Danielle Roberts, in Plainview NY, trying to practice medicine, hounded by her branding women

The ‘Mad Doctor,’ Danielle Roberts, D.O., appears to be practicing family medicine in Plainview, NY.  Plainview is in Nassau County, near Oyster Bay. She is apparently affiliated with Plainview Hospital. Her office address is listed as: 888 Old Country Rd Plainview, NY 11803 (516) 719-2546 This is the same address as Plainview Hospital, whose board of directors may […]

The ‘Mad Doctor,’ Danielle Roberts, D.O., appears to be practicing family medicine in Plainview, NY.  Plainview is in Nassau County, near Oyster Bay. She is apparently affiliated with Plainview Hospital. Her office address is listed as:

888 Old Country Rd
Plainview, NY 11803

This is the same address as Plainview Hospital, whose board of directors may or may not know she is the notorious Nxivm branding doctor.  Dr. Roberts has 11 years of experience in medicine, and four years of experience in branding women.

The New York State medical licensing board has found nothing wrong with her branding women, and there are evidently no criminal charges against her for her role in DOS.  Yet, when one Googles “Dr. Danielle Roberts,” there are more than a few stories about her and Nxivm on the first page of results. She has become well known for her branding work in DOS.
For those who don’t know – and perhaps are considering her as their family physician – Dr. Roberts was the healer who scarred women – as many as 150 of them  – with her master’s initials.  She did this between 2015 and 2017 – and maybe later. (Maybe she still brands women.)
They were mostly young women. She branded them two inches from their vaginas – in the most sensitive and painful place – the pubis.  As the years roll on and the flesh withers and the person changes from a young woman to matronly to elderly, the scar goes with her.  Every day, or nearly every day, the 150 will look down, and not with pride, and see the mark, the scarring of Keith Raniere. And maybe ask, “How could I have been so stupid, so manipulated and abused?”
It may be possible to re-scar and obscure the initials or get a tattoo over it, so it can’t be read, but the underlying scar will remain. That stays for life.  The 150 will be buried or cremated with that scar on their pubis.
Is Dr. Roberts branded? If she is – did she brand herself or get one of the DOS slaves to do it on her pubis?
For the apologists of Dr. Roberts, I submit that without her, there would have not been DOS branding.  The crazies who thought up DOS entrusted to her the actual implementation of this vile and brutal practice.  She would make it safe. Make sure it did not backfire on Keith (or so they stupidly thought).
Dr. Roberts’ handiwork. She knew she was etching Keith Raniere’s initials – but she chose not to tell the women. Yes, she knew, for she had to draw his initials with the white-hot pen. Yet the women were told it was a symbol of the four elements. Dr. Danielle Roberts was a coconspirator in this lie.
There may have been the blackmail, the collateral, the nude pictures, without Dr. Roberts, but the branding – that was made possible by her. She was the one who knew how to do it.
Lauren Salzman did not know how to brand. Allison didn’t. Cami didn’t. Rosa Laura didn’t know how to safely take a cauterizing pen – white hot and painful – and apply it on the pubic region of a naked woman – in the dark, by candlelight – and how to burn into her flesh with it the initials of Keith Raniere.
And how to make sure it was safe afterward. What to do so it won’t get infected. How to advise the women on topical antibacterial cremes and covering it with bandages till it scarred up good and clear. How to assure them – even as they lay on the branding table – naked and held down by other naked women – readied for the horrific experience of their lives – and assure them that it was going to be safe; that they would get out of this alive.
Here was a doctor performing the operation, Dr. Roberts. That made it safe.  They knew her from Nxivm, knew she was a doctor. She was the one who told them it was safe, as she took the white-hot pen in her hand and etched out slowly and painfully the initials of Keith Raniere.
Today, some 150 women carry the mark of that beast on their person – private and hidden – to be seen by them dressing and undressing. When taking a bath – or during intimate moments. It’s a secret thing, something to hide from lovers or husbands, something to deny to friends who knew of their former association with Nxivm.
“Are you branded?,” someone is bound to ask any woman who was known to once be part of Nxivm.
How do you answer? Do you lie and deny it? Or admit?  “Yes, I have the scar of the monster on me.”
Danielle Roberts at a speaking engagement.

