Notes on Raniere’s present status – he may be the stupidest man in the world

Keith Raniere should be proud. For years, he wished for his enemies to land in prison, possibly be sodomized or raped and never see freedom again. Mainly he wished this on women. His former girlfriends and other friends. He wished it on some men too – such as Joe O’Hara and myself. In the end, […]

Keith Raniere should be proud. For years, he wished for his enemies to land in prison, possibly be sodomized or raped and never see freedom again.

Mainly he wished this on women. His former girlfriends and other friends.

He wished it on some men too – such as Joe O’Hara and myself.

In the end, he wound up just where he wanted all of us to be. He is likely to be there for a long time.

Some might say it shows the mental power of the Vanguard. He pictured us all in prison so vibrantly that he went there himself.

Now, he’s in virtual solitary confinement – 23 hours in his cell, one hour out. His food served cold. Having no choice in his diet, or little choice.

Ironic too, since for years he commanded his women followers, telling them what to eat, demanding they limit their caloric intake to an unhealthy 800 calories per day.

He set up a plan with women that they would never get a full night’s sleep. He told them that sleep showed they were disintegrated and that something was wrong with them spiritually, ethically and intellectually, if they slept the amount of sleep – straight in a row – that humans need for good health.

While he slept 8, 10, or sometimes 12 hours – and was not to be disturbed.

Now, he sleeps to his heart’s content in jail. Indeed, in his lock up, in his tiny cell, he has little else to do but sleep. He can do the sleeping for all the women he deprived of sleep for so many years.

I was always struck by the Nxivm women being both attractive but somehow somewhat grey around the gills. Their auras seemed grey. Maybe it was lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, while the monster was conning them into semi-starvation and sleep deprivation – all the better to make them compliant.

Now, he is compliant. He takes orders every day from guards whose IQ and ethical standards are far lower than his – he would tell you.

In reality, he is a sadist and monster. Even the most sadistic guards might be hard-pressed to be as sadistic as he was. I strongly suspect that even brutal prison guards, had they the lavish lifestyle, the women, the Bronfman money, would have chilled a little and enjoyed a life without causing unnecessary pain.

Keith has time to reflect on this now. Perhaps he is a reflective man. Our sources at MDC say he frequently cries at night. Real tears, real sobbing. This is not for effect. He goes to sleep crying like a baby. He made his bed and now he cries himself to sleep on it.

Meantime, he has no privacy, no dignity. Despite him being innocent until proven guilty, he is detained in a jail that is worse than most prisons.  He is stripped searched – including at times his anal cavity – whenever he goes to meet his lawyers or goes to court – both coming and going.

He stripped a lot of women and some girls too – forcibly in some instances – taking away their pride and dignity and right to their own bodies.  Now he is searched and inspected naked in front of male guards, some of whom openly mock him.  They call him Gushing Guru, Keith Manson and Crybaby Jane.

They make sure he gets the worst food, is served last, and gets the last choice for books brought round on a cart. He has no TV, no music, no place to walk all day. Just a small cell to sit and brood. And cry.

He has made himself uniquely unliked in jail, where it is possible to try to be liked. When he was on the outside, he demanded everyone love him and offer him tribute for the wonderful things he claimed he was doing for them.  Now he suffers, as he made others suffer.

How much of this he has realized is anybody’s guess. The cause and inevitable effect of his life. His living conditions are so hellish he may be falling apart. He may have descended into madness. He was always delusional. He was always a vain monster.  He used to have an adoring audience and numerous fuck toys.  Now, he has only himself to contend with.  How much reflection he is engaged in is hard to measure. Physically, he looks like hell. His mental condition may be likewise.

In his day, he walked about his dominion with absolute authority and had his way every day.

In jail, he was in so much fear in the general population that he might be thankful to be in the Special Housing Unit.

Despite his claims of being a judo expert and athlete, he could not defend himself either physically or intellectually among the common rung of men in jail and he was beaten regularly. As a prank, inmates enjoyed taking and breaking his eyeglasses. Sometimes they snatched them right off his face. Helpless, he could do nothing about it but cry and tell the guards and rage to himself.

