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Thursday’s court hearing – descriptions of defendants — ‘no one made eye contact with Keith; Nancy turned her head away from him’

Editor’s note: An individual attended the court hearing of the Nxivm defendants on Thursday Feb. 28 and generously shared with Frank Report readers the following observations.

By A Courtroom Observer

The Nxivm saga continued to play out in the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse on Thursday morning.

The five female defendants seemed pleased to be together today, exchanging warm embraces and smiles. Strangely, I did not witness any contact between the Salzmans: either Nancy and Lauren are spending enough time together in Clifton Park, or they are not on speaking terms.

Exiting the courtroom, Lauren went left and Nancy went right. Perhaps someone can shed some light on the situation?

Nancy noticeably turned her head away from Keith, as he leaned over to make contact, as she chose to not sit at the table, instead sitting in the first row between her two attorneys.

Keith was last to enter the courtroom, wearing a short sleeve beige jumpsuit with a white long john shirt underneath. His hair was shoulder length parted in the middle, dull frizzy and dyed brown. His facial complexion is a dark ruddy tone. I would say he is wearing foundation to enhance his appearance. Keith’s natural complexion is a paler olive tone.

After nearly a year in MDC, without exposure to any sunlight, he can be suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. That would account for the frizzy dull hair without luster and very pale pasty skin tone concealed with foundation makeup.

Keith has evidently misplaced his eyeglasses and he was squinting. He did not smile and his co-defendants did not make eye contact with him.

SUGGESTION: Keith, if you want to see the light of day in your lifetime, I suggest you dump the Jesus look. For a moment, I thought Charlie Manson was back. A jury will not be sympathetic. You may insult their religious beliefs. A man with a 240 IQ should have figured that out.

I don’t mind sharing my observations, Keith. Maybe you are not so smart after all since you are the one sitting at the defense table while we on the other side of the room enjoy life watching you serve time at MDC.

Clare was smiling ear to ear when Mark Geragos took his seat at the table behind Clare Bear.

Mark, her Savior, or just another parasite that has joined the team?

FACT: The EDNY DOJ has a 97% success rate! Today, you ladies looked like defeated sheep being led to slaughter.

Nancy has aged and looked very thin, poorly groomed with disheveled hair and ill-fitting clothing. My memory of her was a well dressed, put together lady. She looks tired, defeated and depressed.

Allison Mack seems to be eating and has gained weight but she does look frightened

Clare and Kathy are so thin they look like a size zero hangs off their body. I would guess they are about 80 pounds each. Of all the female defendants, Clare and Kathy continue to drink the full dose of Kool-Aid.

Lauren Salzman is very thin, wearing very loose clothing and her hair had grey roots. A possible sign she has passed her prime and will not be giving birth to an avatar baby anytime soon. She also looked frightened and angry.


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  • I think the window for a plea deal is closing. Prosecution team will offer it if needed. They are in the business of convictions to the max!! It is a numbers game based on concrete evidence of which there is no shortage here thanks to the diligence of Nxium to document and record all transactions. Similar to the Third Reich, they never thought the tables would turn on them.

    Keith suffers from extreme arrogance and narcissistic personality.

    The DOJ would not allocate so many resources to a case they didn’t see as a slam dunk! Unlike Clair’s bottomless pit of inherited cash, they have budgets and allocate accordingly!

    Behind the scenes are many more players putting together the details of this case.

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