Nice Guy: How many former Nxivm members did not share their story for fear of being attacked by Scott or Bangkok?

By Nice Guy I am responding to a recent personal attack of Heidi by Scott Johnson aka Tex2 Scott/Tex  and One Night In Bangkok attack other commenters in the most vitriolic disgusting way. I am responding in kind. Heidi and everyone else should not be attacked or ridiculed for sharing their story or being supportive […]

By Nice Guy

I am responding to a recent personal attack of Heidi by Scott Johnson aka Tex2

Scott/Tex  and One Night In Bangkok attack other commenters in the most vitriolic disgusting way. I am responding in kind.

Heidi and everyone else should not be attacked or ridiculed for sharing their story or being supportive of other people.

When I used to come to the Frank Report I thought it was wonderful that there was a website with so much support and empathy between the commentors.  Helping one another out with kind words and shared experiences.

In addition, the main reason I came to the Frank Report website is because I found the articles informative, insightful, and educative. Frank, KR Claviger and a few other contributors missed their calling in life as reporters and writers.

I just started commenting on the Frank Report a little over a month ago – sometime in January.

Scott/Tex/ Bangkok & the anonymous aliases which seem to be Scott and Bangkok attack without provocation or rationality.

I believe the Frank Report website has accomplished much good and will continue to do so.

I agree with Frank’s philosophy of allowing open exchange.

Unfortunately in a free society even assholes like Scott have voice.

I will always choose freedom no matter the cost.

I will not, however, remain silent when innocent, good people are attacked.

How many people who are former or current cult members did not share their story for fear of being attacked by Scott or Bangkok or one of his alias?

Fragile vulnerable people need support and should not be attacked.

As long as Frank posts my comments I will respond in kind to Scott/Bangcock.

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  • I heard this hairy beast has herpes. I hope the guys in jail know that when they take his booty to wrap it up. Im sure he can trade some clear wrap from the kitchen for at least one pen from the commissary. Barter trade, trade barter…only if he gives herpes to these thugs its a wrap

  • I agree I used to come here too but its turned to shit. Now that Keith is locked up and all these pansies are on here it totally sucks. I’d like to read something juicy like kristen’s booty or the nannies. Where are the girls? why haven’t they gave their side? maybe its a one-man show and the girls are too poor to read these stories. Keith took their money for collateral and they can’t even afford to pay attention

  • I think all you so called “nannies” should fell free to confess here on frank report. confess away under what ever name you please. Or die a coward with your pretty faces.

  • Frankreport Comments my final thought and reader commentor take away:

    Think carefully about the type of comments you post on the internet whether you are posting on the Frankreport or Facebook or anywhere.

    If you ever get divorced or have children or are presently divorced and have child custody issues everything you type can be use by your spouse’s attorney against you.

    I know this for a fact.

    I have mentioned my wife is a family attorney a number of times. It is a fact your social media and network activity can be used against in court you.

    The following link is to a family lawyer’s website and explains things:

    So always be nice to your fellow commentators because one day it may end up biting you in the ass; if your have not always been nice. 🙂

  • Nice Guy, you’re right.

    Civility and compassion are disappearing from our society as a whole. Some here can’t resist taking cruel jabs at others on an anonymous forums, as a form of sport.

    There are those who’ve suggested the twelve-year-old Rhiannon was responsible for being raped by Keith (and thus should carry guilt), Heidi is lying, Keith did Heidi’s ex a big favor by helping cause her divorce, Sara Edmonston just wants attention, Barbara Bouchey is a whore – the list goes on and on and on.

    I suggest some of you long-term readers sit down and make a list of the names that no longer post or contribute – ever. This list will include some ex-NX. To jog the memory, just go into Frank’s archives.

    I’ve often thought of giving up this website, but I guess I’ll stick around through the trial (if there is one).

    We as a group have cheated ourselves out of a wealth of information, by preventing this blog from serving as civil discourse or a safe haven.

    • Orange County Dreams- OCD,

      Well stated!!!

      I feel exactly the same. I only started commenting recently and I have been following this site much longer.

      I really do feel exactly as you do.

    • II feel the same, too. My heart goes out to all of those affected by KAR and NXIVM. They should be able to share their stories here without abuse. Clearly, that has not been the case and many are silent. Anonymous comments have been a two edged sword.

