Long time Nxivm bookkeeper Kathy Russell went from witness to defendant - fast. Now she us rumored to be considering a plea deal. It will almost certainly include prison time - despite her having the least charges of any of the defendants.

Kathy Russell in Georgia visiting her sister – may be readying for plea deal

By the terms of her release conditions, Kathy Russell cannot travel outside the Northern District of NY other than to appear in the Eastern District for court hearings without permission of the court.

She requested and received a temporary modification of her bail conditions to allow her to travel to Georgia to visit her sister from Friday, March 22, 2019 to Saturday, March 30, 2019.

According to the court-approved document, Kathy flew into and plans to fly out of Atlanta and is staying in Watkinsville, Georgia, just outside of Athens, Georgia.

There, it is hoped, that she and her sister will discuss how wise it would be to take a plea deal – renounce the monster – and not risk standing trial with the evil one.

This comes as we wait anxiously for Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman to accept a plea deal, something which might come anytime this week.

It is well known in law enforcement that the first ones to make a plea deal get the best deals.  Nancy Salzman was the first on the plea deal bus. She might not even serve a day in prison – and with a downward departure – might get sentenced to home confinement for as little as two years.

Who will be next? Will daughter Lauren follow her mother quickly and get off the Raniere train wreck? Will Mack wake up and take a deal. She could have had one right from the onset, as far back as last April – when AUSA Moira Penza said Mack’s attorneys were in discussions about a plea.

Somehow, she missed the opportunity.

Whoever is next to make a deal will get the next best deal most likely.

Wouldn’t it be ironic, if Lauren and Allison make their deals this week, while Kathy is in Georgia and wind up with better deals then she?



Watkinsville is the largest city and seat of Oconee County, Georgia, United States. As of the 2010 census, the town had a total population of 2,832.





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  • Doubt there’s a connection, but it is noteworthy that Clare & Sara’s half brother Matthew resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

    • Nope,
      Kathy sister has been working to get her out for years. Now she finally has a chance to talk some sence into her sister and wouldn’t risk lying to the courts to protect her sister. Kathy has ankle jewelry.

      Clare’s half family has written her and Sara off for the most part. They had nothing to do with the cult and after Clare planted a keylogger in their dads computer and try to get a confusion on his death bed, Clare pretty dead to them.

      You noticed none of them stepped forward to help with her bail or show up for her hearings.

      • Yeah, I noted the mother’s actor husband, not Clare and Sara’s mother, showed up.
        Was it with bail money? So many twists and turns in this plot I am not exactly sure anymore.
        All these two sisters have is money and Keith helped himself to a good chunk of that.
        Not family, not true friends. In fact, Sara has made no appearance at her sister’s side. One would think she would for moral support.
        The dominoes fall as each pleads out.
        Kind of sad, really, when one sits and thinks of it.
        Wherever these folks go they will wonder if the lowered voices are about them.

  • Being with family is one of the things that helps to remind people who have gotten sucked into a group of their previous life, and what their hopes and aspirations really were compared to what they’ve gotten themselves in to. Those sorts of reminders of individual goals and aspirations, rather than the ones that the group has deviously substituted, are one of the things that can help shake people free – I suspect some of that may be at work with Mack, who has been back living with her family.

    Typically, cults or high control groups are sort of hamster wheels of make-work activity that keeps members so busy working towards a supposed greater goal, that they can’t step back and see that they’re not actually achieving anything substantive. Thus, in this example, are all these people in a nominal “success program” who are virtually impoverished, failing to do what they actually intended to achieve in their lives, and not really having some transformative impact on the world either.

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