The guards laughed at the fun.

When two Mexicans – perhaps angry with his treatment of Mexican women – decided to punk him, ultimately leading to his being beaten, kicked and pummeled about the head, as he lay in a fetal position on the ground, defenseless as a child –  sobbing and screaming for help – the guards took their own sweet time getting there.

He was in fear of his life in general population – crying and fearful – your Vanguard. He had neither the physical ability nor the brains to live with even prisoner dignity among other pretrial detainees.

I know of another individual who went into MDC with probably not much more physical acumen than Raniere. He had brains and found a way to get along and do well. He did what he had to do to be valuable to other inmates, even writing letters for them and getting rewarded for it. He said, “You don’t have to be the toughest guy in jail to make friends.”

But Raniere could never think beyond himself. He could never think beyond what he wants and needs. He could never see anyone as his equal, never have a friend, for friendship requires exchange, some recognition of the other person as an equal. Some affection. Raniere never had any of this ever. Not on the outside and not in jail. He’s not wired that way. He cannot even imagine recognizing someone as his equal, someone as special or important. His entire view of humanity is what can someone do for him?

He got so good at it, that it became a game. It wasn’t enough to get people to do things for him, he had too many of those people. He had to get them to do good things for him while he did things to destroy them, while making them think he was their benevolent teacher dedicated to helping them.

This, I think, was his greatest, secret pleasure.

Not only hurting his self-declared enemies, but hurting those who trusted him. Destroying their lives slowly while he got the best out of them, out of their loyalty to him, and then discarding them.

If he had the slightest degree of empathy, of camaraderie, he might have made some friends at MDC and he could survive. But it is not in him. He must be adored, regarded highly, given tribute, admired. And he must punish. He has no one to punish at MDC and indeed everyone is punishing him.

This is the laughable irony. Everyone in jail, at MDC, from what I am told, all the guards, the inmates, everyone thinks of him as a loathsome loser.

This is much like on the outside. Were he to walk among society, most people knowing his story would consider him loathsome.

I was struck by something Keith said in his last interview, prior to be arrested. He interviewed with Vanessa Grigoriadis for the New York Times Magazine and said, “I don’t think I’m seen as the person I think I am, and I also want to be the person that I think I am.”

Although it was meant as bullshit profoundis – fake humility, a man pretending to be in search of truth, who is really only attempting a con job on a reporter – it actually had a ring of truth.

He is seen pretty much seen in jail as the person he really is – but not the person he thinks he is.

Yet, I do believe he wants to be the person he thinks he is — the exalted Vanguard. But that is no more, and will never come again.

On the outside, people who hear about him or read about his monstrous nature, think of him as something akin to less than a man.  A conscienceless being. A man who brands women with his initials.  That’s what they remember.

The fool tried to tell one woman he wanted to brand that if it were Bill Gates’ or Lincoln’s initials, nobody would complain. This show his incredible lack of comprehension of how others think and feel.

Today, Keith Raniere is relegated to a cage. Some of his enemies might be celebrating his suffering. I am not. I am happy, of course, he is in cage, only insofar as that he cannot harm others.  I do not wish him to suffer. Yet, he has to suffer. This he cannot avoid for he did cause so much suffering for others.  And he simply can’t be freed to roam among innocent humans.

Until I met Keith Raniere, I was naive. I never knew – perhaps I should have – that such evil can exist in a human being – not to speak of one who on the surface can seem charming and have a dedicated group of seemingly intelligent followers swearing to his wonderful, kind nature. But it unfolded before me. I saw what he did to me – how he tried to get me in prison. To destroy my life was one of his goals. I made it my goal to do the same to him.  But my effort was not one of vindictiveness or sadistic joy. I was fighting for my life.

I wrote more than 2,000 stories about him because he needed to be stopped, not because I hated him, like he hates all people. In the course of so doing, I found out a lot about him.

I am sorry that people such as Keith Raniere can be born and exist. I would wish that no human would ever descend to the level of Keith Raniere. And I wish there was a cure for him.  Some medicine or shock therapy that would make him safe to be among humans. To let him out of his cage. But I doubt there is such a cure. He has to be in a cage.