  • Nice Guy – I always enjoy reading what you have to say. You should have been here before Frank started to moderate the comments, though. It’s actually quite civil for the most part now that Scott is on a shorter leash.

  • For people not to share their stories because of fear that someone will insult them or make a smug comment in the comments section of a blog is weak. Scott is annoying but that’s no excuse. Tell your story, help build up a picture of the cult and if he insults you, tell him to fuck off.

  • I wouldn’t forget to include Flowers when you are listing them, just because Flowers has been pretending to behave for a bit.

  • Nice guy, I don’t think Bangkok and Scott are the same person. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that they are, however I bet Bangkok does post under many aliases.

    It’s interesting how you are so quick to defend when I didnt even notice this post where Scott attacks Heidi. Which thread is it posted on?

      • You’re not helping your case, Scott. Or is that intentional?
        If your objections to Heidi’s posts are due to her posting some claims about Keith and NXIVM that sound fictional, consider that Frank continues to publish her posts…. so he must believe it’s all true.

        • Good point, Flowers. Sometimes I think it’s simply jealousy that someone has actual and direct knowledge of the events and the players, unlike the vast majority of us.

          I’m glad that Heidi sticks around. Most of the others with direct knowledge have abandoned this website.

  • Nice guy, why the hell would you waste your time responding to Scott, or even reading his comments???

  • What a wonderful article. 🙂

    I do have some good news for you…

    I will be taking a semi-break from posting here for a little while, due to time constraints. I mean it seriously, this time. LOL.

    *However, I have ALREADY posted several comments that are still ‘awaiting moderation’ —– which means that Frank may or may not post these comments in the next day or two. So if he does post new comments from me, they are comments that were already written before today (thus it doesn’t mean I’m posting again).

    I will be back annoying you at some point in the near future, though, when I have more time. I just hope that others stand up and fill the void while I’m gone.

      • Hopefully it means it will quit posting under all its aliases. Unfortunately it probably means it will just quit using that one and keep using Nony Mouse Noisy Mouse Flowers G Natashka and all the others although who knows if niceguy isn’t just another one of that mental midget talking to itself.
        Oh for the good old days when Sultan was the only annoyance.

  • People need thicker skin and to do as you are and speak up. Throw it right back.
    Heidi does quite well at giving as good as she gets. She doesn’t need defended.

    • I would agree that the comments Frank posts Heidi gives as good as she gets. But that wouldn’t be true if Frank posted all of my comments.

    • To Mitch Garrity & everyone else,

      I wrote the comment/article diatribe because of someone( Heidi) being ridiculed and harassed when they shared something deeply personal. I wrote the article/comment because I have read many other comments that were equally vitriol towards other people sharing deeply personal information.

      Heidi is a grown woman and capable of defending herself. I am not trying to be Heidi’s defender. Heidi made it this far through life I am sure she is a strong woman.

      “Many other people have been ridiculed when sharing something deeply personal”.

      I was trying to draw attention to the fact that when someone-anyone is sharing something deeply personal they should not be attacked and ridiculed in the most disgusting way possible.

      Everyone makes fun of everyone at one time or the other myself included. I would be a hypocrite to write otherwise. However ridiculing and making fun of someone who shares something so deeply personal and dramatic is wrong. It’s immoral.

      I realize now after reading some previous Frankreport articles that the issue I am trying to bring up and fix has all ready been debated.

      I now realize fully that my time spent on this issues is just a colossal waste of time. Frank has spoken.

      So Mr. Garrity I will be “growling a thick skin”….

      The end

      • I think your voice is a bit of fresh air here. Please keep up your posting and ignore the detractors, like Shadow does.

    • Tex2,

      Originally, I thought you were like Bangkok, a modern day hermit existing on the internet and dwelling in your parent’s house in a basement apartment.

      After watching your YouTube video I now know your a fellow working stiff and married with kids as well as being fairly normal.
      I now realize that your online persona on Frankreport is how you vent life’s frustrations. I don’t have kids but life can be frustrating without them. All of my friends love their children but having kids can be extra stressful.
      I have a heavy bag in my garage to take out my frustrations.

      I never have objected to you making fun of people except when someone is sharing a deeply personal and traumatic experience.

      My wife actually is a family law attorney. Divorce can be just as traumatic as the death of a loved one.

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