Is it true that Kristin Kreuk doesn't even know Sultan?

Sources: Sultan may not even know Kristin Kreuk

From Sultan’s Twitter feed.

Yesterday, Frank Report announced the sad news that Sultan of Six has left Frank Report and started his own blog called “In Defense of Kristin Kreuk.”

He also opened a Twitter account to defend the lady of his dreams.

Yesterday, we speculated that Sultan, whose true identity is unknown, must be a lover or close friend of the Canadian actress – for who else would spend such an inordinate amount of time defending someone who doesn’t even know of his existence?

If he didn’t know her – if they weren’t having a close personal relationship, then Sultan might be suffering from some kind of delusional disorder, I suggested in the post.

But this speculation of mine – that Sultan is a lover or close confidante of Kristin’s may have been off the mark.

According to several sources in the know, Sultan of Six has never met Kristin Kreuk; never spoke one word to her.  She does not even know who he is or anything about his lonely existence – except that to her, he is a nuisance.

One source said, “Kristin wishes that this guy, [Sultan] whoever he is, would please stop writing about her since it only fans the flame of her detractors and keeps her old, past membership in Nxivm front and center in Frank Report. Do you know him? Is there anything you can say to him that could get him to stop writing about her? I think he once wrote her father. That was a while ago. And he might have tried to pose as a teenage girl to initiate contact with her when Kendra was running GBD. Does he need professional help?”

If this is true, that Sultan does not know Kristin, this strikes us at Frank Report as truly sad.  What’s wrong with Sultan? Is there an actual diagnosis – the first step in getting well?

A psychiatrist told Frank Report, “It appears to be an acute epileptoid manifestation and a pan phobic melancholiac with indication of a neurasthenia cordus.”

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  • “keeps her old, past membership in Nxivm front and center in Frank Report.”

    I think they mean that Sultan’s mental illness gives Frank a convenient excuse to keep Kruek front and center on his Frank Report, especially since he is the one deciding which comments even get seen and which comments to publish as “articles.”

    • I agree. Frank did a fantastic job, at huge risk, to expose this cult. But banging on about KK is pure clickbait and pretty much the same level of obsession as Sultan Of Six.

  • I think the attacks against Kristin Kruek are awful, and should stop. I don’t believe Kristin was a part of DOS, that she knew about the inner workings, or participated in wrongdoing. Supposedly she left in 2012 and decided to move on with her life. She further decided to not go public announcing her involvement with NXIVM and speak out publicly about it. Well, I don’t think she needs to do. I hope she is doing well and wish her all the best.

    Kind regards,

    • With respect, Kreuk was a coach and recruiter who brought Allison Mack into this horrible organization along with countless other people and one would think that a person with integrity and a moral compass would feel guilt over their actions and want to make amends. The fact that Kreuk pretends that she was barely involved with NXIVM is deeply troubling and makes me question how sorry she is about all of the people hurt and victimized by Raniere and his ilk.

      • The investigators into the NXIVM cult appear to have not even questioned KK let alone charge her with anything. Since they have a lot more evidence and information than we do would that not suggest they do not consider her guilty of anything or even to have any knowledge of any activities?

        If they thought she knew about any illegal activities, they’d almost certainly question her and want her to appear as a witness or, if unwilling, charge her and persuade her to testify in return for a deal.

        So what is your explanation for why the investigators appear to be uninterested in KK? They put a Bronfman in handcuffs and an equally well-known actress under house arrest wearing an ankle bracelet, so you can’t argue they are afraid of going after KK.

        Is the only reasonable conclusion that KK did not know of any illegal activities? Something people like Sarah Edmondson have confirmed.

        As for recruiting people, firstly KK herself was recruited by her then-boyfriend, so if those recruited are victims then that makes her a victim too. Secondly what recruiting did KK actually do? She, her name and image, were certainly used by Raniere to recruit, but what “countless” recruits did she personally bring in? Mack is one. Who are the others?

        And being a coach, with at least one report, I have read of a guy who did one beginners course where KK was his coach, suggests she was actually fairly low down in terms of involvement. How many senior NXIVM people routinely did beginner coaching courses?

  • So defending someone online can only be because you’re an obsessed creepy loner? But accusing that person of wrongdoing, again and again, year after year, with not a shred of proof and were the actual authorities investigating the cult apparently don’t even consider it worth interviewing her let alone charging her, that’s perfectly reasonable and sane?
    Some real bizarre logic there.

  • Alberto V-05

    March 14, 2019 at 11:41 am

    I disagree with Parlato. Sultan Spank is delusional. He has never met kreuk. Far too many people are like him out there. He isn’t the only one on here. Look at the people here obsessed with Mack that have never met her.

  • Frank,

    There happens to be a large number of Kristin Kreuk super fans in the world.

    Who the hell do you think is buying all the Kristin Kreuk collective mugs? Sultan?

    There happens to be at least 40 different mugs and even more merchandise featuring Kreuk’s image. She even has a deck of playing cards with her image on them. Sultan is by no means her only super fan.

    Literally, I find it fucking crazy and believe all these people, on both sides of the debate regarding Kristin Kreuk’s culpability, need a life; but who am I to judge?

    Sultan of Six is relatively harmless. He has been a superfan for over a decade. If he was truly a threat to Kristin Kreuk he would have had legal issues by now.

  • Frank, your posts about poor “Sultan” are obviously intended to enrage him further to get a reaction from him, which will then lead to more posts by him, which then leads to more posts by you so that you can post the posts about you…..and so on and so on and….
    It’s a never ending loop of craziness.

    • Frankly, Sultan is not the only one who sees the injustice of these art voice article attacks on Kristin. When you see constant anti Kristin articles that resemble haters from old Smallville sites who could not stand Kristin’s lead female status on the show, Kristin fans will speak out. Mean girl Kristin haters must be called out. Bullies should be stood up to and exposed.

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