Maybe some future humanity will find away to cure dangerous mental illness such as Raniere has and make him safe to be around his betters.  Until then, people like Raniere have to be caged.

And if he ever sees the light of day, say 20 years from now – as he approaches his 80s, perhaps he will be a harmless old man with plenty of regret, free to once again see adult humans of both genders and free to exchange with them. [Although I believe he should probably never be permitted to be near girls under the age of 17.)

Still, it is an irony. He is the one who had it all – women, sex, adoration, disciples, untold wealth, lovely followers who hung on his every word, the true luxury to do what he wanted every day, people vying to fulfill his every whim – his wish being their command, and he blew it. For only one reason: He had to add hate and vengeance to all his pleasures.

Raniere’s present state is about as abysmal as anyone I know. He has nothing to look forward to, no future. A lifetime of grey despair.  He will not be acquitted. After he is convicted, he will spend decades in prison in a high security prison where life is tough and there are few pleasures.

Considering what he has now, compared to what he had just a year ago, and how he blew it, Keith Raniere may just qualify as the stupidest man in the world.












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  • Psychopathy is an incurable and likely genetic disorder affecting an estimated 1% of the population, mostly males. Many if not most of our leaders in government, business, and religion are psychopaths, and have been at least since the beginning of recorded history. Most of us, therefore, are no better off than the hapless NXIVM followers, having been systematically brainwashed into ceding our personal sovereignty to these self-annointed authority figures. In this regard, the NXIVM saga is but a microcosm of the world at large. While it is gratifying to witness justice in this particular case, we would do well to wake up to the greater evils that have been, and continually are being, perpetrated upon us by Big Government, Big Business, and Big Religion. They are each a pyramid scheme and they each have their own soulless Vanguards at the top.

  • Keith Raniere is rather like Tyler Leander character in Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven, or perhaps vice versa.
    I strongly suspect Raniere’s mother, at the very least, coddled him. Perhaps she even had a Jocasta complex. It would explain his obsession with full bush being combined with his preference for dominating and abusing women built like the girl who rejected him at the Waldorf School.

  • Have you ever wondered if KAR is just a patsy for a more manipulative mind say of Clare Bronfman? Perhaps KAR was being handled, like other cult leaders have been? Perhaps Bronfman was the handler? Perhaps she was running an Epstein like sex for influence via blackmail. Especially considering the potential connection with Libya, Canada and Trudeux. Then there’s a connection to Branson’s private island much like Epstein. And like Epstein the charges of underage sex trafficking.

    Is it a billionaire thing? Is it a Jewish thing?
    I’m just saying focusing so much vitriol on KAR would be exactly what the handler would want, would he/she not? I’m not saying the guy is innocent but perhaps the anger should be adjusted a little. I’ve read almost every article and many comments on this page and thank you so much for making it available. I first learned about this from an article on MInt press connecting another elusive manipulative and obviously handled billionaire Pierre omidyar. His connection with the Dali llama and human trafficking led to Sara Bronfmans picture with the smiling llama and that led here to this site. I happen to live in ny and have researched the elites connection to sex slaves and intelligence agencies etc.

    Anyway if I’ve missed the answer in one of the articles my apologies. But in reality the big fish here is not KAR it’s clearly the one with the most lawyers. And she will never spend one day in custody. I pray I’m proven wrong. No way no how no never in a million years will a Bronfman wear an orange jumpsuit. Then again Epstein did. Billionaires especially Jewish Billionaires have different laws than you and me.

    • KAR was the way he is long before the Bronfman sisters stepped foot inside a NXIVM training.

  • Perhaps Frank should organize a counter Vanguard Week. It would be like a combination of Burning man and Festivus from that Seinfeld episode. All disgruntled former NXIVM’s could gather and burn an effigy of Vanguard. Fun and therapeutic!

  • Frank
    Do you feel better having written this along with the 2000 other stories about Raniere? Has it been therapeutic for you? Has it helped others come forward and lead better lives?
    If so, great! Keep doing it.

