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Source: ‘MONSTER’ Superseding Indictment expected within three weeks

Editor’s note: I have not and never have been in communication with anyone from the Eastern District of New York Department of Justice. My source in this story is a lawyer familiar with the case.

According to a reliable source with information about the ongoing investigation of Nxivm, a superseding indictment is around the corner and it will be a “monster” the lawyer source says.

“It will include new charges for Keith and Clare and others – and will name new defendants.”

All told, the new “monster” superseding indictment will surpass, the source says, everything heretofore charged put together.

As for longer sentences, the source says that Clare, Nancy and Lauren will have additional charges that will greatly extend their present “vulnerabilities” which presently range in the 3- 5 year prison sentencing guidelines range.

As for Raniere – who is already facing life in prison – he may earn enough new charges to put him behind bars for several hundred years.

“Based on the charges and if he is convicted, which seems likely, he will go to a supermax facility. He will never see daylight again. He will die in prison.”

Kathy Russell and Allison Mack, the source said, are less likely to be hit with significant new charges.

As for new defendants, our source singled out Alejandro Betancourt as the man most likely to be charged and suspects that at the top levels at “Main Justice” (the Washington DC headquarters of the DOJ,) a deal was cut with Carlos Salinas, brokered by high-level Democrats, to spare Emiliano Salinas from an indictment.

This despite the fact the EDNY was pushing for his indictment on the rather quaint theory that if someone committed a crime, they should be charged regardless of political connections.

It remains to be seen how that will play out.

“I’d say it is 50-50 on whether they will indict Emiliano despite the fact that he directly conspired in a serious criminal plot to destroy the enemies of Keith Raniere.”

The big news, of course, is that this expected superseding indictment may be the culmination of the 17-month investigation into NXIVM  – and will take us into brand new territory. The scope and breadth may be wider than anyone anticipated.

It is not known if any public officials will be indicted.

As for timing: “The superseding will have to come out really no later than March 15th,” the source said. “The prosecution cannot just spring it on the judge at the last minute. The trial is currently set for an April 29 start date. We are getting into the trial zone soon, that time when a lot of things happen in the month or two leading up to trial that are specific to the charges and are wasteful expenditures of time if there is going to be a superseding indictment. The superseding should come before the intense preparation for trial occurs. Once it comes – with its batch of new charges and new defendants – it will push back the trial most likely beyond Labor Day. It is my understanding that Judge Garaufis does not like to subject jurors to trials in the summer.”

Stay tuned.


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  • I certainly welcome Frank’s news about a ‘Monster’ superseding indictment coming down the pipe, since both Keith & Clare are animals who deserve MANY years in prison.

    Keith is a human manifestation of a pot bellied pig who is poorly hung.

    Clare is a human manifestation of an ugly mule with half a brain.

    *However, I know that Frank’s ‘source’ is telling us things that are verifiably UNTRUE.

    In my opinion Frank’s source is unreliable.

    Here’s WHY I think this…

    Firstly, Frank has said that he’s not in communication with anybody from the EDNY (which I assume to be true, since Frank is a fairly trustworthy guy).

    Frank has further said that his source is a lawyer ‘familiar with the case’.

    That’s the problem here.


    …Because the grand jury process is FUCKING SECRET and there’s no way for a ‘lawyer’ (an officer of the court) to know the SECRET DETAILS about a future Grand Jury Indictment UNLESS he’s affiliated — in some way — with the prosecutor’s office seeking the indictment.

    The ONLY other possibility is that this ‘lawyer’ is getting leaks from Penza’s team so that he can relay them to Frank Parlato to be published on his blog, which is basically the SAME THING as Frank being in ‘indirect’ communication with the EDNY.

    I find it HARD to believe that a self-righteous prosecutor like Moira Penza has purposely leaked SECRET Grand Jury info to a 3rd party lawyer, with the understanding that he’ll be leaking it to Frank Parlato for use on his blog.

    I don’t believe that Penza’s staff would do that because THEY DON’T GAIN ANYTHING by having Frank mention this ‘monster indictment’ a few weeks before it actually comes out.

    Thus, if the EDNY did not leak this info then HOW THE FUCK did a ‘lawyer’ (an officer of the court) attain this SECRET Grand Jury information in the first place?

    My guess is that Frank’s source is a lying sack of manure who’s merely GUESSING about what he THINKS is likely to happen.

    I smell a rat here.

    I smell something RANCID here.

    Of course, it’s possible that Frank is lying to us about his source being a ‘lawyer’ (since Frank is fond of obfuscating facts to protect his sources).

    It’s possible that Frank’s source is REALLY an FBI agent investigating the case for the EDNY.

    However, if that’s the case then the FBI team would be considered a part of the EDNY prosecution team (i.e. they’d be forbidden from leaking secret grand jury info).

    I therefore don’t believe that Frank’s source is working for the FBI or the EDNY.

    Methinks that Frank is relying on the GUESS WORK of a scumbag lawyer who has ZERO DETAILS about the secret Grand Jury process.

    Look people, it’s obvious to everybody that a superseding indictment is coming soon. It’s imminent. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Thus, it sounds like this ‘lawyer’ is just injecting his own OPINION about what he THINKS the indictment might include.

  • Former rankIng NXIANS, as you sit there reading this article, you suddenly stop what you were thinking and begin now remembering the crimes you have committed for NXIVM you automatically realize, YOU may be indicted next.

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