Nice Guy: Raniere could have led the life of playboy had he not been stroking his narcissistic ego by keeping “slaves”

By Nice Guy

I agree with Heidi: “Raniere ordering his slaves not to have sex with other men is about control”.

In fact, I would take his total “control” over the DOS slaves one step farther and argue it was all about Raniere’s ego and much less to do with actual sex.

Think about this: Keith Raniere could have gotten laid with a lot less effort and trouble. He could have had women being monogamous in their relationships with him. Raniere did not have to go the DOS route.

Raniere is charming, charismatic, and successful. He ran his own business/cult that made millions.

Raniere had a net worth that ran into millions of dollars and an army of female admirers and fans.

I hate giving the ‘Devil’ his due, but it’s true.

Rich, charismatic playboys usually do not have trouble meeting eligible free woman.

I am not being chauvinistic or misogynistic. What woman -or, for that matter, man- wants to date a loser?

Raniere could have led quite the life of a playboy had he not been stroking his own narcissistic sociopathic ego by keeping “slaves”.


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  • He’s a superficially charming conman who builds things based on lies and the backs of others hiding those lies. It’s only a matter of time whatever he builds starts to crumble. The guy has never been nothing more than a short term success, and in his case I use the term loosely. The only reason NXIVM lasted so long is because he effectively burned through money that was never his to buy people off. Think of a business raising venture capital only to have all of that money wasted on perks instead of growing the business. That’s VanDumbass for you. His intent was never to grow a business or be successful in such a sense. Merely use it as a front to fool around and grow his ego.

  • Well spoken sentiments Nice Guy. But it rings a bit hollow in regards to women’s rights. Are you in favor of a woman’s right to choose abortion? Or, do you follow more closely with Trump’s Republican Party on birth control, where a wealthy man can fuck strippers shortly after his wife gives birth to his son and then attempt to pay for her silence. Which type of man are you Nice Guy?

  • No need to read this excellent article!! I am a genius. I have read somewhere that “Pride goeth before a fall.” How in the world could an antiquated book written by stupid men STILL be correct today?? Amazing…

  • I think he was stimulated by the danger pushing the envelope getting away with any crime including murder!

    If you study the motivation of serial criminals, they have a patttern of needing to feed the hunger to keep pushing the limits until they get sloppy and ultimately get caught

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