    If not, maybe continually recycling anger and resentment is not the answer.

    • Frank is entitled to write as many articles about this monster as he sees fit.

      It is Frank’s prerogative to express any and all anger and resentment he feels about this dirty Cockroach called Keith!

    • I think these sorts of articles are very valuable – not just for him, but for us as well. A reminder of how KAR got there and why he is there. A lot of stuff posted is updates or opinions or even funny commentary. This is very raw and real and gives clear insight into how he turned into a monster and why he cannot be allowed to roam free.

    • Before Scott beats me to the punch……


      Frank played an integral role in bringing down an evil man and helped saved hundreds. Is Frank perfect? No

      Anonymous, what have you done in your life besides be a troll ?

      • @ Niceguy Totally subscribe to your position on this!!! Additionally, it amounts to a gross exaggeration to conclude Frank was in the midst of an anger spat while writing this article. Rather, it reflects exactly this attitude on the part of Frank’s accuser!!!!

    • It’s not about recycling anger. It’s about trying to figure out how in the hell this happened.

    • It is not important whether Frank feels comfortable with his articles or not; that is his private affair, but I don’t think Frank is in need of therapy. He has the readers and the audience who want to read this. And Frank delivers.

      Besides, Frank Report has grown from a small insignificant blog to one with many readers. That’s why it is quite normal that Frank, who
      put so much work and time into this blog, should earn money with it.

  • Not everyone who was in NXIVM loved, liked or adored KAR. I never did and the inner circle knew it. They kept us away from each other.

    He was a pig, boring, self-centered, egotistical, and a smelly boy. I could never get into the whole Vanguard bullshit.

    I did like the first 16-day intensive training. Wasn’t anything new, just package well and I learned a lot and so did my friends who took it.

    Once I figure out weird things were going on “after hours” outside of the classes, I left and told my friends what I had figured out.

    KAR is not crying upon self-reflection of his behavior. KAR is crying because he got caught and now no one likes and adores him at the MDC.

    • Ditto! I never saw great intelligence. He has no charisma and certainly no physical attraction for this short pudgy arrogant man with a soft voice I found effeminate.

      He was not a logical thinker and gave the same simple answers to the same canned questions over and over.

      I liked some of the people I met there but saw early on the harem and the focus on money above all.

      No humanitarians here.

    • !KAR is not crying upon self-reflection of his behavior. KAR is crying because he got caught and now no one likes and adores him at the MDC.”


    • @ Cry me a river It must be that you were far too intelligent for the NXIUM members. Otherwise I cannot explain the blind devotion of so many, in light of not only what has been discovered but of what so many of them knew!! I am glad to hear you were able to get out. Very interesting post you made! 🙂

  • I don’t think any of his female co-defendants are going to fare any better than he with their impending incarcerations. As far as a therapy making him safe to rejoin society, the only one that comes to mind is a full frontal lobotomy.

  • A well written, insightful and thoughtful article. Thank you.

  • Very well written, Frank. And very interesting. Not as much humor in this one – your deep poignant emotions come through here loud and clear. I will be forever grateful and hold the highest respect for you – the man that grabbed the string and unraveled, slowly, the life and monster that is Raniere. You did what you had to do. He set you up the game of chess and you outsmarted him and have called checkmate. Kudos to you for accomplishing what you have in stopping Raniere and by so doing, have helped countless people from suffering at his hand. You should feel proud of yourself. You deserve it. And he deserves every ounce of despair he is now receiving at the hand of pure Karma.

  • Keith is a real loser who will not see the ligth of day again; he will kill himself in jail, for he is also a coward.

    • I disagree. Keith does not have the courage to off himself. He is a weak little stupid arrogant man who will probably be found dead one day in prison. They will call it an accident. I hope it happens soon after sentencing since as a diligent taxpayer I don’t want to spend a penny of my hard earned money to keep this parasite alive!

      Frank, thank you for taking out this evil sadistic man. Society is indebted to you for saving others from the cruelty and pain perpetrated by Keith Raniere The world is a safer place because of you.

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