I am quite certain that every one of the 150 will remember Dr. Roberts leaning over them, scarring them, amid the smell of burning flesh and intense pain, and that memory may grow more vivid in time. The 150 won’t likely remember Dr. Roberts kindly. Maybe she did not think up the idea, but she is the one who did it – who applied the pain and told them it was alright.

And no one really knows if this branding, so close to the genitals, might not affect the physical health of the women, as it must their mental health. Yet, Dr. Roberts continues to practice medicine. She goes on practicing. She charges patients and probably makes good money. Maybe, when she is not branding women, she is a good healer. But it’s hard to say, if, whatever the madness that would make her think it was fine to brand women – scores of them – and not think of the consequences – is not a disabling, disqualifying factor in her work.
On the popular website,, which provides information about doctors, she has seven reviews. Six of them mention her role in Nxivm.
Here are the reviews:
“Dr. Roberts loves to brand women near the genital area with a cauterizing iron. Specializes in extensive surgical procedures without the use of anesthesia. Looking for someone to cause you extreme pain, discomfort, and then film the whole thing? This is your gal!”
“Please do your research before visiting Dr. Danielle Roberts. She was in a cult NXIVM and was branding women who asked her to stop but she continued anyway while other women held them down. A complaint has been filed against Dr. Roberts and there will be more to come. The cult leadership has been arrested (5 of them) and the “President” has already taken a plea deal. The founder of the cult has been charged with sex trafficking and production child pron. Please do your homework, I’m sure there are other good doctors in your area you can see without supporting a woman who has done such ‘medicine’.”
“This doctor was a NXIVM cult member and is now promoting her own brand of sick cult behavior. She branded women with the initials of the NXIVM cult leader and is obviously unfit mentally to practice as a physician.”
“She was a little shaky when forcibly burning Keith Raniere’s initials into fellow cult members. Supposedly good at leather burning as well.”
“This doctor was branding women to become sex slaves in that cult NXIUM. NXIUM’s ‘Vanguard’ is that creepy sociopath Keith Raniere. How dumb do you have to be to get sucked into a cult with a repulsive creep like Raniere. Stay away!”
“Dr. Danielle Roberts is amazing and perfect. Please do not listen to those other horrible reviews. She is the best and i would never want any other Dr.. I would follow anything She told me.”
Would you trust Dr. Roberts with your health care?
Some think it wrong that the general public be advised that she is the doctor who made it possible in the 21st century to brand women as slaves of a man – if you can call him a man.
After all, she was not practicing as a physician when she branded the women.
“What she does in her private time is her own business,” I believe is what one state official said in response to why she did not lose her license. “You don’t need to be a physician to perform scarification [branding].”
Still, wherever she goes – like the brand does on seven score of women – she will be known as Mad Doctor Roberts – who crazily branded, – even if it was in her private time – with the hot iron, without anesthetics, a criminal’s initials on the pubis of what the criminal thought would be his 21st century slaves.
In fairness to Dr. Roberts, she too was one of those slaves, willingly, a slave to Keith Raniere and at the time (and maybe she still does think it), she thought it was right to do what she did.
That, more than vengeance, is the reason to expose Dr. Roberts wherever she goes. Her judgment in at least one thing – branding women – was so monumentally reckless – that patients who might be entrusting their lives in her hands and depend upon her judgment – have the right to know.
Dr. Danielle Roberts thought it was good judgment and morally right and supremely ethical to scar up 150 women. – that’s part of what every patient should know about her when considering using her services for their family health needs.

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  • Reviews of Doctor Danielle Roberts

    This “doctor” is involved in NXIVM cult.
    This “doctor” branded women who were brainwashed and extorted in the NXIVM cult. The women were blindfolded, taken to a location where they were not supposed to know where they were, and stripped of their clothing to where they were completely naked. They did not know they were being branded with a hot iron, until they were there. They were restrained/held down and branded with a hot cauterizing iron by Dr. Danielle Roberts in a townhome, without any numbing or anesthesia, while it was being filmed. They were branded with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. It sounds crazy but it is unfortunately true. Think to yourself, “Is this someone I trust to be my doctor?” She violated the hippocratic oath on so many women. And with the screams of pain from the branding, and the extortion and brainwashing used to get women to this branding ceremony, she still continued to do this. She’s evil, heartless, and cold. Please do your research before you trust yourself with this “doctor”. Danielle Roberts does not deserve to be a doctor.

