Parkinson’s Foundation Hosts One-of-a-Kind Event in Buffalo

People with PD can “skate” again with ice bikes at Canalside

The fifth annual Parkinson’s Ice Skating Party will be held at Canalside in downtown Buffalo on Wednesday, February 27th at 5:00 PM. Considered the only event of its kind in the country, people with Parkinson’s are able to take to the ice using the ice bikes that are unique to the city. The party has grown in popularity, drawing as many as 70 people. The Parkinson’s community is welcomed to attend for free along with family and friends. This year’s Parkinson’s Ice Skating Party is being sponsored by US WorldMeds, a global pharmaceutical company.


Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that makes some of the most common and essential physical activities difficult. Winter’s cold temperatures along with the obstacles of snow and ice make it a very difficult time for Parkinsonians to get out and to socialize. The disease also steals the opportunity to partake in some long-enjoyed pastimes, like ice skating. Buffalo’s ice bikes give this population and their families a safe means for accessing the rink and for relishing in one of the joys of winter at one of Buffalo’s most popular locations.

The Parkinson’s Foundation WNY’s executive director, Chris Jamele, says there is a great deal of excitement surrounding the evening. “People are not only anxious to get out on the ice, but they are thrilled to get a chance to try the ice bikes. It becomes an emotional experience for some families as they get the whole family together for a skate again.” Bicycling is an activity that has proven to be very beneficial for battling Parkinson’s symptoms, so the combined effect of exercise and socialization is wonderful for anyone who is battling the disease. As the ice bikes do not tip over, they are the perfect vehicle for this audience. “The ice bikes may not be for everyone, but we have had people arrive in wheelchairs who get on a bike and take off across the ice. It’s amazing,” Jamele added.

US WorldMeds is donating essential funding for the Parkinson’s Ice Skating Party. “It is great to have this wonderful event recognized by US WorldMeds. They have been great partners for us, and this proves their support for the local Parkinson’s community,” said Vicky Glamuzina, board president for the Parkinson’s Foundation WNY. Canalside has also worked with the chapter to ensure the event’s success. Medtronic, another pharmaceutical partner, will provide refreshments.

Access to the ice, skate rentals and the ice bikes will be free for the Parkinson’s community, all of whom are welcome to enjoy this very special evening with family and friends. Reservations are not required.

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