Clare Bronfman with her attorney, William F. Savino. head into to court to sue some enemy of Keith Raniere

Guest View: Protracted court appearances are wearing physically, emotionally and financially

[Editor’s note: Below is a short guest view about the court system that Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman loved to abuse. They purposely abused the money-driven US court system to sue enemies and tried to get them imprisoned. Now, most curiously, the tables are turned.] 

By Anonymous

Protracted court appearances over a long period of time are incredibly wearing physically and emotionally.

1) Uncertainty of Outcome

Leads to continual worry and confusion. It becomes hard to focus on everyday life, including work and family as one does not know if you one will be free and available to fulfill responsibilities in the future.

2) Financial Drain

Legal costs, fines, penalties and loss of income may mean needing to sell a home and assets to pay legal expenses.

3) Travel to the Court

On a regular basis means planning to be away from home, travel and hotel expenses and interruption of daily work and home routine

4) Facing Prosecutors and Co-Defendants

Is stressful and filled with conflict, ambivalence and uncertainty. Your friend today may be your legal enemy tomorrow if they turn against you.

5) Attention from Media

Is often unwanted, yet it is unavoidable. Media attention means everyone knows your business, including your relatives, in-laws, partners, children, and neighbors.

6) Going to Court on a Regular Basis

Even if one is successful, is still draining. Worry and time away from home and work are powerful forces even when one is successful.

The message: Do everything you can to lead an honest life and put all your affairs in order to avoid legal situations. Do not sue others frivolously; it may drain you as much as them.

[Isn’t this what Clare and Sara Bronfman and Keith Raniere are finally learning?]

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