Guest View: Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth claimed to have made 2007 documentary on Iraqi Combat vets – was it a Nxivm project?

[Editor’s Note: Despite the risk of Sultan of Six going wild, this post, by a guest commenter, deserves to be published. It sheds light on the activities of Kristin Kreuk when she was a member of the Nxivm cult. For Sultan’s response and other ardent defenses of Kreuk, see his blog and Twitter where he valiantly fights for the honor of his amour and against the vicious “trolls” such as the one below who dare chastise her on Frank Report.]

By Cults ‘n’ Cucks (and d-list smell-the-fart actresses)

What the fuck is this:?

D-list smell-the-fart actress Kristin Crook and Mark “Cuck” Hildreth calling themselves the “producers” of a “documentary” called “Getting Back To America” in 2007.

Is this NXIVM related or are they both just pretentious cunts?

Also, both are Canadian so why make it about America? Canadian soldiers went to Iraq and Afghanistan too. Is this because NXIVM HQ’s is based in the US?

The cuck said they had an “awareness working closely with combat veterans”.

Where would two useless creatures like Kristin Crook and Mark Hildreth be “working closely with combat veterans”!?

Men who fight in wars and get killed and injured are cut from another cloth than these two crazy cultists. Where would they meet combat veterans? Is this a NXIVM agenda? They were talking the usual word salad of “values” and wanting a “greater understanding of the world”.

Also, seeing them side by side, they must of been having the most boring vanilla sex. He’s a loser soy-boy and she looks like a nervous pillow princess. Then again, Jane the DOS slave said Kristin Crook was into BDSM and was a sub.

Girls By Design anyone?

Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth – both deep into Nxivm in 2007 – discuss a documentary they made or were planning on making about combat veterans in Iraq. Other than having access to the world’s smartest man, it is unclear what knowledge they had about combat veterans. As one commenter on YouTube said, “I hate when people try to get publicity and money off of ‘war-related’ documentaries. Nobody except the people involved will ever understand the repercussions of war. And if they really want to know what it’s like to be a soldier, then, by all means, enlist! Don’t just sit back in your cozy chair and talk about how awful war is.”

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  • Well there goes to propaganda machine again this guy has no idea what he’s talking about when people have to put swear words in their columns and call people the C words you know he’s not a reliable columnist and everybody’s back on Kristin again it was nice and quiet that this guy came along and opened up his big mouth started calling everybody’s name so people would read his column you are scum you have no idea what you’re talking about until you do please don’t write anymore

      • Blah..blah..blah anti Kristin fake news…mean girls can’t stand real court case will start next month…you may start your regular four letter word self destrucution rant if you

        • Four letter word: PAKI.

          SultanOfSick, if you are going to pretend to be someone else, at least change the way you write. 🤭😁😂

          • Lol You are wrong again….as usual. Now go wash that whambulance.

        • Sultan of spank is so lonely, he creates online aliases to talk to himself. He is so lonely he went to Albany to rescue Kristin kook from nxivm!!! What a sad emasculated mean girl in his halal whambulance!!!

    • Kristin Kreuk obeyed Keith Raniere, how Pea?

      And elaborate why the cuck Mark Hildreth is a traitor.

      Is it that Kreuk never left NXIVM but Hildreth allegedly did because Raniere wanted his girlfriend?

  • I saw their sex tape, assuming that was Mark. Kristin was pumping a man and moaning while saying ” i’m soo sexy “. It was a good sex tape. To the rest good luck looking for it. 100% it was KK.

    • I saw India Oxenberg’s sex tape, assuming that was Allison. India was fingering Allison while saying, “Your sooooooo sexxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy.” It was a gooood sex tape. To the rest good luck looking for it. 10000% it was India and Allison.

    • Did you see the sex tape with Sarah Edmondson’s bridesmaids? Lauren and Grace Park and a bunch of others taking off their black gowns and going at it. You all should try and watch it before it gets pulled. Allison Mack wasn’t one of the bridesmaid but she was there too.

  • Mark Cockbreath was going around Walter Reed playing guitar for Vets of the Iraqi War in 2007. And Kristin Kook decided it would be okay to EXPLOIT the vets and make this her doc film project.

    Kris Kook is definitely one of the stupidest people you will ever meet. Didn’t graduate High school, no college. But promotes herself as a ‘Successful Business woman’. Sound familiar?

    Kook’s breakout role was in Street Fighter. One of the worst movies ever made. This is the film Jean Claude Van Dame TURNED DOWN because the script was so bad. Turned down.

    The film is a comedy, bc it is so bad, you will split your sides laughing at how bad the acting is. It gives THE ROOM a run for its money.

    So if life is tough, you are having a bad day, stream Street Fighter on Netflix and I guarantee you will feel better. Bc you will think, Thank God, I’m not as stupid as these actors.

    Oh and BTW, Kook turned down GET SMART bc Keith told her the role was not in-line with the morals of NXIVM. And Keith steered Kook towards Street Fighter instead.

  • Will attacking Kristen Kreuk for a 12 year old video help Allison Mack after Mack either pleads guilty or is found guilty of racketeering?

    Kreuk is guilty of virtue signaling.
    Mack is guilty of racketeering.
    Which is worse?

    • This was one year after Kreuk joined and she was potentially using her fame to promote a NXIVM agenda. If Allison Mack did not do DOS, she would still be an unethical person, like Kreuk and Hildreth. It’s what they knew about and ignored. DOS did not need to happen.

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