Nancy Salzman

Nancy Salzman named in conspiracy website as member of CIA

Shades of Ben Szemkus!

In an article from the website, entitled PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON, PETER YARROW, DECOYS OF CIA MK ULTRA POP CULTURE, PEDOPHILES, SATANIC SACRIFICE & THE HART WITCHES, Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters happily make the list of deadly purveyors of dark manipulations of the human spirit.

In fact, Nancy is named as a covert CIA agent.

The article is quite long and please feel free to read it.

Here is the section on the Bronfmans and Nancy.


Edgar Bronfman

Billionaire Edgar Bronfman, December 6, 2013: Wishing the people of CENTRAL SYNAGOGUE and their new senior-rabbi-to-be Cantor Angela Buchdahl an especially wonderful Shabbat! The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel family is enriched by your presence, Angela. Shabbat shalom!

In 2009, Edgar Bronfman’s daughters Clare and Sarah gave $I million to the Buddhist Dalai Lama to travel to America to endorse, front and cover their clandestine experimental NVIXM “sex cult” that brainwashes, brands, and conduct mind control experiments on women and children.

Edgar Bronfmana Russian Jewish descendant, was a pillar of New York society and president of the World Jewish Congress.

CIA agent and asset, the Dalai Lama with Peter Yarrow after he performed his song “Never Give Up” at the Chiba Institute of Technology in Tsudanuma, Japan on November 13, 2013. ….

NVIXM, CIA Mind Manipulators

NXIVM was co-founded by Jewish Nancy Salzman. She is a senior CIA mind manipulator Ericksonian Hypnotist tutored by defense psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Siegel (Columbia University), National Institutes of Health. Bethesda, Maryland, Reuters University, and courses that were given privately by different practitioners of the [Milton] Ericksonian therapeutic method. She also studied Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Dr. Milton Hyland Erickson is the “father of hypnotherapy” and father of subliminal mind-control (theory) research. He was a CIA hypnotist that worked with Dr. Gregory Bateson (Santa Cruz), George H. Estabrooks, and British Aldous Huxley to create real CIA MK ULTRA/MONARCH Manchurian Candidates, and AssassinsRichard Bandler and John Grinder of UC Santa Cruz, pioneers in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), used the techniques of Gregory Bateson, Fritz Perls, Virginia SatirDr. Jay Haley of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and DrMilton Erickson to develop the foundation of NLP.



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  • Mind Control Black Assassins have a lot in common with the Frank Report and some of it’s regular contributors: both are conspiracy theorists informed by psychotic fantasies. LOL.

  • If blabbermouth Nancy Salzman were ever a CIA agent of any sort — especially a field agent or NOC — she’d be long dead.

  • What about all the mkultra talk here in the comments? Sure backs up what the conspiracy folks choose to believe

  • Nancy Salzman CIA? CIA recruiter? If memory serves me correct Nancy did make a fervent pass at a Mr. Frank Parlato. Nancy I believe placed her hand in a suggestive way on Mr. Parlato’s hand.

    I believe Frank dodged a bullet. Frank may have well ended up becoming the next CIA mind controled hitman like Chuck Barris or dare I say Jack Ruby.

    Just kidding.

  • Nancy Salzman named in conspiracy website as member of CIA

    And Keith Raniere won three Nobel Prizes.
    One for Physics, one for Chemistry and one for Peace.

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