Nancy Salzman took the first plea deal and got the best deal. Lauren came a few weeks later. Her deal was not as good.

Guest View: Have Nancy and Lauren taken the Fall?

Guest View by: If Lauren hasn’t taken the FALL

Lauren Salzman had graduated college and spent the summer traveling Europe. She was well beyond the age of consent – before she started to work for her mom’s new business.

Lauren could have made other choices for her life but she didn’t.

Her mother traveled a lot while Lauren was growing up and Lauren stayed with her father, Michael Salzman, M.D, in Albany. She could have easily gotten a job with him when she returned home from her post-college adventures.

Lauren was an adult when she got involved in NXIVM. Lauren is and has always been lazy. She followed in her mother’s footsteps because it allowed her to earn big money and power with little effort. More than if she had gotten a “real job in the real world”.

Lauren abused a lot of people with the power she was given by Nancy and Keith.

AnonyMake, you must be an outsider and never experience Lauren’s torturing mind games. Had you, you would not be calling her a victim. She was a top lieutenant in the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

Lauren is getting off easy with the prison sentence and the time she will spend in prison. If she has the guts to explore the damage she has done to others, it will take her years to heal the real damage she caused to those she abused.

If she hasn’t taken the Fall and completely lost her conscience, she will have time to reflect on what she has done.

Nancy Salzman could only see the damage to her parents and her daughter. She has two daughters. What happened to Michelle? Nancy only hoped she had done some good beyond that.

Nancy Salzman either can’t or won’t see beyond her family, the damage she has done to those who trusted her.

Has she taken the Fall?

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  • Thanks for the insider perspective, and details.

    I wrote what I did, because I’d seen it said that Lauren’s mother turned her over to Raniere almost as soon as she reached the age of consent. Is that not the case, even if she didn’t start working with him until years later?

    An old piece has this curious account:

    The Lauren Salzman Story, Part 1
    August 3, 2017
    “Nancy’s daughter, Lauren graduated from college. She came home to see her mother. Lauren was 19. She saw Keith. Keith saw her.”

    Did she just do a 2 year program like her mother, perhaps starting as a 17 year old, or was she some sort of child prodigy? I would also assume that Lauren would have been subjected to hypnotic and NLP techniques by her mother while growing up.

    Regardless, I thought that I made it clear, that I wasn’t excusing anything anyone did as an adult. If someone had really grown up in that sort of environment, I think that we would have some understanding of what they had themselves been subject to, and why they might not have known any better to begin with, however.

    I also found this old piece showing how it’s possible to view the situation from different perspectives:

    Salzman friend: Nancy and Lauren Salzman are two of the ‘biggest victims’ and ‘enablers’ of Keith Raniere
    November 5, 2018 By Nutjob
    “Many of you don’t understand just how tricky, devious, calculated, and dangerous Keith was/is. Nancy and Lauren are two of the biggest victims. They then turned into two of the biggest enablers of Keith.”

    Speaking of those deserving of sympathy, I realize that the Salzman girls’ father is probably one of those who has been through hell as a result of what has gone on, and has had to watch Lauren get sucked into it, largely waste the best years of her life and lose the opportunity to have a family of her own, and now become an infamous convicted criminal who some of her family won’t live long enough to see emerge from behind bars. And his other daughter and son-in-law are still at some risk of getting charged in new cases, as well.

  • The Good Book has a lot to say about parenting. Perhaps Nancy Salzman didn’t know about good parenting. Maybe she did what was right in her own eyes. Some of us were raised in horrible homes. Others were coddled. Either way can turn out children who are self-centered and only out to get what benefits them. It is such a sad tale of woe for the abusers and the abused. Cults ALWAYS turn out this way!

  • While Nancy plead guilty to stealing the computer passwords of Rick Ross, has she ever publicly apologized to Rick Ross for that crime?
    Will she ever publicly apologize to Rick Ross for that crime?
    Don’t bet on it.

    Will the Queen Demon Nancy ever apologize to all the victims of her vexatious frivolous litigation over the years?
    Litigation that bankrupted people?
    Don’t bet on it.

    Will the Queen Demon Nancy ever apologize to the young Mexican woman she helped to illegally confine for 18 months?
    Don’t bet on it.

    Will the Princess Demon Lauren apologize to that young Mexican woman?
    Don’t bet on it.

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