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Blessed Share “Rolled In Glass”/head to SXSW

“Dominated by the high-fructose riffing pioneered by Deerhoof, giving way to a darker, propulsive jam that’s just as chaotic, yet well-controlled.”
The Fader

“Late-00s indie filtered through the spasticity of Thee Oh Sees or Emperor X. As a whole, the whole thing carries a peripatetic weight that’s not dissimilar from the Liars records of yore, and resonates as both more playful and more robust.”
Consequence of Sound

Post-punk blown out to a prog-rock scope

“Blessed’s sound is weird, noisy and harsh, drawing from surf, rock and post-punk in equal measure. It’s if Radiohead decided to go back to playing guitars and singing actual words with a Siouxsie and the Banshees twist.”

Blessed make doom and gloom sound good, spiking their post-punk disaffection with new-wave touches, like rays of light let in to leaven the darkness. 

“It’s a nonchalant take on the weirder side of post-punk – one that’s impossible to look away from as it takes every approaching corner at high-speed.”

“Like Devo spliced onto Marquee Moon, cut and diced and reassembled into something even greater – diabolically wrong, but so good.”
 Gold Flake Paint

In January Blessed, the celebrated post punks from British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, announced their debut LP, Salt. The follow up to the band’s acclaimed early EPs that have been praised by outlets likeFADERNoiseyStereogumConsequence of SoundDIY and GoldFlakePaint, the album is due out on April 5th and finds the band pushing the boundaries of their already expansive sound. Recorded with Montreal producer Jace Lasek (Suuns, Wold Parade, Land of Talk) the album explores the nuances only touched on in previous releases, with songs that range from short, staccato, punk-tinged flares to lengthy escapades that recall Deerhunter’s noise-rock freak-outs and Do Make Say Think’s lush cinematic passages.
Their latest single, “Rolled In Glass” fits into the latter category, beginning with an increasingly frantic instrumental passage that gives way to an atmospheric swell of keyboards and guitars before finding a Can-like groove over final third. It’s a display of the remarkable imagination and compositional dexterity that make Blessed a vital force live and promises to make Salt one of the most exciting debut’s of 2019.

In support of Salt, Blessed will be touring extensively in 2019. Their first set of dates, which begin in March and will include a stop at SXSW, where they will play at Bungalow on March 13th (8pm), BD Riley’s on the 15th (1am) and Beerland on March 16th (5pm). Full details, including new tour dates can be found below.

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