    Expert in Cult Membership
    Dr. Danielle Roberts is part of the NCIVM cult of Albany New York. If you want to be branded with a hot cauterizing instrument, stark naked and without anesthesia near your private parts, with her guru’s initials, Dr. Roberts is your physician! She may not even charge for this service!

    Silence Dogood

  • Reviews of Dr. Brandon Porter

    This piece of crap needs to be thrown in the clink! Sickening what he has done!

    Should not have a medical license

    Stay away!

    I went to see this guy for a sore throat and he made me watch dismemberment videos. Said he was doing this in the name of “science”. Stay away!!!

    5 star is a fake review written on 10/20/2017 to throw people off the scent that this guy is in with the cult NXIVM. No coincidence 5 star review comes the same day of the Times Union article exposing NXIVM. The cult is lead by the creepy looking sociopath Keith Raniere


    a person given to excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures

    Silence Dogood

  • The more stories we do on the NXIVM Mad Doctors and the less we do on people like the sicko’s who want to write the same crap about KK, the faster we can get something done about Dr Danielle Roberts, D.O. and Dr Brandon Porter MD

    Does anyone know if the NDNY will pick up this part of the case? EDNY most likley couldn’t as the branding most likely didn’t happen there nor Dr. Porters night fright movies.

    I bet there is some information in Clare Bears Boxes from the storage unit.

    Yes I hate calling them Doctors but it helps with Google hits

  • The corrupt State of New York will never hold Doctor Danielle Roberts to account for her involvement in a sex trafficking operation.
    It is up to the good, decent, moral people of New York to use their First Amendment Rights to inform the public about Doctor Danielle Roberts and her evil acts.
    Acts which violate the Doctors’ Oath of “Do No Harm.”

    Peacefully picket the Plainview Hospital handing out leaflets to inform the public of Dr. Roberts involvement in a sex trafficking operation.
    It is every American’s Right to engage in Free Speech.
    Don’t block entrance or exit from the hospital.
    Protest only on public sidewalks and rights of way.
    Inform the local media, radio and TV stations as well as local newspapers, of your protest.
    Get any necessary village permits.

    The Executive Director of Plainview Hospital is Michael Fener.

    Michael Fener has day-to-day operational responsibility for Plainview and SyossetHospitals. He served previously as deputy executive director at Plainview for five years.
    Michael Fener | Northwell Health

    Perhaps Mr. Fener should know of Dr. Danielle Roberts involvement in a sex trafficking operation.
    (516) 719-3000
    888 Old Country Road
    Plainview, New York 11803

    Silence DoGood

  • If the State of New York is too corrupt to shut down Dr. Roberts than the good people of Nassau County should exercise their First Amendment rights and picket any hospital or clinic she works at.

  • If the State of New York refuses to do anything about the Mad Doctor Roberts than the good people of New York should exercise their
    First Amendment rights and picket any hospital that employs this criminal quack.

  • The good people of Plainview New York should picket Dr. Danielle Roberts’ offices until she packs up and moves out.
    Let the good people of Nassau County know about the Monster in their midst.

  • Dr. Josef Mengele was considered a good doctor. He carried out hideous medical. experiments on unwilling participents.

    They take an oath “first do no harm.”

    Is the “good” doctor branded?

  • Good points. It’s a fraught situation when it comes down to ethical analysis, though.

    To me, the biggest issue is that seems that Roberts may still be recruiting for NXIVM through its front groups given the photo currently being used on the Navel Expo website, possibly even for DOS, and so conceivably even seeking underage women to feed Raniere’s predilections should he be free again. So unless she denounces Raniere’s and the group’s pedophilia in particular, I think it’s fair to take steps to publicize her affiliation and inform the public, as she is not someone who should be trusted to be alone with young women.

