The handsome Vanguard on a rare walk alone in Clifton Park. He fairly bounced with joy that he won from others.

Heidi: Raniere needed to be ‘sexual’ healing guru

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

I’ve thought quite a bit about why KAR is so angry and determined to destroy me, as I believe he destroyed my sister and many others — his former lovers who left, former business associates, and “friends”.  The beast even sued his own father!

Best answer I can offer is this:

KAR is foremost about protecting, reinforcing, propagating his delusion of superiority, power, control, and omnipotence.

For Keith, the sex gratified far more than a voracious appetite; it fed his delusions that he is the most masterful, sex-healer guru; superior to any mere mortal man in that regard too.

His sex-healer guru persona was on top of his superior IQ, world renown problem-solving, athletic, musical, etc. superiority.

My sister, Gina, talked about being “energized” by Keith’s mere touch in a sort of twilight, hypnotic state I believe they did often have her in.

Gina got older and wiser, became educated (she eventually went to college after quitting high school for Keith to become her mentor), and traveled beyond Albany.

KAR was threatened by her doing these things, worried she’d lose her faith in his teachings and ways, and have her delusions KAR instilled in her about him shattered; which in turn — in KAR’s warped view — threatened his own delusions about himself.

I think the branding of women was KAR’s solution for not only “owning” all the girls he conquered but maintaining his own power delusions with them as the harem grew larger, the girls got older and, some, grew out of KAR’s mind control and threatened to expose and shatter his deception and own self-deception.

The thing I’ve always feared most about exposing KAR  — the thing I think HE could least tolerate and retaliates most against is the revelation that he is not the genius, superior being he has spent a lifetime convincing himself and others he is.

Keith’s bounce

Keith – as those who know him have observed – bounces when he walks.

That “bounce” might be a physical disability, not just an effete affectation. [His stubby feet, after all, are almost perfectly square.]

Keith made a determined effort to be “non-threatening” to girls. He recognized this as an attribute in ensnaring his prey.  He and Kristin Keeffe would set Gina up with gay Nxivm (then called ESP in 2000) members to escort her to clubs where she could “dirty dance” with them “without feeling threatened” – to overcome the damage Keith did to her by raping her in her younger years.

I also recall Keith talking about some leg operations he had to have and how his mother took care of him, but his dad wouldn’t help, etc..

Of course, Keith also bullshit a lot to elicit sympathy — another trick that worked, especially on our saintly mother who was practically supporting Gina, Keith, and the whole lot of them for a time. She had an unfortunate, sympathetic disposition toward mentally-ill, “genius” strays like Keith, who’d lost his mom so young in life  — poor thing; in addition to him being crippled and having a schizophrenic vision and/or calling from God, as Keith proclaimed he had, at the age of 13.



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  • How do you know Keith is so determined to destroy you? If he is responsible for harassing you, wouldn’t that be because you had spoken out publicly about him and his relationship with your sister? He has harassed everyone who has spoken out against him – sociopaths are very vengeful and vindictive.

    • Flowers you have been commenting on this blog since October 2017 (as you’ve told everyone ad nauseum) and, since that time have said a group is ‘out to get you’ and you have the nerve to say that to Heidi? You are asking Heidi how she knows Keith is determined to destroy her? That is beyond the pale. Keith is out to destroy anyone who has defied him and Heidi has most definitely done that Give your head a shake, Flowers.

      • WTF, you don’t seem to understand my comment, but I think Heidi knew what I meant.
        I meant if it really is Keith who is harassing her (and it might not be) Keith doesnt need much of a reason to harass her…he’s very vindictive and harasses anyone who speaks out about him, as we all know.

        And consider this – if someone else did want to harass her, they would know that Keith would be the one she suspects, so the harasser could get away with it.

    • True, Flowers. Can’t ever know what’s in, especially his, twisted mind. I had a few turns on the receiving end of NX harassment. The first was while Gina was still alive in 1999, online and during a brief separation from my husband when I went back to Albany but decided not to join ESP. Again, while working on and immediately after the TU expose’ story release in 2010 – 2011. They were back on my trail looking for Kristin Keefe by 2014 and trying to rope me as a co-conspirator into the computer trespass case. They put some major gaslighting/harassment heat on me in 2017 while they were in Mexico.

      I was speaking to the possible common denominator for all the Animus Keith seems to have against me from the first 1999 incidents where the perps were likely KAR and Nancy Salzman — Kristin Keefe and Gina were involved.

    • Flowers seriously?

      I just spent a good portion of my time responding to you on another thread regarding possible NXIVM prosecution in Canada. Now I read this criticism by you of Heidi.

      Heidi on some level personally knew Keith Raniere for years. Raniere even was cared for by Heidi’s mom and dated her sister.

      Heidi and Frank know Raniere. They both have had the same experience ending in
      absolute shit.

      Flowers do you know Keith Raniere?

      Raniere has attempted to have people framed multiple times and even allegedly tried to have Toni Natalie framed in Mexico.

      Flowers you have spent more time reading articles on the Frankreport than me.

      I thought Flowers on some level you were someone that could encage in intelligent dialogue.

      • To Flowers:
        Flowers are you a troll?
        I do not mean that in a mean way. I am genuinely asking.
        Because on the other thread I took the time do give you a lengthy response and paid you a compliment.
        I hope I am not wasting my time by responding to you.

        • Nice guy
          Try reading my comments carefully.

          And considering your sudden obsessive interest in this forum and your prolific comments, I wonder if you could be the “troll”?

          Can you explain why you think my comment makes me a troll? Am I a troll because I don’t agree 100% with someone else’s opinion? Lol.

      • “the thing I think HE could least tolerate and retaliates most against is the revelation that he is not the genius, superior being he has spent a lifetime convincing himself and others he is.”
        That fits Trump to a T.

        • Yep, except there is one person Trump concedes is smarter than all the US Intelligence forces combined. One whom even the Donald believes in:

          Vladimir Putin.

      • If only I were eligible to vote for Trump. Americans are lucky to finally have a President who cares about them more than lining their own pockets. Maybe California can separate and rejoin Mexico.

  • “KAR is foremost about protecting, reinforcing, propagating his delusion of superiority, power, control and omnipotence.”

    Yup This sums it up nicely. He’s a pretty fucked up guy and most likely as insecure and frail as he makes others to feel. Just happy his ass is at MDC. The longer, the better.

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