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Sultan: Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson and Frank Parlato aren’t heroes; Kristin Kreuk did not slither away from Nxivm – she left five years before everyone else!

By Sultan of Six In an earlier post, it was written on Frank Report  that “Both [Sarah] Edmondson and [Mark] Vicente could have quietly slithered away like for example Kristin Kreuk.” What a lame potshot. No wonder you selectively post anti-Kreuk articles and allow the trash that is posted against me and my origins. So […]

By Sultan of Six

In an earlier post, it was written on Frank Report  that “Both [Sarah] Edmondson and [Mark] Vicente could have quietly slithered away like for example Kristin Kreuk.”

What a lame potshot. No wonder you selectively post anti-Kreuk articles and allow the trash that is posted against me and my origins. So much for your claims of seeking of justice.

Also, rolling my eyes at “slithered away”. Leaving five years before everyone else and before DOS even existed isn’t “slithering away”.

What about you Frank? Didn’t you too “slither away” with $1 million dollars more in your pocket for less than nine months worth of “work” until Clare attempted to get the authorities to throw you in jail because she said you stole it?

Mark and Sarah “fought” to take down the cult because they had to after they decided to stop the Vancouver and LA centers of NXIVM due to Sarah being branded.

Fighting back was their only recourse because they were facing criminal charges and the litigation machine of NXIVM due to Clare Bronfman. Just like you.

There aren’t any unselfish heroes involved in this NXIVM exposure drama including you.

But if there were a hero, it is Kristin Kreuk!

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  • Give Sultan a break guys, how is he expected to “see” while his nose is securely lodged inside Kristin’s sphincter?

  • Tell it like it is Sultan!!! The truth about dragging Kristin into this subject is based on wishful thinking and baseless indictments.
    Mean girls can’t stand that the court case is already underway and Law enforcement is satisfied they have their suspects in custody.

    • Keep spanking it Clyde-spank!!! Maybe Kristin kook STILL won’t open her infidel legs for your tiny brown halal little worm and you STILL won’t know what you are talking about!!! Cry sum more!!! Call the whambulance!!!

    • Yup, mean girls heads explodes when we Kristin fans just say one nice thing about her….like just a kind comment.
      Ooooooo do they just melt..!!! lol You go Sultan!!! Tell it like it is!!! The truth!!! Hooorahhh!!!

      • Hahahaha? sultan of spank is still talking to HIS OWN aliases!!! Cry sum more spanky!!! Call the whambulance!!!!

  • Ladies, and gents, you do your argument a disservice cursing.
    Go to your respective corners and come out fighting but keep it clean.

  • Kristin Crook didn’t leave five years before Frank, as the headline states. If I recall, Frank was with NXIVM for less than a year in the 2008-2009 timeframe and left when he saw questionable things going on, even though he was being well compensated. He joined NXIVM as a publicist/consultant because he thought NXIVM was getting a bad rap, and he could help others see a better side of NXIVM. That is actually a compliment to Frank’s sense of morals and ethics, to walk away from money.

    Why did Kristin Crook stay in NXIVM as an inside recruiter for several years? From all the information I’ve seen, even prior to DOS there were a lot of shady and illegal things going on, such as multiple sexual partners, teaching people not to pay their taxes, etc. Was she also being well compensated, or did she stay in even though she wasn’t being paid very well? Perhaps she stayed in because they made her feel like the Tom Cruise of NXIVM. Finally, someone who adored her like she thought she “deserved” to be adorred for her “obvious” acting talent.

    Time for you to slither away, Sultan.

  • Sultan of Six,
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It has been said more than once, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one but not every one has a need to moon the world with their ass/opinions.

    You sir, have no idea who has done what to bring this cult to justice and are blowing hot air like some do out their assholes.

    Facts are fact and opinions are opinions. You might considered some anger management classes to deal with whatever bug is up your opinion. You seem to have an ax to grind with the facts.

    • Kristin fans do!!! You tell it like it is Sultan!!! Da truth!!! Kristin has nothing to do with the DOS!!! Deal with it mean girls !!!

      • Hahahahaha!!!

        Sultan of stalk is still talking to himself!!!

        Call the whambulance spanky!!! Cry those halal tears!!!