    An interesting question is whether DOS could actually have found someone else to brand members, if Roberts hadn’t been available. Professional body modification artists, generally more commonly known as tattooists and piercers, often also do what is called scarification, in some cases using the exact same equipment that Roberts did. Knowing a bit about their practices and ethics, I think most would have refused to work under the conditions that Roberts did, with an unsanitary environment, and people holding the subject down. And if women had been sent instead to their place of business for the same marks in a sensitive place, a professional might have become uncomfortable with the large number coming through – and could well have even thought to call the authorities to investigate possible sex trafficking, concerned that perhaps they were putting pimps’ marks on women being prostituted, which tells us something. More tellingly, a professional would have fully explained the procedure and its implications in advance, and required fully informed consent to be documented, which Roberts not only did not do, but if reports are correct, contravened by participating in deceiving the subjects about exactly what was to be done to them – so I’m not entirely sure why Roberts hasn’t been subject to some sort of regulatory or legal action over the branding. If women were branded without proper consent, Roberts could (or should) be sued, and at trial the issue that as a medical professional she should have known better, would definitely be relevant, if not even powerfully damning.

    So a case could certainly be made that if Roberts didn’t follow the sort of professional guidelines that a body modification artist would likely have thought to, then that has implications for her judgment when practicing medicine. I was once asked to provide an informal consultation in a medical malpractice case, where I had run into the doctor socially, and knew her as just the sort of hardcore athletic type that NXIVM and DOS seemed to attract quite a few of. I thought it was pretty clear that in that case, the doctor’s personal tough-it-out attitude had bled into her medical practice and clouded her judgment, with tragic consequences.

    On a final, more subtle point, Sarah Edmondson’s account including her wording of “Dr. Danielle Roberts is a medical doctor” implies that Roberts’ status as a physician may have lent some legitimacy to the branding process, and helped to allay the questions of those being led into it under conditions of questionable consent. She wasn’t just a lady with a cautery pen, her professional credentials were being leveraged implicitly if not explicitly, whether with or without her awareness of it, and that is troublesome.

    I’m not sure that it’s generally justifiable to hound Roberts forever merely as a way to punish her for things she did outside of a professional context, that the medical board and legal system has not, or has yet, addressed. However, until she at least renounces the worst practices of NXIVM and DOS, I do think there are legitimate grounds for calling her to account. Beyond that, I don’t think it’s such a clear-cut case, but she’s certainly vulnerable to being called out on some specific points that may be relevant.

    I’d be interested to hear if anyone has other ethical issues they think are relevant.

      • I referred to “hardcore athletic type.” By that I meant for instance high profile examples such as Clare Bronfman, former high-level equestrian who now runs at least half-marathons, and Sarah Edmondson, a yoga devotee who was apparently known for very aggressively recruiting among yoga teachers in Vancouver; plus I also knew of some lower-level members into extreme sports like ironman triathlons, and it seemed to me that there were an unusually number of that sort of amateur athlete, along with those seeking other types of success. Raniere himself was something of athlete in his youth, however much he exaggerated his accomplishments, and brought that sort of focus into his later life to some extent; and I know that Jim Del Negro was very athletic and must at some point have been into some sport, though I’m not sure what.

        • AnoyMaker,

          I do not mean to be rude but there is not a single NXIVM male “athlete” that I could not school and no I do not consider myself an athlete.

          You mention Equestrian riding. How many women get horseback riding lessons and then can afford to fund their training over the years?

          Equestrian riding is for rich privileged women that have no life. It’s a bullshit sport right up there with POLO.

        • Horse riding? An agressively recruiting yoga devotee? Snails pace half marathons by a skinny emaciated woman? Raniere an athlete? Surely you jest.

    • I imagine no other registered ‘practitioner’ would be prepared to ‘scarify’ or ‘brand’ in the generally no-go area of the pubis, under such bizarre conditions. They could have employed a cowboy tat artist but that would be too much of a liability, given the parameters. I assume that Dr. Roberts had to give collateral like everyone else, perhaps the videos of her scarring sessions, in part, sufficed? Is Dr. Roberts branded? if so I wonder by whom? The other mad mxivm doctor? Herself? I thinks it’s most likely she, Lauren and Alison are unmarked. She definitely needs and deserves the severest professional rebuking. I wouldn’t be surprised given her pivotal role in this mutilation and the large numbers of victims, if she were eventually charged.

