Guest View: Kristin Kreuk endorses Indian murderess Phaloon Devi

  By Aanya Kulavira Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk recently retweeted a tweet about a fundraising effort for what will surely be a very dishonest documentary about the Indian murderess, Phoolan Devi. It raises the question as to why the virtue-signalling Kreuk is supporting this curious and evil woman. Of course, Kruek might be actually unaware […]


By Aanya Kulavira
Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk recently retweeted a tweet about a fundraising effort for what will surely be a very dishonest documentary about the Indian murderess, Phoolan Devi.
It raises the question as to why the virtue-signalling Kreuk is supporting this curious and evil woman.
Phoolan Devi
Of course, Kruek might be actually unaware of the historical Phoolan Devi preferring the fictionalized version.  After all, Kreuk admired the fictionalized version of Keith Raniere – athlete, ethicist, and thinker – and not who he really was – child rapist, swindler and racketeer.

As for Phoolan, she has been glorified as a brave woman who did noble things to thwart all the evil men  – men who raped her – but that story is plain fiction. She was not a victim.  She was a murderess and political pawn.

Here are the well-known facts of her life:

Phoolan joined a gang of bandits [dacoits] who robbed and plundered poor people and travelers when she was a teenager. She was the only female in the gang, and, soon enough, it provoked a gunfight between gang members.  Phoolan’s “lover” was killed in the fight.

This split the gang into two factions. The victorious group, who were Rajputs, took Phoolan with them and, according to her, they confined her in a room, and took turns raping her over several weeks, she claimed.

After leaving, or escaping, Phoolan rejoined her dead lover’s faction who were once again engaged in robbery and thuggery and, of course, she took another lover [or two] from among the men, and continued her life of stealing and terrorizing poor people.

There was still trouble brewing between the rival gangs and Phoolan’s gang descended suddenly on the village of Behmai where the men she claimed raped her were living.  Her gang lined up 22 Rajput men in that village and shot them dead.

She claimed her victims were the men who previously raped her. But there was no trial, and it is far from certain that all [or even any] of the men who were killed actually raped her.  There was only her word, the word of a thief, a woman who made her living by robbery, intimidation, kidnapping, extorting and terrorizing old men, women and children.

Her act of more than eye-for-an-eye revenge – the Behmai massacre – however, was portrayed by the anti-Rajput press as an act of righteous rebellion.  It caused more trouble to members of her own gang, as the fight went on – and the police were on their trail.

But Phoolan – she was a survivor. She began to paint herself as a victim. She evaded capture for two years before she and her few surviving gang-members surrendered to police in 1983.

She managed to be at the center, the impetus, if not the sole cause of the death of almost the entire original group of men she joined as a teenager.

After she surrendered, she was charged with 48 crimes, including 22 counts of murder, plunder, arson and kidnapping for ransom.  Phoolan spent 11 years in jail.

She became the subject of a major Bollywood film, Bandit Queen, which fictionalized her murdering into a false narrative that she was a heroic victim.   Her brutal deed, killing [with her gang] nearly two dozen men without a trial – became a Rape n’ Retribution themed film.

The movie made her a legend.

“It is of consummate importance to the Emotional Graph of the film, that you never, ever, stop pitying her. That she never threatens the Power Balance, “said film reviewer Arundahati Roy. “I would have thought that this was anathema to the whole point of the Phoolan Devi story. That it went way beyond the You-Rape-Me: I’ll-Kill- You equation. That the whole point of it was that she got a little out of control. That the Brutalized became the Brute. The film wants no part of this.”

The filmmakers never bothered to meet Phoolan or interview her but insisted the story was true and their fiction became accepted by ignorant people.  It was considered politically incorrect in some quarters to even doubt the film version – versus the actual historical record or just plain common sense.

In 1994, the state government, headed by the corrupt Mulayam Singh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, for various political and religious bias and hatred – largely prejudice against caste and religion of the families of the victims of Phoolan – withdrew all charges against her and Phoolan was released.

