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Shadow: The follies of NXIVM are [not] hilarious

Shadow State:

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people regarded Keith Raniere as a great spiritual teacher.

His followers flocked to the Silver Bay YMCA resort on Lake George to celebrate Vanguard Week, the pervert’s 10 day long birthday celebration.

The females lined up to have sex with the pervert risking venereal diseases and unintended pregnancies.
Clare Bronfman gave up a large part of her fortune to finance the pervert.

The Mexican elite in the Salinas family made a political alliance with the pervert and were willing to use him to impose a Fascist dictatorship in their country.  And the Saintly Allison Mack, with tears of joy in her eyes, was willing to pimp out females to help satisfy the insatiable lust of the pervert.

The follies of NXIVM are hilarious, unless you have been a victim.

The Great and Glorious Wizard of Clifton Park, Keith Raniere, taught his followers that if a woman or a girl experienced orgasm during a sexual encounter then it wasn’t rape? And his followers believed him.  And many of the pervert’s female followers enabled him to rape girls.

For my part, I wouldn’t give two bits for Raniere’s philosophy or his thoughts. He is not much of a business person.  NXIVM’s business activities were run by the Bronfmans or the Salzmans.

And the day-to-day sex slave operation was run by the likes of Pam Cafritz, Allison Mack or Lauren Salzman.

NXIVM/DOS worked like the proverbial frog in the pot of water. As time goes on, the temperature is slowly raised and before the frog knows it, the water is boiling.  By the time the frog figures it out, it is too late to jump out. And useful tools like Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman enabled Raniere to conceal the true nature of the misogynistic sex cult.

As for Raniere’s political thoughts, he is perhaps closer to Fascism than anything else.  Raniere telling his followers, particularly his Jewish followers, that they are reincarnated Nazis is a major clue.

And Raniere’s telling Alex Betancourt that he is the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini is another clue as to Raniere’s true political philosophy.

I note that Pea Onyu (who I suspect is Nicki Clyne) talked about the Illuminati in some of her comments.
Pea predicted that Raniere would be vindicated on April 20, which happens to be Hitler’s birthday.  Where did Pea Onyu get these notions?

From Raniere or his followers?

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  • Shadow, I never thought that Keith had celebrated or endorsed Hitler’s actions, or taught his followers to, either. So why would Pea (a staunch Keith supporter) celebrate Hitler’s birthday? I don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

    • Flowers:
      When it comes to Pea there is nothing logical.
      I remember Pea lamenting the fact that her Vanguard was locked up and there was no man to give her permission to pleasure herself.
      My response to Pea, “Since when does a woman need permission to pleasure herself?”

      • But Shadow, you’re the one who made the reference to Hitler’s birthday, not Pea. She simply referred to that particular date. You’re the one who believes there is a Hitler connection…..maybe Pea is actually referring to the event Snorlax mentioned. 🚬💨🚬

  • First clue that your leader is full of himself: He holds a week and a half long birthday party celebrating himself. Maybe Barbara can shed light on this. How did anyone think he was a humble leader? Did he make it look like it was thrown for him and not by him? To me it reeks of selfishness and narcissism.

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