Shadow: Allison Mack chose a life of crime and hurt a lot of people.

By Shadow State
After reading Heidi Hutchinson’s article: Don’t underestimate KAR and Salzmans’ abilities to fleece Allison Mack, one might think Allison was a child locked in her room by her mean parents, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.  Like the young Mexican woman Raniere locked up for 18 months.
The truth is Allison Mack has come and gone from Clifton Park of her own free will for years.  On her Twitter Page, Allison describes herself as a “globe-trotter.”
From Allison MackVerified account: she is a “story-teller, question-asker, music-lover, theatre-goer, movie-obsessor, shakespeare-studier, globe-trotter, food-inhaler, woman of 34 and counting.”

Yes, Allison Mack is a globe-trotter.  A glance at Allison’s travels, as revealed via social media, shows she has been to Paris, London, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.  Often, these trips were to Comic Cons arranged by an agent to meet and greet fans.

In 2013, Allison traveled to Mongolia and visited a Buddhist temple.

Allison’s domestic travel includes San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, Detroit, Washington DC, Massachusetts and numerous trips between Clifton Park and Brooklyn.
Not many impoverished prisoners enjoy such extensive travels.
[Right now Allison only travels back and forth from Brooklyn to court from Las Alamitos, California – where she is subject to home confinement at her parent’s home, as she awaits trial on sex trafficking charges.].
At no time in the last six years, until she was arrested, did she lack access to smartphones, computers, and the internet.  Allison’s laptop is an Apple.
During her time at Nxivm, Allison Mack was a well-to-do woman who traveled the world and enjoyed a comparative life of leisure with relatively little work.  She was not a prisoner.  She was not isolated, not brainwashed.  She was not impoverished in spite of wasting a lot of money on NXIVM.
She owned a Clifton Park townhouse and rented another townhouse with Nicki Clyne.  She lent money and financial aid to Dr. Porter to purchase a house on Oregon Trail.  And Mack was able to afford a $3,000 dollar per month apartment in Brooklyn too.
On the one hand, she was a modern-day Holly Golightly character, taken from the pages of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. But there was a darker side that was evident to some for a while.

As early as 2012, Joe O’Hara, in a lawsuit, claimed that Allison Mack was involved in serious financial crimes like money laundering and tax evasion.

In the end, Allison Mack chose of her own free will to associate with Keith Raniere, Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Clare Bronfman.  She chose to engage in serious criminal behavior with her NXIVM co-defendants.  She was not the physical or psychological prisoner of Keith Raniere and the Salzmans.

So please, Heidi, don’t regard Allison Mack like a child.  She is an adult who chose to engage in a life of crime and she hurt a lot of people.

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  • “In the end, Allison Mack chose of her own free will to associate with Keith Raniere, Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Clare Bronfman. She chose to engage in serious criminal behavior with her NXIVM co-defendants. She was not the physical or psychological prisoner of Keith Raniere and the Salzmans.”

    The same way Edmonson chose of her own free will to get branded, and then recruit others to get branded? The same way India chose to be part of DOS? Nobody had a gun to their heads. How the hell do you know Mack’s psychological state over the past few years?

    • It’s true what you said about Sarah Edmondson. She voluntarily did what she did, got branded, pinned down other women, filmed it… stayed on another two months and only left after realising whose initials were scorched above her four decades old c***. They are all fucking crazy. Now they pretend to be “whistleblowers”. Now they pretend they are cut from a different cloth from the other NXIVM scum. Edmondson and Vicente are like the ISIS terrorists who left the west to be terrorists, who now want to return as the “caliphate” is finished. Fuck anyone who enabled NXISCUM.

      • I allow contrarian points because I think it is fair to let people debate, but this particular comment deserves a rebuttal.

        I think that “But-for” Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente, Nxivm would likely have never been taken down. If there is no room for discovery of evil and then rectifying it, then sure they are evil, but our entire system of criminal justice is based on the principle of “whistleblowing” or “informing” or “cooperating” with law enforcement to take down criminals. I believe it is insane to chastise and condemn those who, for whatever reason, risked their lives and freedom to take down Raniere.

        Both Edmondson and Vicente could have quietly slithered away like for example Kristin Kreuk – but they fought to take down the cult and its evil master. Also it is pretty clear to me that Sarah at first thought DOS was a potentially good thing, I see no evil intent. If she cannot be permitted to grow, learn and change, than who can?

        When she saw what was right, she did it – including an act of incredible humility and courage – showing her brand to the New York Times to be photographed and shared with the world.