The murderess was, for political purposes, used as a pawn to condone racial, political, caste and religious bias and was glamorized as a heroine in her local community. She stood for local election to parliament as a candidate of the Samajwadi Party [the same party that freed her] and was twice elected to the Lok Sabha as the member for Mirzapur.

In 2001, karma finally caught up with her and she was shot dead at the gates of her official bungalow allotted to her as MP in New Delhi, by her former rival bandits whose kinsmen had been brutally slaughtered at Behmai by her and her gang.

Just as they made a highly fictionalized movie about her, glamorizing her as a heroine, evidently a group of rascals are now trying to raise money to make a documentary, downplaying her vicious and ruthless character and making the murderess into a saintly heroine bent only on avenging evil – which is utter fiction.  Phoolan was a self-serving and brutal killer and thief with native cunning allowing her to spin her proactive evil into victimization and justifiable homicide.

Subsequent to her release from prison, her biggest supporters were partisan Indian men, political opportunists, bent on using her self-serving crimes as a way to advance their political agenda against an oppressed segment of society in India.

Why is Kreuk supporting this monster?

In recent months, Kreuk tweeted support for Lorena Bobbitt, a woman who brutally cut off her husband’s penis, a psychopathic act since by all accounts he was asleep at the time and she could have escaped and called police if he had abused her earlier that night and in the past.

Bobbitt has been glorified recently – on the theory that two wrongs make a right, provided the female does the final righting – by violence.

Now Kreuk seems to supports a murderess in India, a thief who riled up her fellows to kill 22 men without a trial, men who did not kill her but  – based on her word – raped her.

Now all of this is fine, perhaps, a more than an eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth justice; that it’s OK to take the law in your own hands, but I do know of a man – someone Kreuk knew well.  He escaped justice for a long time.  His name is Keith Alan Raniere. He did some pretty vile things to women and girls.

Perhaps Phoolan Devi would have got her gang to kill Raniere.

Lorena Bobbitt would have cut his penis off.

Kristin Kreuk, who seems to admire lawless, violent heroines, says not a word about the perv who ruined the lives of so many, some of whom came into his clutches because of her.

Perhaps Kreuk only knows the fictionalized version of Phoolan Devi and is too lazy or stupid to study the real facts of her life  – easily available online or in books.

The same is true, her defenders claim, of her knowledge of Keith Raniere. She knew nothing of the abuse, the torment he caused others when it should have been plain as day, right before her.

Brave virtue signaler Kristin Kreuk.

But is there a darker side to Kreuk? Did she know about Raniere, really know, but chose to ignore, hide it, maybe participate in it?



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  • Where is Sultan? I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe he’s learned his lesson that he only fuels the fire? C’mon Sultan! Where are ya?

    • The old spanker is on twitter having his aspergers meltdowns and hissy fits about Frank Parlato and Scott Johnson. He is literally broken. Allah does not bring him comfort. Sad.

      • Sultan hasn’t even posted here but you still can’t stop writing about him. Sad

  • Guys, everyone virtue signals.

    I will pat Scott Johnson a compliment because he virtue signals less than anyone I have ever come across.

  • I thought Artvoice is for politics? WTF

    Please, will all of you partisan hacks go back to your CNN or Fox news network’s message boards…
    thank you.

  • Wow, so much conservative virtue signalling. What happened to all these 1st Amendment people complaining in the other article about Instagram? Is the 1st Amendment only a thing when it happens to be in your way?
    So let her make her move and do not watch if for fuck’s sake. She is an untalented actress anyways, isn’t she? It is a shame you did not manage to get that profitable and easy job.

    BTW, how can Frank defend Roger Stone, who knew 18 month in advance that he would need donations for a defense fund? One could spin a conspiracy theory around that and say he is a criminal and knew shit would hit the fan.

    • “conservative virtue signalling”.

      Your “I know you are what am I” bullshit don’t work. Liberals don’t consider conservatives/normal people virtue signalers. They know that it is a liberal kill-joy thing. Just like liberals know PC culture is a liberal thing. But it seems there are some seriously obnoxious liberals arrogant enough to claim it is conservatives who virtue signal to avoid criticism..

      What the fuck does Roger Stone have to do with anything?

