MK10ART portrait of Keith Raniere in prison.

Raniere’s Life At MDC – inmates abusing Raniere – leave dirty toilet paper in his cell

Keith Raniere is a pretty weird guy…

Lots of weird ideas, lots of weird habits, lots of weird preferences, etc., etc., etc.

So, it should come as no shock that his life at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is pretty weird too.

Unlike most prisoners who eventually find a group of inmates to hang out with, have meals with, play cards with or whatever, The Vanguard is still a loner at MDC.

Of course, he got off on the wrong foot by trying to impress the other inmates by telling them about his superior intellect – and his amazing accomplishments as an athlete and a businessman.

But as he quickly found out, inmates are not easily impressed by braggarts – especially ones who claim to be superior to everyone else. Prison is pretty much a “bottom line” place – and if you can’t back up what you say, then you’re much better off not saying it.

More recently, he’s been trying to fit in by talking about some of the women that were part of his harem – and all the stupid things he got them to do for him (Allison, Lauren, and Clare must have been particularly bothered by ringing ears for the past couple of weeks).

And speaking of ears, Keith himself has been having some severe ear infections of late. That’s not particularly surprising in a prison that’s well known for its high levels of bacterial infections and viral infections.

But Keith’s ear infections have reportedly been serious enough that they caused him to experience some severe vertigo. Or at least that’s what he’s been claiming (He loves to go to the MDC Medical Unit – and is now considered by many of the staff there to be a full-blown hypochondriac and whiner).


Meanwhile, he’s still being housed in the SHU – which means that he’s only allowed out of his cell for 1-hour per day.

But because he’s so afraid of some of the other inmates that are let out at the same time as him, he usually scampers back to his cell within 90 seconds.

Kind of ironic for a guy who kept a young woman isolated in a room for more than 18 months because she wouldn’t agree to be part of his harem – and pledge to never sleep with another man.


Word has already spread among his fellow prisoners that Keith is now facing child pornography and sexual exploitation charges.

And because of the new charges, the prison administration is already preparing to move him into a higher-level Sexual Offenders Unit once he finally gets out of the SHU.

So, no more general population time for Keith while he’s incarcerated at MDC – which is actually very good news for him.

Given the charges he’s facing, his personality, and his inability to defend himself, he’s always going to be a target in general population.

No one in general population wants to be the last rung on the prison ladder – and having Keith around pretty much guarantees that the worst anyone else can be is #2.


At the same time that he’s experiencing so much isolation and fear, Keith is still telling any guards or inmates who will listen that he’s going to win at trial – and that when he does, he’s going to bring major lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Justice and the individual prosecutors who are handling his case.

Somehow, I don’t think Moira Kim Penza and the rest of the prosecution team are losing any sleep over that threat.

But it may explain why Keith seemed somewhat upbeat when he strode into court for yesterday’s Status Conference.

Of course, after hearing that the prosecution was in active plea deal negotiations with three of his co-defendants, Keith looked a little less ebullient as he was led out of the courtroom and back to MDC.


Meanwhile, The Vanguard continues to suffer more indignities than most inmates ever experience no matter how long they’re in prison.

Among the latest problems he’s encountered are the following:
• After finally getting a pair of prison shoes that could accommodate his almost square feet, he recently found them stuffed with peanut butter. Now, he basically keeps them on his feet 24/7.

• Having decided to spend his spare time writing a book, he’s returned to his cell on several occasions to find the pages all messed up or actually missing (No word yet on what the topic of the novel is but we’re working on it).

• Because he apparently has almost no sense of smell, inmates have begun leaving wads of shit-covered toilet paper in his cell. On more than one occasion, Keith has inadvertently picked up one of the wads and found himself with shit all over his hand.


All in all, Keith is not having a lot of fun in prison.

Which is really a shame because the way things are looking right now, he may very well spend the rest of life in one.

Viva Executive Success!

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