Sara would keep Keith satiated with sex slaves while they wielded the actual power.

I saw just this scenario in the cult I was in. They kept the founder liquored up and sexually satiated while they ruled over the flock all in his name but really they were now in power.

Keith is not only a psychopath, he’s a megalomaniac!

No, Keith is NOT ill, he’s plain evil and so is Nancy and Clare and Sara and the rest.

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  • G,
    Gmoney Me thinks you been partaking in the consumption of some magic mushrooms

    G U Shrooming? Or straight out tripping?

  • It was not a coincidence that NXIVM recruited girls from a religious cult notorious for polygamy, pedophilia and murderous violence.
    When the FBI saw the connection between NXIVM and the Ervil Le Baron religious cult, they knew that NXIVM IS ORGANIZED CRIME AND A POTENTIAL TERRORIST GROUP.

  • G,

    Do you theorize Vanguard got his idea to weaponize the women from the Illuminati’s use of female Vatican assassins?

    I feel like what you are describing is the perfect storm of the movies Zoolander, Clock Work Orange, La Feme Nikita, and Boys from Brazil.

    G you need to stop plagiarizing movie screen plays. Those movies protected by copyrights.

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