Source: Mexico rising! Nxivm members plan letter writing campaign for Nancy Salzman for Judge Garaufis to help on sentencing — & other Nxivm Mexico news

  Here is an email I received. I am publishing it as I received it, with two redactions and with minor edits for clarification. I am not publishing the name on the email of the person who sent it or any identifying information. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.  By A Mexican I have been […]


Here is an email I received. I am publishing it as I received it, with two redactions and with minor edits for clarification. I am not publishing the name on the email of the person who sent it or any identifying information. The writer wishes to remain anonymous. 
By A Mexican
I have been reading the Frank Report for a while now. I’ve only made a couple of comments and, quite frankly, I’ve been hesitant to contact you.
I am a former Nxivm member, I was involved in the group for years. In the beginning, I thought you were crazy and didn’t believe what you wrote. I still recognize many inaccuracies or lies, maybe your sources aren’t so informed sometimes, or there is an objective to hurt certain people.
I say this because I have been on the receiving end of some of those attacks sometimes. This is why I took so long to contact you. I also took long because I had to discover the truth on my own.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy thing given all the indoctrination and the systematic deception…


By now I am convinced that I was involved in a cult, something I denied to myself for years. I am also convinced that KAR [Keith Alan Raniere] is a psychopath. In part, thanks to you. (I never thought I would say that).

After the new charges were brought, I decided I will do what I can to stop this madness and anything that has to do with Keith Raniere and his efforts here in Mexico where I am from.
Camila Fernández is living in Guadalajara, and she is now working for Rainbow with children.
Dear Mexican: Happy to expose them. If Nxivm Mexico is supporting Nancy Salzman, it stands to reason that if Nancy and Lauren Salzman get off with light sentences – they can, once again, rebuild Nxivm with Prefect as the leader.  
Some photographs from the Frank Report gallery.
Jimena Garza with her husband, Omar Boone. Both hold the green sash.  Jimena has Keith Raniere’s initials near her vagina as a symbol of her lifelong obedience to him.



NXIVM members from Mexico dancing for Keith Raniere.

Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon opening up the Mexico NXIVM center. Alex Betancourt [l] and Emiliano Salinas [R].
Loreta Garza and Melissa Rodriguez – DOS slaves. Loreta is in the t-shirt business now? She ran Rainbow in the USA before fleeing the US to go back to Mexico.

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  • Everyone!!!!

    Please allow me to some up the narrative thus far……..

    A simple renunciate with magical powers, long hair and a beard has been prosecuted and will now go to prison for the rest of his life ……

    …….Some of his followers flee to another far away land(Mexico). The followers start afresh and rewrite and sanitize the renunciate’s more questionable teachings.

    Does any of this story sound at all familiar to anyone?

    • Familiar in some general ways, yes – except that the earlier renunciate was persecuted based on trumped-up charges, not terrible truths such as his having made children suffer in order to satiate his perverse desires, plus those of nearly as awful excesses among his disciples, that shook his following to its core and forever turned the rest of the world against them.

      And in that example, there was no internet to report the awful truth in all its lurid details, and provide a a fact-check of any remaining loyalists’ attempts to re-write history.

      I do think that Raniere realizes that his best chance for retaining any following at all, is to not make a plea deal, and instead go to trial and play the martyr, and covert victim of supposed grand conspiracies.

      As I’ve said before, I think it will play out more like the “family” of another grungy guru who gathered around him a female following that he exploited sexually, plus a few obedient male hangers-on, which largely fell apart after trials and convictions, except for a couple of women who remained loyal and tried to continue to promote the Helter Skelter Jesus’ philosophies without much effect – speaking of fact-checking, try googling the ATWA website to see a pitiful remaining gaggle of cult diehards in the wild.

  • Not surprised. I was wondering when Edgar Boone’s name would come up on the Frank Report. I remember him being involved since early 2000 along with his entire family, father, mother and brothers including Omar. It was a family affair!
    They were enrolled before Salinas and Betancourt.

  • Thanks for the info on what is currently going on with remaining loyalists. It will be interesting to watch, if nothing else.

    I don’t think that NXIVM can ever again recruit people given its ruined reputation, and I don’t think it can survive Raniere being in jail. But it certainly should be closely watched, because there is at least the possibility of it doing further significant harm before dying out.

