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There will be a lot to post today – but first – Sultan has left Frank Report

In the wake of the Superseding Indictment, and Nancy Salzman pleading guilty in court yesterday, Frank Report will have a lot of analysis, and some new discoveries today.

We will look at documents filed and present facts that have been unknown until the prosecution revealed them recently.

We will also look at at the defense’s apparent strategy and whether the trial will likely go forward as scheduled.

But first, something truly momentous has happened.

The man we all depend on at Frank Report to defend Kristin Kreuk – known to readers as the Sultan of Six – has left Frank Report and begun his own blog and Twitter account – dedicated to defending Kreuk, the taxpayer-funded Canadian actress who was a Nxivm coach, recruiter and poster girl for Nxivm normalcy.

Sultan seems to have been offended by a mathematician, using the moniker “Behold”, began to put in actual, quantifiable numbers the extent of Sultan’s devotion to Kreuk and how it likely manifested itself.

The two stories of “Behold’s” that seemed to have offended Sultan were:

Mathematician computes devotion Sultan has for Kristin Kreuk

Mathematician makes further, enlarged computations on Sultan’s devotion to Kristin Kreuk

Happily, you can visit Sultan and read his latest defenses of his fair lady, Kreuk.

Lastly, I want to try to clear the air on a matter: There are some who say Sultan has never even met, let alone kissed Kristin Kreuk.

I find it hard to believe that a grown man would spend so much of his life ardently defending a woman he never met – who might possibly not even know of his existence.

Yet some people assure me that Sultan has never spent one minute in the actual company of Kristin Kreuk.

But, who but a close friend of Kreuk, perhaps possibly one of her lovers, would care enough to write such heartfelt and lengthy defenses of her and rise to anger over the slightest criticism of the actress?

Sultan has been doing this for over a decade.

No, he must know Kristin Kreuk and know her well and she must know him. Otherwise Sultan’s actions would seem to be the product of some kind of delusional disorder.

At the moment, Sultan’s Twitter account is in its infancy. He has zero followers. But I think if we all give him some support, there will be others who will want to read what Sultan has to say in defense of his much maligned lady.

And please remember, Sultan, you are welcome back here anytime to defend your good friend or lover.

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A message to Sultan from Kristin Kreuk?  Now onward to business – reporting on Nxivm.



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  • I disagree with Parlato. Sultan Spank is delusional. He has never met kreuk. Far too many people are like him out there. He isn’t the only one on here. Look at the people here obsessed with Mack that have never met her.

    • I’d agree with that possibility. I’ve been an interested observer of groups and cults, and scams, for a long time, and I think the record shows that the extent to which people can be delusional or obsessive, shouldn’t be under-estimated.

      There are, for instance, plenty of examples of celebrity stalkers, who typically have never met the target of their obsession – a middle-aged guy even was arrested for stalking Mack not long ago. One example that’s relevant to at least certain aspects of this case, is the extent to which some of Manson’s followers – including a couple of men – remained loyal for decades afterwards, and a few apparently to this day, with the infamous would-be presidential assassin “Squeaky” Fromme probably the most obsessed.

  • The stalkin’ spanker definitely has a whole series of mental disorders to behave the way he does.

    He is most likely an incel and like all incels, he probably has depression and anxiety. He definitely has low self esteem. Possibly mommy/daddy issues. And very possibly, legitimately, somewhere on the autism spectrum.

    It’s impossible for him to be having sex, even with an ugly chick. To fill the void in his sexless, frustrated life, he is emotionally obsessed and infatuated with Kristin Kreuk.

    His twitter account genuinely reads like that of a broken psychopath. That’s not an insult, that is a genuine observation.

    He should seek professional psychological help from a qualified therapist to deal with his numerous toxic issues.

    3.70 pounds of jizz though….

    • Spermtalker needs help….to much sperm on the brain. Lol Now go cry in the corner little mean girl. We know you feel lonely…

  • Sultan is really going to be mad when Ms. Kreuk cancels her Megacon Orlando appearance. No way she makes a public appearance with the kiddy porn linked to Raniere now

  • Frank,
    This is a sad day for the Frankreport and its loyal fans. I will miss the brave and valiant Sultan of Six. He was inspiring.

    I would like to congratulate (sarcasm),
    Scott the “Mathematician” Johnson for writing his Devotion article. Scott you managed to even drive away Kristin Kreuk’s greatest fan.

    Sultan of Six at least cares about someone no matter how delusional it is.

    Scott you do not care about anyone because you are a Sociopath.

  • He’s making an even bigger fool of himself over on twitter and his blog clearly is proof of his delusions. Anyone coming across his twitter account will start laughing at all of our comments he is posting over there, instead of siding with him like he’s hoping. He’s taken the best, most hilarious posts on FR that are making fun of him and posting them on his twitter account for the rest of the world to join in laughing at him. It’s really sad. And funny. But mostly sad.

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