        • Did they know about financial crimes? Did they profit from financial crimes? Yes and yes, how else could they “bring down” the cult? Indeed, Kristin Kreuk is a little worm. They are too dirty to feel sorry for. A lot of people were hurt over the years.

        • Comment in regards to Frank’s comment.

          The New York Times is the worlds quintessential newspapers. The entire world follows the New York Times in addition to the entire press and media of the United States. The New York Times has incredible power. The FBI and the DOJ took notice finally of Nxivm because of that single article.

          Sure the New York Times is liberal but everyone in the world with a brain reads it.

          If Sarah Edmonson’s story did not appear in the New York Times I seriously doubt Keith Raniere would have ever been brought to justice.

          Conjecture? Speculation?

          Anyone with 1/2 brain knows that Sarah Edmonson played the biggest role in bringing Keith Raniere to justice.

          The branding article was the catalyst to Raniere’s indictment.

          The intriguing question is how did Sarah Edmonson get her interview and make contact with the reporter?

          • The answer to Nice Guy’s indeed most critical question: Frank Parlato.

            Not only did Frank alert the NYT and other key media but he hounded them for months until they ran the story.

          • Real victims came forward and were ignored. Sarah Edmondson is a woman who ignored all of them and only left when she was personally affected and angry about it. Selfish. Indeed, Frank Parlato kept pushing. All the victims of Raniere who came forward in Feb 2012 were ignored. Sarah Edmondson, not a victim, was not ignored because Frank pushed this forward. He was talking about the branding before the NYT. Edmondson cannot go overnight from devoted cult conspirator to being branded, excuse the pun, a heroine. She was acting from a position of selfishness. If she wants to do the right thing, do it, but you are no heroine. I have respect for Frank and Heidi, not Edmondson, at all.

          • Real victims made a single pass at coming forward. IF they had started their own website similar to Frank’s years ago, hounded the media, law enforcement, etc., a lot of the crimes wouldn’t have occurred.

        • –Both Edmondson and Vicente could have quietly slithered away like for example Kristin Kreuk – ”

          What a lame potshot. No wonder you allow the trash that is posted against Kristin to go unabated, and me and my origins to be constantly attacked and sullied on the Frank Report.

          Also, rolling my eyes at “slithered away”. Not getting as deeply involved and leaving five years before everyone else did and before DOS even existed isn’t “slithering away”.

          What about you Frank? Didn’t you too “slither away” with $1 million dollars more in your pocket for less than nine months worth of “work” and do nothing for over a half a decade until Clare attempted to get the authorities to throw you in jail because she said you stole it?

          Mark and Sarah “fought” to take down the cult because they had to after they decided to stop the Vancouver and LA centers of NXIVM due to Sarah finding out about the true purposes of DOS and being branded. Fighting back was their only recourse because they were facing criminal charges and the litigation machine of NXIVM due to Clare Bronfman. Just like you.

          Please. There aren’t any unselfish heroes in this NXIVM exposure drama.

    • I’ve gone through Mack’s virtue signaling social media posts and seen how she played “holier than thou” while promoting
      regressive inhumane acts.
      Nothing is more disgusting than seeing Mack quote Rosa Parks or Gandhi while knowing that she brutally tortured women in order to enhance her own position within NXIVM.
      And all the way through Mack has the biggest smile on her face while she knowingly fronts for Raniere’s cult as his most fanatical cheerleader.
      Alison Mack has enough hypocrisy to choke a politician.

      • Shadowstate that is the truth. I think you can never hammer away that salient point enough. How many lives were ruined because of Allison Mack’s complicity and cooperation in recruiting new followers?

      • When I was breaking free of my Mormon, some say “cult,” upbringing, it felt as though I’d been sitting in the eye of a hurricane — where it’s surreally calm and joyful — but I only realized where I’d been, was ever *in* a cloistered, blissful center of anything, when moving through the mental cyclone one confronts while deprogramming from a cult such as NX / ESP.

        Allison looks so joyfully unaware, in such denial of the shitstorm encircling her, it reminds me of how blissfully ignorant I was when I once existed in that oblivious state.

        Adding to that the influence on Allison of all the other dangerous attributes of these grifters, rapists, pedophile procurers, extortionists, brainwashers, PRI Mexican cartel-connected GURU mafia run by a full-house of psychos.

        Not asking you to give her any special treatment, just please stop ignoring the facts in her favor that are plainly there.

        You’re such an asset to this site otherwise, shadow, really like some of your more recent posts .