    Virtue signaller, d-list actress and NXIVM cult coach and recruiter Kristin Kreuk has taken a courageous stand for “wimins rights” on International Women’s Day by finding the courage to retweet this tweet about Indian gang rape victim Phoolon Devi. Rape victims in India must feel so grateful for Kristin Crook’s courage. The same women who stayed loyal to a pedophile even after being named in the same expose that revealed his disgusting rape and pedophilia. The same woman who ignored the fact her friend who she recruited into NXIVM was branding sex slaves above their vaginas and did nothing to help, instead, taking people’s hard earned wages to pretend to fight a pedophile rapist on tax payer funded television.

  • Sultan of Six,

    You are indeed a moth to the flame.

    In Frank’s defense regarding the money… …..normally a contract dispute would take years to go through the court system.

    Frank Parlato possesses certain unexplainable “Jena se qua” skill at negotiation and conflict resolution.

    In some circles in Buffalo New York, it’s called the sit-down.

    In all seriousness, a construction project contract dispute of that kind of magnitude would have easily cost the Bronfman’s close to 2 million to fight. The Bronfman’s got a bargain in terms of time and money.

    Seriously, no ass-kissing intended. The Bronfman’s got a fucking bargain by having Frank handle things. Sultan you have no idea.

  • What about you Frank? Didn’t you too “slither away” with $1 million dollars more in your pocket for less than nine months worth of “work”

    FYI Sultan, Frank helped recover 26 million dollars for the Bronfman sisters.

    Money that was looted from them by Raniere.

    Moreover, the Frank Report exposed the branding of female slaves at NXIVM.

    A revelation that finally bought law enforcement scrutiny to the cult.

  • Cannot stand this imbecilic, arrogant, insufferable, irritating, obnoxious, sanctimonious, obsessive, ignorant C*NT.

    You could write a book about NXIVM with a million words in it and make just one fleeting reference to Kristin Crook. If it’s remotely negative, there he is, in the comments section writing a huge novel. He is worse than Beetlejuice. Say Kreuk’s name ONCE and there he is.

    This is beyond that of super-fan or groupie. He thinks he has some spiritual connection to this woman. He thinks it is his duty to come to her defense like he knows what he is talking about. He thinks we should listen to him, instead of having the virtue signalling liar answer questions and allegations. He does not realize that the more he does this, the more traffic comes to Frank Report and the more people will find out that Kristin Kreuk was deep in NXIVM and lied about it.

    His life is empty and without purpose.

    Cry some more. Call the “whambulance”.

    • I don’t care.

      You’re a two-faced liar. You pretend to not care about Kristin and me when your words and actions only betray you to show to everyone that all you do is care: “He thinks he has some spiritual connection to this women.”


      Then you try to turn it around onto me and blame me for your own issues. You project onto others what you do yourself like the sociopath that you are, including never sticking to a single alias (Angry Canadian) and bringing up Kristin in posts that are irrelevant to her.

      You don’t give a sh_t about NXIVM and its alleged victims. The group is just used as an excuse to bombard the real objects of your frustration with vitriol. You’re also a bigoted loser. My guess is you’re a rejected loser too. You’re likely a fellow Vancouverite who tried to get into the NXIVM crew and failed, likely even tried to hook up with Kristin.

      I don’t keep bringing up Kristin. YOU PEOPLE DO. I’m merely REACTIVE in defense while you people are ACTIVE in your attacks. Look up the words if you’re ignorant.

      If I wasn’t here to defend her, you would be running roughshod over her with your non-backed up claims asserted as truth, because you have the problem not me. Always blaming the other for your own problems just like sociopaths do.

      Just look at Keith as your example.

      If my life is “empty and without purpose” yours is even worse for obsessing over someone you assert the same thing about. At least my obsession is based on attraction. Yours is based on resentment and hate.

      This wasn’t even an article. It was a comment written two weeks ago elevated to an article just so people like you could again blame me for your own issues.

      Fucking losers.

      • awww, the poor poor chronic masturbater with more aliases then fingers and thumbs, who pisses everyone off thinks anyone who thinks he is a pathetic creep is the same person.

        • Aww poor delusional loser who constantly imagines that he’s speaking for multiple people and laughably projects onto others claims of multiple aliases because he can’t even maintain a single one.

          Seek a psychotherapist because you’re fucking psycho.

          • Spanky/Scarrom/KarlBasset/Jesse/AnonymousForKristin?????/SultanOfSix… who has jizzed out 3.70 pounds of low-t jizz spanking it to Kristin Kook, loses again!!!! Cry sum more spanky!!! Call the whambulance!!!!

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