MK10ART depicts defense lawyer Marc Agnifilo explaining DOS as people just having idyllic and free from guilt sex.

Bangkok: Defense lawyers just doing their jobs

A comment made in the article Feds Expose More Of Their Evidence – More Bad News For Raniere is as follows:

“Every time I think it can’t get any more horrifying, it does. It makes it all the more amazing that these defense lawyers are so flippant about it all, and acting like it’s a social gathering every time they are in court.”

This prompted a reply from Bangkok:

By Bangkok

You’re right.

The defense lawyers should be hanging their heads in shame and showing a somber demeanor when entering court, so as to telegraph how guilty their clients are.


NXIVM defense attorneys are just doing their job.

Guess what?

In order for their clients to be acquitted, the jury needs to believe that those Jane Doe witnesses were sluts and freaks.

Thus, there’s no benefit to having defense attorneys showing respect towards victims here — since it won’t help with an acquittal. The more respect they show towards the victims, the more guilty their clients will be perceived by jurors.

If the jury winds up ‘believing’ those Jane Doe victims, their clients are getting FUCKING FRIED. Simple as that.

This isn’t a case where tactful respect (towards the victims) will win. It’s a case where the victims need to be painted as lying sluts and hooligans, so they can at least hang the jury with 1 or 2 holdouts.

If you don’t understand what a defense attorney’s job is then try asking Mr. Claviger.

Seriously though, not everybody here has had the honor that you’ve had in meeting Nancy Salzman.

Not everybody here has had the HONOR of letting Nancy ‘corner them’ during an intensive (while cowering on all fours like a deer in the headlights) — while allowing Nancy to verbally rip them to shreds.

I can’t remember exactly who said that but I’m kinda sure it was you, if my memory serves. But I could be wrong. 🙂

I realize it was very traumatic to get ‘owned’ by Nancy while not fighting back against her or showing courage in the face of aggression, but that’s your own experience and not ours — so please don’t expect us all to feel as “horrified” as you do.

As for me, I’ve got my popcorn ready just like everybody else here, including Frank and Claviger.

IMO it’ll be more entertaining than OJ’s trial and Phil Spector’s trial all rolled into one, though unfortunately not televised.

If you take no delight in this trial and wish to make us all feel guilty for being entertained, so be it. I respect your point of view. Please respect ours too.

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