    The Manson family, for instance, caused a fair bit more carnage that’s not very well known, except for “Squeaky” Fromme’s assassination attempt on President Ford, on its way down. And of course of a few of the women like her remained loyalists – and it seems a couple may still be.

    It’s possible that some strange new thing will arise from the ashes, but I don’t see who has the right sort of qualities to lead it, even if there are diehards including people who could fund it. I can’t right off think of a similar group that survived such a calamity, and when there have been offshoots they are usually formed by a key insider with influence and a reputation – though perhaps there is someone like that in the Mexican organization who we’re not familiar with.

    • In Mexico, there has not been a lot of noise, nxians pay and move their contacts so it does not come out. So yes, people will keep on subscribing to those courses, why? Because they trust the fame of the people that give them….

  • Well after reading that email I guess someone in Mexico is scared shitless to mention the name Salinas.

    I would be to.


    Between Betancourt and Salinas I wonder who was the top and who was the bottom?

    • “Between Betancourt and Salinas I wonder who was the top and who was the bottom?”

      Alex Betancourt is the reincarnation of Mussolini so of course he is the top and Emiliano is the bottom.

  • “They have plans and have already started operating ESP 2.0,”

    And the Salinas gang, together with Alex Betancourt, has the financial resources to start NXIVM 2.0 under new leadership.
    It will take more time and effort to eradicate the NXIVM cancer from North America.

    • It’s the modern day Christianity, just what Jes.., err, Raniere wanted, with a t-shirt marketing twist. Raniere will rise again, but not in 3 days, but instead in 3 decades or so.

        • Scott doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. How do you think the skids were greased for the US DOJ to roll Raniere out of the country? NXIVM is still very much alive in Mexico. There are some big players involved. Once Mexico is brought to heel, the NXIVM cartel will be on the dustbin of history. Ole Raniere is just a figurehead. Look at the shiny object over here distraction the dummies fall for.

          • Just facts,

            I guess you are one of those conspiracy guys?

            Quick contact Alex Jones and let him know you have discovered the secret Moloch.

            If Raniere was a figurehead they just would have made him disappear in Mexico instead of turning him over to the DOJ. In fact the whole group of NXIVM fugitives in Mexico would have disappeared or have been murdered; and that is how I two things:

            1. Carlos Salinas was not that seriously involved.
            2. Raniere was not just a figurehead/patsy.

            Hey just facts are you a former Michigan militia member?

            Do you think Sandy Hook is a government hoax?

            ……maybe you should go to your “bug out” location, and contemplate all this information with your aluminum foil hat on.
            Have a great day!!!!!

      • I have a feeling that NXIVM 2.0 is going to be a little more harsher with its critics in Mexico.

        • Definitive Reality Fact in Mexico regarding NXIVM & opposition to NXIVM in Mexico:

          The only way that there is going to be a Frankreport Mexican style website is if Frank Parlato creates a Spanish version of his website. No one in the Mexican press actually covers anything negative in Mexico relating to the Salinas’s family.
          In addition there is virtually no Mexican dissident websites.

          So I seriously doubt anyone in Mexico is going to venture to personally attack Carlos Salinas’s son via a website. Anyone who would try and take on the Salinas family in Mexico would have to have rocks in their brain or have a death wish.

          • Parlato used to translate some articles in spanish during the critical era post-dos exposure. Now the Mexican supporters seems so marginalised that it may not be view as a big threat by mexican citenzens: it was mostly the affair of a very small elite.

    • It’s a brave new world, its a wild, wild world. Plenty of money can be made here, this won’t go away for centuries. I would not mind joining a group full of homos, lesbian, pedophiles, cunts and motherfuckers. As long as I can have some, if my wife’s opinion about change, I would be more than grateful. Sin is fun, if those rich people can bring me prestige, life’s decadence ( for lack of a better word), i would not mind working my ass for it. This is a dream come true for men at the expense of a wife or daughters vagina. Only one thing hinders this, mostly abrahamic religion and its tradition. Grab your popcorn and sit back and relax, just watch the show and if you want you can have some too. Let’s watch the world turn into sodom and gomorrah. That story always intrigue me, i thought it was impossible, thanks NXVIM. Way to go saving the world.

      • Ka-lel : who must quit the modern worl, stop to read internet, and start to be a renunciate monk. I think you ll be much happier, and you will spare us with your medieval meditations on gender and sex.

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