MK10ART – maybe her best work ever – with apologies to Coppertone

Better than Van Gogh?

A brilliant and wonderfully satirical painting by MK10ART, featuring Allison Mack, fondling the breasts of an 8-year-old girl while that old dog, Keith Raniere, works to get her pants down, while a snake like [knows nothing] Kristin Kreuk looks on, and Nicki Clyne gets over her fear of heights and perhaps pedophilia.

From MK10ART’s Instagram:

Allison Mack and Keith Raniere were a perverse duo. Both have been accused of molesting girls and young women.  Mack’s wife, Nicki Clyne, and fellow actor Kristin Kreuk, both former NXIVM members, claim they knew nothing about Mack’s or Raniere’s sexual assaults.

Raniere has been formerly charged with sexual exploitation of children and possession of child pornography.  When Raniere found out that he was going to be arrested – he went on the lam with Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne in a luxurious villa near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This came from a neighbor: Allison Mack befriended an 8-year-old girl in Knox Woods where she lived near her cult leader Keith Raniere. The girl was a budding gymnast and Mack spent time with her encouraging her … he personally saw Allison fondle the girl on or about her chest.

I [Frank Parlato] asked him if it might be innocent – just a playful push or an accidental slip of her hands amid hugs, after the girl would show off her skill as a gymnast.

He said no. He believed it was “inappropriate to touch the girl and rub her chest that way. ” 

Allison Mack also molested the DOS slaves while they were being branded with a hot cauterizing pen: “[NXIVM] members were branded with a cauterizing pen with a logo [by Dr. Danielle Roberts] including Raniere’s [and Allison Mack’s] initials.

During the branding ceremony, prosecutors say Mack placed her hands on the slaves’ chest as they cried, telling them to “feel the pain” and “think of (their) master.” (See Aug 23, 2018 post.)

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Better than the original.


Check out MK10ART’s Instagram account for more exquisite paintings and sketches.

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  • frank, I know that MK10ART’s is an artist and she is only expressing her thoughts and I’m sure that of many others but you who handle a lot of information about the defendants, you could confirm if there is a formal accusation or at least a true story that indicates that allison participated in An abusive behavior against a minor is really something that has solid foundations.

    • There is no formal accusation against Allison of child molesting that I know of. A neighbor of hers told me he saw her inappropriately fondle an eight year old girl. I could not confirm it.

  • Keith Raniere: Pedophile, Rapist, Criminal, Psychopath.

    Allison Mack: Pedophile, Criminal, Psychopath.

    Kristin Kreuk: Pedophile Supporter, Coward, Hypocrite and Lying Snake.

    Nicki Clyne: Absolutely Retarded.

    • Frank,

      Do you believe that Nicki Clyne is secretly hated by Mack, Raniere, and Lauren Salzman for Nicki’s role in Raniere getting arrested in Mexico?

      I can not imagine the defendants not being upset with her.

          • Niceguy

            If Nicki is cooperating it is to obtain a residency visa to avoid deportation.
            The bank robber John Dillinger was betrayed by an illegal alien pimp and brothel owner known as Anna Sage.

            Ana Cumpănaș or Anna Sage, nicknamed Woman in Red (1889 – April 25, 1947), was an Austro-Hungarian-born Romanian prostitute and brothel owner in the American cities of Chicago and Gary. She is best known for assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation in tracking down gangster John Dillinger.
            Famous as the “Woman in Red

            Is Nicki Clyne the woman. in jogging shoes?

      • Perhaps Nicki has been cooperating with the Feds since she posted those Puerto Vallarta pictures on Instagram.
        Every picture posted to Instagram has a Geo-locator ID number that marks where it was taken.
        Nicki might as well have rented out a billboard in Puerto Vallarta saying “Keith Raniere is here” in large print.

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