    • Yo Willard!!!!
      Roger stone takes Frank to all the good parties. Willard you always show up for a fire few shots off and run anytime anyone comes back with a good rebuttal.

      You are the Frank reports biggest blowhard.

  • Phaloon had the absolute right to get her Gang to kill those 22 men without a trial because she said they raped her. Lorena Bobbitt had the right to wait until he went to sleep to cut off her husband’s penis instead of calling police and Kristin Kreuk had the right to recruit for a pedophile and after he is arrested virtue signal and say nothing and fight a pedophile on taxpayer funded TV. And society has no right to doubt any women ever. Women must be able to take the law in their own hands. On their mere say so they should be able to kill and mutilate any one they say is their oppressor. And if they sanction an oppressor of women that is righteous too. For you MUST believe the woman. #virtuousKristinKreuk.

  • Sultan Of Spank, the chronic masturbater has created a new twitter account to attack Frank Parlato and kiss Kristin Kreuk’s ass. He thinks Frank is the bad guy for being a publicist for nine months then trying to bring the cult down. Whereas Kristin Crook is some squeaky clean innocent virgin fairy. Somebody identify this loser and kick his … ass.

  • And you people think Sultan obsessed. By the way, Kulavira isn’t even a real name.

    • You are sultan. And yes, we KNOW you are obsessed you disgusting creature. Go cry on twitter some more. ?????

    • “By the way, Kulavira isn’t even a real name.”


      Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not.

      Your real name is not “Karl Basset” or Jesse, yet you – Sultan Of Stalk – still use them.

  • “Phoolan was a self-serving and brutal killer and thief with native cunning allowing her to spin her proactive evil into victimization and justifiable homicide.”

    Kristin Kreuk is self serving too. She wants fame and money. Can’t let her NXIVM role get in the way of that eh?

    Of course she knew he was a pedophile. She was named in the most damning, second part of the Times Union expose. So was Allison Mack who went on to BRAND WOMEN ABOVE THEIR VAGINAS WITH HER INITIALS three years later.

    Not a word from Kreuk. No. She pretends to fight a pedophile on tax payer funded television, while ignoring the branding story involving a woman she recruited into the cult. She speaks out against Harvey Weinstein and a theatre director. At the same time, she demands your money to fund a propaganda piece about a woman and story she knows nothing about, because it’s a “girl power!” story. Perhaps she could use YOUR tax dollars she took to find it herself.

  • I’ve said since my first comment about Kristin Crook – she knows a lot more than she’s talking about. Barb or another person who was involved with NXIVM during the years Crook was involved should shine some light on her. But the fact remains, she is easier on the eyes than Phaloon Devi. Give her 20 years and she’ll be just another old hag with excessive plastic surgery and botox. The clock is ticking, Crook, whatcha gonna do, when they come for you? LOL

  • This is akin to the actress Traci Dinwiddie posting on fb that the cops shot someone 20 times, a felon in the act of commiting a crime, who then, in rhe dark, instead of stopping, dropping, pointed something towards the cops in the dark. Cops had a split second to respond.

    But, you see, like Kristin, Traci had to virtue signal, showing what a compassionate, loving person she is, without doing her due diligence. If she had, instead of being so hell bound to feign virtuousness, she would have known the published autopsy showed 7 bullets, not 20 that she erroneously, in her virtousness ignorance repeated.

    Interestingly once I pointed it out in a comment on her fb page that virtue signalling posting of hers entirely disappeared.

    No, oops, my bad. Just a disappearing act.

    All an actor, or actress has to do is read lines someone else wrote and try not to bump into the furniture.

    I wonder when Kreuk will be an honest woman and speak out about what she saw, and knows, about the people and goings on of NXIVM especially GBD.

    My money is on never.

    • She has been made an “executive producer” on this propaganda piece.

      Why she thinks she is qualified for such a role when her fame is 100% due to kissing male actors and her filmography is very poor, I not know.

      She is doing this with Rose Bhura, a woman she recruited into NXIVM. Both of them, along with Allison Mack formed a “production company” called “Parvati Inc.” to tell stories through the “female lens”.

