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Pile Do Reddit AMA/Share “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller”

Last month, Pile announced their 7th album Green and Gray with the release of it’s first single, “Bruxist Grin.” The album, which is the follow up to the band’s critical breakthrough, 2017’s A Hairshirt of Purpose, is due out on Exploding In Sound on May 3rd, and has generated some early excitement, with praise for the first single arriving from outlets like Stereogum, who called the track “a song that will stay with you,” and NPR, who said that the band’s latest release “builds on the strength of its predecessor” and displays an elevated “sense of cohesion throughout.”

Today, Pile have revealed the second single from their new album “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller” accompanied by a video directed by William Hart. Being shared to coincide with a Reddit AMA that begins at 11am ET today, the track is the album’s heaviest and most abrasive, a sharp contrast to the first single, and concerns, according to frontman Rick Maguire, by the far-right presidential advisor, who inspires a rare kind of vitriol in him.

“The song is about the advisor to the president,” Maguire explains. “Usually, it’s difficult for me to concentrate much vitriol on one person, especially one I don’t know personally, but Stephen Miller is the exception. I’ve had similar sentiments regarding our president but I can relate to him less than I can Stephen Miller, who is my age. On my better days, the idea of the president just saddens me because I know he’s profoundly confused and damaged beyond repair, but Stephen Miller is a different brand of smug racist. I could imagine him being on my bus in high school, and that, I think, brings to light a different but related set of complicated emotions.”

In certain parts of Boston, Pile are beheld with the kind of reverence traditionally reserved for local sporting heroes and/or minor deities…their music crackles and explodes alongside frontman Rick Maguire’s over-firing neurons

Pile is well-known as idols for their peers…The band balances the acrobatic and the annihilating as it shifts between gnarled melodies and heavy thrashing.

Messy, loud, and rhythmically intense…the tension between softer, sadder moments and the abrasive ones feels vital

Refined, delicate songs alongside unnerving inventiveness. It’s rare to say those things about a rock band…but that’s because you can only really say them about this one.

AV Club

[Pile] have achieved the kind of mythical status typically ascribed to long-since-passed rock legends


A guitar band that doesn’t sound like a guitar band; there’s something intense and brave about them, but it feels feminine, not macho, not over the top

Consequence Of Sound

[Pile have] a nimble sense of timing more often associated with jazz or classical musicians, and a compositional ambition exceeding that of nearly all of their peers


Vivid and refined…[Pile have a] delirious energy that’s inspired a decade’s worth of devoted followers.


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