Rapist of 11 year old Billy Joe Smith, 28, will be in prison until he is 53 (if he makes it.)

Shadow: Oregon man gets 25 years for impregnating 11-year-old girl – what sentence Raniere have gotten?

By Shadow State:
Keith Raniere should have received the same sentence for raping Rhiannon and Gina and other teens decades ago as Billy Joe Smith just did for raping an underage relative..

Billy Joe Smith, 28, of Oregon, pleaded guilty to first-degree rape for raping an 11-year-old female relative in November 2017.

He might have gotten away with it, but for the fact that the 11-year-old started developing a protruding belly, was tested, and was discovered to be 18 weeks pregnant in March 2018.

Smith was identified as the father.

When Smith found out, he fled Oregon after being charged with two counts of first-degree rape and one count each of first-degree sex abuse and incest in March 2018.

He was arrested in Nevada in April 2018 and extradited to Klamath County.

First-degree rape is a Class A felony in Oregon and carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison and Smith got the maximum.

Klamath County District Attorney Eve Costello said Smith will not be eligible for early release. He will be on post-prison supervision for life, must register as a sex offender, and have no contact with minors.

The gruesome perv was also wanted in Wisconsin for outstanding charges of forgery, battery of a firefighter or commission ward, and resisting arrest.

Fortunately, Oregon did not require the 11-year-old girl to wear a wire to prove he was the rapist.



Rapist of 11-year-old Billy Joe Smith, 28, will be in prison until he is 53 (if he makes it.)
Keith Raniere was 30 when he raped a 12-year-old some 60 times. Raniere was never charged, although New York State Police were aware of his crime.

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  • Yes, “Fortunately Oregon did not require the 11 year old girl to wear a wire to prove he was the rapist.” Now the 11-12 year old has to “only” deal with an abortion or be a child mother. Nice choice.

        • Whether she got pregnant or not, she would still be dealing with the trauma of the rape. It’s not like not getting pregnant would’ve fixed that. In fact, he very well might’ve raped her again if she hadn’t gotten pregnant. So while it’s not a great thing to have an 11-year-old get pregnant, the child in this case could have saved her from future rapes.

          And from what I’ve seen in multiple documentaries, pregnant victims of rape who carried their children to term and either raised them or gave them up for adoption generally found that giving birth to the child was a positive thing for them (some referred to it as part of their healing process), even if they weren’t able to or didn’t want to take care of it themselves. Think of it this way; not getting pregnant doesn’t save her from dealing with the trauma of the rape. And now that she is, one path out results in more trauma (abortion involves killing the baby growing in her, whatever one’s beliefs are about whether the woman has the right to choose that or not doesn’t change the *biology* of it), and the other path results in a baby that would be much wanted and much loved by adoptive parents. It’s the least terrible option, and I hope she chooses it—and that she’s able to find a sense of healing and regain control over her life.

  • Here’s the thing shadow state, in your zeal to try and zing Raniere, you haven’t taken into account the pain and suffering this poor 11 year old girl has suffered. You are using the horror of her rape and subsequent impregnation has if it’s a punchline to a joke.

    Shame on you.

      • I guess this is where I’m supposed to say, “No, you need to grow up.”

        Look, people can interpret articles any way they want and it seems to me that shadow state was not taking the 11 year old rape victim’s pain into consideration when he was trying to insult Raniere. My opinion is just as valid as yours and just as worthy as being expressed.

        • There is nothing “funny” and/or ‘hilarious’ intended by ShadowState in the above article. There is nothing in its contents to suggest he intended it to be that way even in a subtle manner. But of course, we can start analysing the scenario in X number of ways. The more we analyse simultaneously carrying suspicions/conclusions anchored outside the article’s subject matter, the more we demonstrate we would have been eminent prime candidates for Keith Raniere’s church/racket/human trafficking Inc./ enterprise.

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