      Well the only story they told was a short film years ago called “Blink” with fellow NXIVM members including Mark Hildreth. I wonder if it was a NXIVM project like Girls By Design? Allison Mack left that project just like Jane the DOS slave said Raniere took her off Girls By Design.

      Looking at the director of this propaganda piece. He is a genuine pussy, going on about women’s rights. They do this to feel moral and to show off to women. Women should understand that “male feminists” are creeps with ulterior motives. His social media accounts are all virtue signalling. Anti-Trump of course. He obviously wants someone with a bit of fame to promote his propaganda piece and Kreuk wants something to attach herself to under the banner of EP.

      Will the press call her out for ignoring Ally Wack and Keith Raniere while promoting this fictional propaganda bullshit?

      Hypocrisy people, hypocricy…

  • Thank you for sharing the true story regarding Phoolon. I actually heard this story years ago and have occasionally repeated it in conversation. I did not no that it is completely fictitious propaganda.

    Poolan’s story is actual fake news that is now being disseminated by legitimate news media and press.

    Kristin Kreuk how could you spread fake news about Poolan? How can Kristin rejoice about a man’s member being cut off?

    The only downside of this article is it will bring out the accursed one Sultan of Six the bane of the Frankreport.

    Provided of course Sultan has not been arrested again for dumpster diving in Kristin Kreuk’s garbage at 4am.

    • Because CELEBRITIES AKA ACTORS AND ACTRESSES do not need to possess an IQ above 85.

      Can they follow direction, get naked at the drop of a hat, feign sex or, better yet, as 5 of them did, actually do the deed (none of them should ever stick their nose up at a porn actor in my opinion) on camera?

      None of that requires anything above an 85 IQ.

      Oh, that, and a pretty face and a young nubile body willing to do whatever on camera and for the money.

      I have more respect for the prostitute on the corner than I do the Hollywood elite who virtue signal.

      So now they tweet, twitter, fb, etc while knowing nothing, doing nothing and not even doing their homework.

        • Their kids are TOO STUPID to get into leftist whacked out colleges.

          Only dumb feminists and affirmative action stars allowed.

        • Actually, it doesn’t.
          If you read and understood the article you posted, the 2 “dumb” actresses are part of 40 or so parents, including CEOs, Lawyers, Bankers, who paid to get their unqualified kids in college, not themselves.

          • Actually it does. I do understand the article goof. You are the one who seems to have the problem, maybe bad eyesight from too much jacking off little fella.

      • For becoming POTUS a <1.5 GPA seems to be sufficient as well. Ask the stable genius Donald Moscow

        • Why don’t you become a billionaire and run for president of the United States of America?

          Make sure you do so with an original campaign, that results in the establishment at all levels trying to destroy you, media, Hollywood, politicians etc – but come out on top.

          Then question someones intelligence.

          • You must be one of those fools who think the President is elected by the people. Sorry guys, but the president of the US is chosen by TBTB – financial oligarchs of bankers and corporate men who hide behind the scenes in their secret societies – and they give you their chosen candidates which you people only think you elect. Divide and conquer, never solve anything, while the elite rule for their own benefit, has been the strategy for centuries.

            Donald Trump the billionaire “on paper” handed a silver spoon who won’t release his tax records supposedly elected by the common people. LOL.

          • Hussein Obammy selected not elected. Hell even the stain Romney beat him, but oh that election fraud. Never mind how Bill BS Clinton was selected and Hillary was supposed to but USMI made sure the democrap rigged machines could not be flipped like they were in 2012.

        • Willard- I have some bad news for you unless the economy and employment rate crash Trump is serving second term.
          So pour yourself another whiskey highball.

          • Actually he will need baby formula since that is how these left wing juveniles act. When Trump gets re-elected in 2020 maybe some of these leftist will finally get to hell out of the country of better yet drink cyanide with their kool-aid.

        • bullshit. Stop lying you leftist demon. By the way bigmouth where are your little savior Hussein Obama’s college and high school records? Quit writing checks with your empty head that your dumb ass can’t cash.

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