The man and his power: Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard. Photo copyright Toni Natalie and TheFallofNxivm,com

Heidi: Keith dropped his trousers before me and offered his ‘prize’

By Heidi Hutchinson

Some have questioned me about how I know about Keith Raniere’s penis.

I have seen it, unfortunately.

I was the married woman Frank once wrote about who attended a Consumer Buy Line “retreat” (precursor to Vanguard week) with her sister at Pyramid Lake in Paradox, NY.

Here is what Frank wrote:


“One year, Vanguard [at the old Pyramid Lake site], the devotees were paired and allowed to compete in a scavenger hunt. They were told that there would be a big prize for the two winners.

“Somehow, two pretty sisters won – one a member of his harem, and the other – a married woman, but extremely attractive.

“They were in their cabin when Vanguard showed up personally to deliver their prize.  He entered the cabin, dropped his trousers and said. “I’m here to deliver your prize – it’s me.”

“The harem sister was horrified, The married sister kicked him out. The harem sister said he rigged the contest to trick the married sister into sleeping with both of them.  They left that night.

“Vanguard was disappointed, but since he was always [as his attorney, Marc Agnifilo, has noted] a very ‘soft’ man – he shortly afterward gave out second prize to two other young women.

“None of the men, or married couples, fared well in the scavenger hunt, it seems.”


KAR booby trapped the scavenger hunt contest so that Gina and I — KAR teamed us all in pairs — were the celebrated, high IQ, grand prize winners!

Later that night, KAR dropped by our cabin to deliver our prize, which involved dropping his trousers in a vain effort to impress me with its grandness. I was not impressed, plus I was MARRIED.

Gina was absolutely mortified, very upset, of course. She insisted we leave immediately in the dead of night through the forest, even though I just wanted to secure the cabin, get some sleep and head out safely first thing in the AM.

I’ll never forget how hard Gina was sobbing, packing up our belongings, slamming them into the trunk of her car. I thought she’d never talk to KAR again after that, but Kristin Keeffe lured her back to be part of the “business,” if not the monkey business, time and again.

It’s complicated. Kristin made both of us part of their “experiments” and spy games in the name of helping Gina overcome her rivalry issues with me and Gina’s alleged “penis envy” or penis “ownership” issues with Keith.

The late Gina Hutchinson, a follower of Keith Raniere, was severely chastised for “wanting to own Keith’s penis.”

But you want to know about KAR’s dick, don’t you?

Unremarkable, really. Visually anyway.

IDK about the “motion in the ocean,” as they say.

However, I think most would agree you’re overestimating the power of the penis in general as a tool of persuasion.

Every hear: “It don’t mean dick?” Ever notice how fast the magazine “Play Girl” folded despite nude male centerfolds?

Amid this bucolic setting Keith Alan Raniere set up a scavenger hunt based on using IQ to win. He rigged it so two attractive sisters, Heidi and Gina Hutchinson would win. Then amid the airy hills and the fragrant breezes off the lake, Keith entered their cabin and offered the two sisters his lovely prize.

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