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Society of Protectors is alive and well – and so is Nxivm

For those who think Nxivm is deader than a door nail, think again. Only six members of Nxivm were indicted and many of the most guilty will – unless there are additional indictments – perhaps in the Northern District – go scot-free. In an upcoming post, I will try to provide a list of those […]

For those who think Nxivm is deader than a door nail, think again.

Only six members of Nxivm were indicted and many of the most guilty will – unless there are additional indictments – perhaps in the Northern District – go scot-free.

In an upcoming post, I will try to provide a list of those still holding Nxivm together.

The Society of Protectors is a subgroup within Nxivm, made up of Nxivm males (it is not right to call them men) who follow the wisdom and the teachings of the Vanguard – on how men should behave with women.

Some have mocked this group – but it was a lucrative business venture (Raniere kept the company in Pam Cafritz’s name) and at one time had 100s of members each paying monthly fees and taking expensive SOP weekend retreats periodically.

It raked in so much money that somehow they could not even keep track of how much and therefore could never quite report it to any governmental agency such as the IRS.

Some of the principle teachings of SOP was that men are naturally polygamous and women naturally monogamous – and that women should accept this wondrous gender difference and celebrate it – that a man should have multiple sex partners – that it is natural and biologically right.

While the woman must- it is imperative – be faithful to only her man.

Another teaching is that women are spoiled; pampered princesses and that men take all the hard blows in the world while women skate by claiming to be victims when they have all the advantages.

Yet another teaching – promulgated by the Vanguard himself – he practiced what he preached – is that if a man ejaculates on a women – he has marked her as his own [much like a dog spraying.]

The woman so marked then belongs to the man gracious enough to provide his ejaculate upon her.

Jim Del Negro, (in light blue shorts and black muscle shirt] the august head of the High Council of SOP, with SOP men and Jness women at Vanguard Week.

(I have, thanks to a former SOP student, a secret recording of Keith Raniere giving the entire secret SOP curriculum – it is something like 8 hours of the Vanguard teachings for men. I once tried to post it on Youtube.com but Keith filed a copyright infringement claim and Youtube deleted my recording. Happily I have ample backup copies. In fact, through an attorney, I provided a copy to law enforcement for their delectation and edification.)

Yes, it was quite an attractive philosophy for followers of Raniere, for it seemed to give them permission to be mini-Vanguards and their women were deemed most selfish indeed if they:

A. Objected to their man’s philandering.

B. Philandered themselves.

In any event, some will be intrigued to know that SOP survives, in some fashion. A source sent me this – at least part of the most recent newsletter of the Society of Protectors. In fact it is dated today:


I deeply regret that I cannot provide readers with more information on where the meetings are held or even how to join SOP. The president of the High Council of SOP was/is James J. Del Negro. His private cell phone number is 518-588-7792. You can also try him at 518-588-7792.

If he doesn’t pick up, try emailing him at jimdel@nxivm.com.

Jim is not only on the High Council of SOP, but he has the illustrious rank, along the Stripe Path, of Orange, 2 stripes. Please show him proper deference when speaking to him. He was formerly coached by Lauren R. Salzman, who just pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, and as part of her plea she had to admit Nxivm was a criminal operation.

I don’t know how that makes Jimmy feel. But Jim was always a true Society of Protectors guy. His own longtime girlfriend used to be Raniere’s girl [one of them] and no doubt Raniere marked her as his own numerous times. But Jimmy was content to be a beta male and worship his Vanguard.


The symbol of SOP. Some people call the Society of Protectors “the Society of Cuckolds” since so many of the men in the group had their wives and girlfriends marked by the Vanguard.



Lauren Salzman got out second best so far – in pleading guilty and cooperating with the Feds to bury Vanguard, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack and Kathy Russell. If needed she would bury Jimmy Del Negro too. Viva Executive Success!

BTW Lauren Salzman’s pleaded guilty on March 25, 2019 and at the request of counsel for Lauren Salzman, the Court sealed the transcript of the defendant’s plea hearing.

Now the government and Lauren’s attorneys jointly moved the Court to unseal the redacted copy of the defendant’s change of plea hearing with limited redactions.  When it becomes available Jimmy [and we] can see just how far Lauren repudiated their master, his criminal enterprise and his teachings.





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  • Rumor has it that to become a member of SOP, the men have to supply colateral…a pic of themselves cumming on their own face.

  • I’m looking forward to a follow-up story when it isn’t April Fool’s Day. What happens when Salinas and Betancourt jizz on/in each other? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • It only takes a small group of like minded people to keep the embers of NXIVM alive in Albany and Mexico.

    This is a group of like minded people. Regardless that their Vanguard will likely never see the outside of prison, they will carry on.

    • I fear NXIVM might e far more resilient than one would think.
      Some people might come to view Raniere and his followers as martyrs to some kind of cause.
      And the Salinas family has enough money to some day revive the cult under new management.

  • Finally, something on SOP. But I wonder, is this just an auto-generated email that no one turned off?

  • Frank,

    Maybe Vanguard left enough of his magical sublime baby batter behind on Ben’s and Jim’s women that both men became enchanted.

    Is it possible that Ben and Jim witnessed the same blue light that so many harem members witnessed? Ben lay with 2 harem members; Does that not mean Ben is twice as holy as Jim? I believe its worthy of consideration.

  • There are other video platforms besides youtube. Some people whose work has been censored/removed by youtube are now posting over at gab.com. You may wish to investigate this further as a possible platorm for material.

    • Somebody,

      I hate to correct you but a few of the men, besides being pieces of shit, are also qualify as cuckolds. I believe Jim and Ben sadly qualify as Keith’s cuckolds if the rumors are true.

  • Is Jim delNegro one of the “and others” referred to in the charges stemming from the case?

    • NCGirl,

      I do not know if you are a newer visitor of the Frankreport, but I suggest you do a search of the Frankreport archives on Jim delNegro. Jim is allegedly guilty of certain “forcible” and or “consent” “acts” with another man’s filipino wife according to the wife’s husband.

  • Great so Nexium is like fucking Al Qaeda and ISIS?

    WTF is wrong with these people?

    • Then again NXIVM’s guru/messiah spiritual leader is a Pedophile like the later two groups ancient founder.

  • How Jim Del Negro was RAPED by a five foot tall Asian woman who jumped on him in bed.

    “When Will told me about how Jim had seduced his wife, I asked Jim about it. At first he denied it. Then when I said it would be no good to lie about it, he finally admitted it – saying that Will’s wife seduced him. He was lying in bed and she came and jumped upon him and virtually raped him. ”

    “Well what about the other times?” I asked him. He said, “she attacked me in the bathroom and tore off my clothing. What could I do?”

    “Jim is about 6’3” and 225 pounds and at the time quite athletic. Jean was at best 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds. I found it hard to believe and I told Jim so. After that, we never spoke again. I heard he later led the Society of Protectors – a men’s group for Keith Raniere.”


    By the way Jim Del Negro was Allison Mack’s coach at NXIVM.

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