  • From Dr. Roberts’ only positive review: “I would follow anything She told me.”

    The reviewer’s admiration sounds a bit cult-like.

  • After all, she was not practicing as a physician when she branded the women.
    “What she does in her private time is her own business,” I believe is what one state official said in response to why she did not lose her license. “You don’t need to be a physician to perform scarification [branding].”

    So a doctor is only held accountable for their work in a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office? So if they decide to practice medicine out of their garage or out of the back of a van, they won’t get in any trouble because they’re on their own time? Of course they would face consequences! A doctor should never be allowed to get away with deliberately causing harm to a person and branding someone without any pain meds is barbaric.

    • You have a choice, you can complain to the internets or do something that could actually make a difference, such as complain to the Plainview Hospital. Your choice.

  • If you Google Dr. Danielle Roberts, she understandably features on Frank’s two sites. Second to these listings, I am seeing stories on worldwide news sites about branding and being in a cult. So, guess where she decides to go when almost everyone else would want to lay low and be unseen? Nope, she decides to practice in plain view, how ironic.

    I do have a question for the resident law experts. If everyone else other than the two going to trial, take plea deals, what is likely to happen to the trial start date?

    • It appears that even if all four of the remaining defendants do not plead the trial will start as scheduled. The only thing that appears to impact the trial date is if all four of them plead, as then there would be no need for a trial.

  • Anyone living near Plainview: please tape up posters on the front door to her office! So that anyone walking in there will be educated about her! Please! I’m on the West Coast. I can’t do it (but I certainly will if I’m ever on the East coast), but anyone near there, please educate people! Can you imagine unknowing parents, taking their children to this monster?

  • Why hasn’t every DOS member not still on NXIVM’s side gone to NYS Department of Health to complain about this woman?

    One or two complaints is not enough. It’s like those who left NXIVM in the early years, nothing happened.

    Hopefully, the NDNY will pick this and Dr. Porter up and arrest both doctors as part of the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

    Until than, are people contacting the hospital? I wrote a review warning people to do their homeworkand posted a link to the page where people can do the same.

  • First, do no harm. As an important step in becoming a doctor…… I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING ABOUT “OFF THE CLOCK” EXEMPTIONS ?

  • This article constitutes a micro-aggression against all livestock ranchers who legitimately brand their cattle. Ranchers have a legitimate need to brand their cattle as a means of proving ownership.

    This article is outrageously misleading for failing to mention that this so-called amateur wanna-be “brander”, Dr. Danielle Roberts has never been trained or certified by the Council for Rancher Rights. This so-called “brander” would have never passed our branding exam, and would have immediately failed the first question on the test of “Is it OK to brand humans for fun at parties”? We rigorously weed out anyone from our association that fails the first question on the test, in order to eliminate all psychopaths who just like to enjoy the smell of burning flesh.

  • I would not want her as my physician. I would not trust her motives or her ethics, after she branded women who were held down and crying in pain. Some may have chosen to be branded, but clearly not everyone was told what would happen. Furthermore, to complete such a painful “procedure” without any anesthetic is torture.

    She was never charged with anything, but whatever happened to Brandon Porter?

    • I would really like to know that as well, what happened to Brandon Porter? I listened to the excellent Canadian Broadcasting radio series, which went into detail on the human fight experiments, and I believe they were trying to determine who could hack the violence, no pun intended, and who could not. For whatever the future of the cult might face. The cartel beheading video shown to experiment subjects seems connected to KAR hiding out in Mexico and their operation there, in the event everyone was forced to bug-out and flee the U.S. and the feds. They would know in advance who might be capable of committing extreme acts of violence against possible traitors or outside threats to the group if they were on the run, and the violence could be attributed to the Mexican Drug War, if they ever had to dump bodies. Violence that goes beyond ‘mere’ enslavement and beatings and starvation and captivity and sexual abuse and branding–yes that is sarcasm, they had mastered the human torture potential up to murder. Perhaps he envisioned a Jim Jones-like future surrounded by female ninjas, a la Qaddafi’s amazonian bodyguards. Just my theory, as I can find no other reason to do such grotesque things to people.

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