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Roger Stone’s legal fund hits $100,000 target — and another crowdfunding page planned as Mueller trial approaches

The online crowdfunding legal defense fund for Roger Stone, 66, met its $100,000 target on March 15. It was begun on Dec. 3, on the fundraising website GoFundMe.

While $100,000 may sound like a lot, it is fraction of what Stone will need to pay for his trial and a fraction of what he has already spent defending himself from bogus charges piled on him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

His friend, Michael Caputo, who set up the crowdfunding page, estimates Stone will need more than $2 million to be able to fight the false charges.

Stone’s trial is set for Nov. 5, before federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson, a staunch Democrat and well-known anti-Trump member of the judiciary.

A gag order prevents Stone from publicly discussing his criminal case, but he is permitted to raise money through crowdfunding for his defense.

Stone’s “Guts Fund” goal was to raise $100,000 toward Stone’s legal bills. It took four months to accomplish the task.

Caputo, who was also targeted by Mueller, but not charged, and who had success in crowdfunding his own legal defense, said he plans to launch another crowdfunding page for Stone when it gets closer to trial.

Jackson’s unconstitutional gag order has severely hurt Stone financially since his work is to write and discussing politics publicly in articles, books and interviews. He had a daily, extremely popular online show on InfoWars which was canceled due to his legal troubles.

Stone was arrested in a predawn raid at his Florida home by a herd of armed FBI agents in late January, much as “if he was a kingpin of a drug cartel.”

It was peculiar that CNN news cameras happened to be on the scene for the Orwellian arrest could be televised to the American public.

The Myth of Russian Collusion: The Inside Story of How Donald Trump REALLY Won

Stone’s most recent book “The Myth of Russian Collusion” is now on sale.

The GoFundMe page deposited money directly into the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund, administered by Tampa, Florida, accounting firm Robert Watkins & Co.

Stone was praised by Trump for vowing never to falsely “testify against” the president to weasel out of the false charges.

“Nice to know that some people still have ‘guts!’” Trump tweeted on Dec. 3.


For a brief time, Stone was a consultant for Nxivm, but quit after he said he realized the group had unrealistic goals. He repeatedly called this writer, when he was still in the employ of Keith Raniere, to tell him that Raniere was a fraud and possibly a conman.


For more info https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/21/trump-ally-roger-stones-crowdfunding-page-hits-100000-target.html


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