Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a sexy fun club and gather information about them. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely used by Nxivm to recruit members. Kreuk did not disband the group even after it came out in the Times Union that her mentor Keith Raniere had raped numerous teen girls.

NXIVM #metoo!!! : Brave Kristin Kreuk virtue signals on International Women’s Day

  Frank Report recently got this comment in response to an article by Sultan of Six:  By NXIVM #metoo!!! Virtue signaller, d-list actress and NXIVM cult coach and recruiter, Kristin Kreuk has taken a courageous stand for “wimins rights” on International Women’s Day by finding the courage to retweet this tweet about Indian gang rape […]


Frank Report recently got this comment in response to an article by Sultan of Six: 
By NXIVM #metoo!!!
Virtue signaller, d-list actress and NXIVM cult coach and recruiter, Kristin Kreuk has taken a courageous stand for “wimins rights” on International Women’s Day by finding the courage to retweet this tweet about Indian gang rape victim Phoolon Devi.
Rape victims in India must feel so grateful for Kristin Crook’s courage. The same women who stayed loyal to a pedophile even after being named in the same expose series that revealed his disgusting rape and pedophilia. The same woman who ignored the fact her friend, Allison Mack, who she recruited into NXIVM, was branding sex slaves above their vaginas and did nothing to help, instead, taking people’s hard earned wages to pretend to fight a pedophile rapist on taxpayer-funded television.
Taxpayer-funded actress Kristin Kreuk stars in Burden of Truth where she plays a lawyer who risks her career to confront evil men.
Kristin Kreuk retweeted the above on International Women’s Day.
Taxpayer-funded actress and virtue signaler Kristin Kreuk once again took to Twitter to fight for women victims as she retweeted a tweet promoting Phoolan Devi.

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  • All an actor has to do is read lines someone else wrote and try not to bump into the furniture.
    Yet they opine, believing we should lead our lives by their opinions.
    We need to tear down these false icons and crush them beneath our heels into dust.

    • Excuse me G but Kristin Kreuk is an inspiration to many many people. Kristin is important as Oprah Winfrey or Ellen Degeneres. G you just don’t like Kristin because she is beautiful and from Canada.

      • Ellen is about as important as a zit on a turtles ass. Oprah is only important to the brain dead hypocrites. Kreuk is just some B grade actress that too many pig guys want to masturbate to.

        • Ellen, Oprah, and Kristin are beautiful woman because of their inner beauty. Inner beauty radiates outward something all of you and Frank don’t get. You people have no appreciation for real beauty. All of you think beauty is only on the outside and can be purchased like a cosmetic. You need to get some lives!

          • They are charlatans that easily fool simpletons like yourself. Grow up, life is too short to worship at the alter of fallible humans.

          • No just get tired of shallow empty cuckolded little lowlifes like you. Time for your Ellen fix child.

    • Agreed G. What gives a celebrity the right to preach to the public? Their opinion is no more important than the average person on the street. In fact, their opinion is less valid because they don’t live in the real world.

      • Pyriel and g are just 2 catty old woman envious of Kristin Kreuk success and beauty. American woman suck!

  • Really! dont you all have something better to do than talk dirty about Kristin Kreuk? why do you all envy her let her be , we all have made errors and mistakes, took the wrong choice but that is past, I really admire and am fan of beautiful and talented actress Kristin Kreuk, leave alone KK and if she is pregnant I am so happy for her and Eric Putzer they will have the most beatiful babies in this world and make it more beautiful. For all of you all get a life and start living in it. Let Kristin Kreuk live her life in peace.

    • Did Kristin Crook make a promise that she wouldn’t have sex with anyone except Raniere? If she’s pregnant, he didn’t do it and she could be in some BIG trouble with him. LOL

    • You don’t know how the internet works do you? You probably never heard of NXIVM until 2017, nor do you know anything about Kristin Kreuk’s involvemnet in NXIVM. This site is anti NXIVM, not a Kristin Kreuk fan site. I’m sure there are fan sites out there, probably visited daily by SultanOfStalk. Enablers will continue to be called out. Nobody cares if you like her. It does not change facts and does not mean she should not be held accountable.

  • Mean girls go crazy when they see Kristin speaks out for women who are actually attacked. Mean girls Kristin bashers then turn a blind eye to Kristin’s public statement against NXIVM. Sad. Bottom line, Kristin seems to have used her own millions to produce many projects she hopes to help people in a positive manner. Good for her.

    • ???????????? hahaha!!! the stalking obsessive paki worships Kristin Crook to the tee!!! She could shit in his mouth and he’ll be grateful!!! He is over a century years OLD and he can’t stand it that people call out his dream spank who he has masturbated to for over fifteen years!!! Maybe people can start a go fund me page to get Kristin Kreuk send him a brown turd to match his brown skin for him to spanky it too!!!

  • Sultan of Six News Update!

    Sultan of Six has deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Sultan of Six has additionally closed his accounts on other less known web forums such as Seventeen Magazine.

    Currently, there are rumors Kristin Kreuk is secretly engaged and pregnant. News of this kind could be enough to push the Sultan over the edge. If you have information regarding Sultan and his many aliases, leave a comment at the Frankreport.

    • I heard the same thing. Keith’s sperm was smuggled out of MDC. Kristin was the waiting recipient. Looks like the rebirth of Chucky.

    • Anonymous I know Sultan of Six deleted his forum account at the Barely Legal Magazine website 2 days ago. I hope he is okay.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if the creepy creeper has tried to hide his stalking digital footprint seeing as he gets laughed at here. Where are the rumours Kreuk is engaged and pregnant?

  • Looks like she just wants to line her pockets asking for other peoples’ money. If this documentary is so important, why doesn’t she fund it herself?

    • Other people’s tax dollars and donations. And $60/$70 for a signature/picture. Easy money for zero work. This is why Kreuk does not want her NXIVM role to be known about. She would lose her privilege.

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