  • The same can be said of all the women in DOS, in fact you practically described most of these women. If they imported their position in the group, none were held against their will, they could go away many times or denounce the leaders, even stealing the guarantee from them. that everyone had access to the same Dropbox account.

      • Shadowstate is right.

        It’s like any former Nazi claiming they were just following orders… at some point people have a responsibility… I do feel sorry for other NXIVM victims, Allison Mack is not deserving of sympathy unless of course your a fanboy.

        Neither is Clare Bronfman who funded frivolous and malicious lawsuits and false criminal charges culminating in the destruction of the lives of innocent people.

  • Awesome research, Shadow, once again! Was there any travel you’ve isolated that was not show-biz, Comicon related?

    Or was more likely to be solely a NX / GBD recruitment or money-laundering mission?

    Was Allie ever in Saigon? “Gone in Saigon” — as FR’s Jane called Allie’s GBD break-off business?

    [Don’t underestimate the cult’s —KAR et al’s — ability to “remote control” their acolytes either.]

    Btw, did Lauren or Nancy or Clare ever travel with Allie and Kristin Kruek to any Comicon’s?

    • Allison’s Comic Con trips were either alone or with her mother or with Nicki Clyne.

      The one foreign trip I found that is not Comic Con related in some way is the trip to Mongolia which appears to be based on an interest in Buddhism

      Allison Mack’s trip to Belfast Northern Ireland in November 2016 where she met with Sara Bronfman’s friend Kim Constable is really a side trip from Allison’s trip to the Wales Comic Con.

      • Kristin Kook and Rose Bhura went with her to Mongolia in 2013, the year Kreuk claimed she left. Kreuk recruited them both.

      • Mongolia is not high priority for Buddhism points of interest travel.

        However, KAR was always interested in making inroads to Buddhist power players and adopted much of the philosophy centered around recognizing past life reincarnate beings — only the highest Lamas like KAR hold that power — wearing the khatas — bright colored or white (for holy men, renunciates) scarves, etc.

        Gina undertook a Buddhist spy mission of sorts to India and China after KAR recognized her as a Buddhist goddess reincarnate.

        Sara & Clare, of course, developed their own keen interest in the pursuit of Buddhist powers and having hot tub sex with high-ranking lamas — IDK if it was captured on film or not.

        And, now, looks like Allie was on a monk hunt too.

        You’re such a good tracker, Shadow, really.

    • Was Allie ever in Saigon? “Gone in Saigon” — as FR’s Jane called Allie’s GBD break-off business?

      As far as I know, she was never in Saigon.
      This next question is pure speculation:
      Could “Gone in Saigon” be a project to adopt Vietnamese orphans?
      I don’t know.
      The project’s name is enigmatic.

      Btw, did Lauren or Nancy or Clare ever travel with Allie and Kristin Kruek to any Comicon’s?
      Only Nicki and Allison’s mother.
      Nicki traveled to Tampa and Allison’s mother traveled to Paris where there was a Comic Con.

  • “She was not a psychological prisoner of Keith” that statement is 100% wrong, you have no clue of the psychological abuse Keith/NXVIM engaged in. NXVIM = psychological abuse- period. You seem to miss that is exactly why these people did this crazy shit after becoming involved in NXVIM. These people were/are totally Tranced out, lost, in a constant, never ending battle taking place in there own mind.

    • Allison Mack was able to travel around the world on her own.
      She was no one’s prisoner.

      She had constant access to modern communications including smart phones, laptops and the internet.

      The government (prosecutors and courts) will never accept the argument that she was anything but a willing participant in a massive criminal conspiracy.

      • Thanks for proving me correct. “You seem to miss that is exactly why these people did this crazy shit after becoming involved with NXVIM”

    • Amen, Gin. And if anyone wants to broach a true defense in line with the actual facts — which is the only kind that will hold up — they need to start with this truth you plainly state about KAR and NX. Foremost, KAR and the accomplices he acquires, want to mind fuck — KAR needs to fool everyone to fuel his delusion of superiority, dominion and omnipotence.

  • Hi Shadowstate,

    This is your best article to date Shadow or at least from the time I started reading them over a year ago.

    • Thank you.
      Allison Mack describes herself as a “globe trotter” and she is indeed a world traveler.
      My younger brother might be more of a globe-trotter but he did it on Uncle Sam’s dime.

    • There are constantly new readers coming to the Frankreport website so it is new information technically.

      Maybe you need another activity Tex2 or Scott?

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