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Top Cybersecurity Jobs You Can Get with Comp TIA Security+ Certification

When it comes to the world of cybersecurity, getting a job is not an easy feat, especially when there are a lot of professionals with the same educational background as yours. Plus, the IT industry is constantly changing. So, how do you stand out amidst the crowd of IT people eyeing for the same IT position? That’s when a global certification like CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test becomes an important tool.

CompTIA has been in the industry since 1982, offering a range of significant professional certifications for different individuals. And one of the most important credentials every IT professional should have is the CompTIA Security+,which is surely a cherry on top of your portfolio. Through this credential, you’ll be blessed with a wide variety of job options, particularly in the field of cybersecurity. So, here are the possible job opportunities you’ll gain once you pass Security+ certification exam SY0-501.

Information Security Analyst

Every information security analyst must be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of cybersecurity. With Security+, you gain not just information but also skills needed to protect computer networks and maintain network security. Once you prepare for the certification exam, which is a 90-minutes test with 90 questions, you’ll sharpen your understanding about ways in securing applications through different threat analysis and mitigation techniques. As a result, you’ll be able to carry out important security measures within the organization and combat the upsurge of cyberattacks.

Systems Administrator

System administrators oversee the entirety of the operation and upkeep of the computer system. It’s maybe a catch-all profession but definitely worth it, especially if you are already equipped with valuable knowledge and skills beforehand. With CompTIA Security+, you can smoothly handle daily responsibilities like planning, instigating, and securing the computer and server systems. Compared to A+, Security+ emphasizes more on performance-based questions and hands-on practical skills. Therefore, professionals who have this security certification are guaranteed to have comprehensive problem-solving abilities to address certain issues to safeguard the system as a whole.

Security Consultant

The CompTIA Security+ credential, coupled with extensive experience in the security industry, allows you to become a security consultant. Security consultants are considered experts with specialized knowledge in designing and implementing security measure to protect the business. Being the company’s security advisor, you guide, craft, and weigh all security decisions needed by the organization. With the all-encompassing job description and responsibilities, security consultants can rely on having a CompTIA Security+ credential to refine their skills in researching, and designing security solutions and protocols, as well as in delivering and relaying technical reports to the owners and the employees.

Security Engineer

Security engineers, just like security analysts, safeguard the business’ networks and system. By protecting sensitive data and carrying out important security measures, it might be a struggle for security engineers not to have rigorous background and skills in cybersecurity. Through CompTIA Security+, these security professionals can provide top-quality service to guard information and systems from data infiltration and any form of cyberattacks. Establishing core understanding and practical troubleshooting, security engineers can simply manage their day-to-day job without conflicts.

Penetration Tester

Penetration testers, or often called as ethical hackers, are the professionals who are paid to conduct tests on web-based systems, applications, and networks. So, if you have a CompTIA Security+ certification, plus you are interested to legally hack security vulnerabilities of the company, then this is seriously a fantastic job. Penetration testing is highly important to simulate the possibility of real-life cyberattacks and create tools to improve the organization’s security. Through this authorized attack, business will find the security flaws and further exploit them to ensure that the system is always stable and secured. The Security+ certification exam SY-501 furnishes applicants with the foundational knowledge about basic Pen Testing.

Junior IT Auditor

These IT professionals hold the responsibility of internal control and the possible risks of an organization’s network and system. IT auditors are the ones who recognize the system weaknesses, hence provide an action plan to ensure that the system is in good condition and free from cyber threats. Since this is a starting role, junior IT auditor reports to the senior IT auditor, who in returns administers the system development to make sure that all security procedures are followed. As an IT auditor, you can be directly employed to a company or work for a certain firm that performs audit for private and public organizations.

Independent Contractor

If you have the CompTIA Security+ certification but don’t want to directly work for a company, then springboard your career as an independent contractor! This job is ideal for those who want to be on their own. You can target small businesses and sole proprietors, who need to set up their security solutions, as well as to give them advice about network security protection. By having the international CompTIA Security+ certification in your profile, you can be more flexible in terms of work schedule. Plus, you can market your IT skills for your own benefit. Starting your own line may be difficult but it’s very fulfilling.


In a nutshell, these jobs are all essential to keep the IT operations and the business as a whole. Yes, these jobs are way challenging than other tech jobs. But remember, you’ll never achieve that dream security career of yours if you don’t start with a single step. Take it one at a time and equip yourself with something that will help you along the way. Start with CompTIA Security+, and soon you’ll enjoy the perks and pay of your profession! So, get your foot through the door of cybersecurity and enjoy the benefits that lie ahead.




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