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Bangkok: Keith’s ego didn’t allow him to let somebody else claim ownership of DOS — until it was too late

This guest view by Bangkok is in response to a comment made by Heidi Hutchinson.

Heidi wrote:  “Jane Doe #2, the then 15-year-old Mexican girl, was initially molested by KAR in 2006, per the evidence. She did not become “a top tier slave under Allison Mack” as [Shadow implies], until many years later, if ever, and there’s a possibility that because Allison was so deliberately set-up to take the fall or blame, IMO, Jane Doe #2 was placed in Allison’s slave downline to buffer KAR’s culpability and make Allison her master in the ‘sorority,’ if caught.”


By Bangkok

LOL. Yeah sure.

In Heidi’s opinion, Keith placed this particular slave [Jane Doe #2] in Allison’s downline to set her up to ‘take the fall’ and to buffer KAR’s own culpability.

Great theory, Heidi.

The only problem is… Heidi’s bogus theory just isn’t supported by the EMAIL EVIDENCE — where Keith openly admitted to being the ‘grandmaster’ of DOS with the power to command any slave to have sex with him.

Read his emails again, Heidi.

Read his instant messages.

He doesn’t shift the blame to Allison in those messages. He fully admits that he’s the head honcho of DOS.

Look Sunshine, IF Keith was really plotting to insulate himself from ‘culpability’ THEN he wouldn’t have sent EMAILS admitting that he’s the ‘grandmaster’ of DOS.

Keith and Nancy were not even smart enough to use ‘Bitlocker’ to protect their own hard drive files.

Guess what?

‘Bitlocker’ is a sophisticated encryption system which is a part of Windows — and any IDIOT can use it with a few clicks.

‘Bitlocker’ uses the strongest encryption possible. Thus, contrary to what you see in the ‘movies’ — the FBI cannot break this encryption without somebody telling them the password first.

FACT: Keith wasn’t even smart enough to instruct Nancy to bury the cash found in her home. Nope.

FACT: Even after he fled to Mexico because he knew the Feds were investigating NXIVM — he STILL didn’t tell Nancy to get rid of that cash, even though he knew her home could be raided at any time. LOL.

Instead, he just let her keep it in a SHOEBOX for the Feds to find.

Yeah, that’s a REAL brilliant plan to leave $500k of untaxed/illegal cash out in the open. He’s a really good planner, Heidi.


Keith was a JACK ASS and a FOOL.

Laurel and Hardy were better planners than Keith.

Keith was never a master planner. He was playing checkers. Not chess.

Why didn’t he claim that Allison was the grandmaster in those emails? That would’ve really helped to pin it on her.

Guess what?

He was too stupid for that. He wasn’t planning to deflect blame away from him. His ego didn’t allow him to let somebody else claim ownership of DOS — until it was too late and he had fled to Mexico.



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  • Mr. Parlato please take that horrific picture down. That does not look like Keith and you discredit you website.

  • The likeness to Keith’s mental state is spot on Marie. Absolutely demented. Congrats. Wish someone would portray him in his blue signature volleyball-gym-suit w/beard. The Yeti look 🙂

  • It’s not a theory, it’s a comment, Schlock Johnson aka Bangkok.

    An observation in response to Shadow’s inference that bc Allison Mack was allegedly JD2’s “master” — and, early on, defence counsel all claimed DOS was an all-girl, empowerment sorority — before the emails and contrary evidence emerged — Allison might have had something to do with what happened to JD2 back in 2005 — when JD2 was underage and Allison was not in NXIVM.

    Perhaps KAR and/or the Salzman’s or their counsel hoped for that inference to be made and “Pimp Mack” to be blamed for not only the branding idea Allison falsely “admitted” was solely hers but for the grooming and pedophilic activities going on years, for decades prior, is all I’m suggesting.

    Got it, now, foot fucker? Maybe you should give Mrs. Johnson a little foot message with your tongue before you split into 5 other personalities on FR today.

  • Bangkok (Scott) you are so obsessed with Heidi.

    Short list since October of the last year.

    “Heidi this”,”Heidi that”, “Heidi stated” “read his emails again Heidi, and ” Heidi’s opinion”, “Heidi doesn’t know”.

    …..and if for some reason Heidi fails to reply to your comments or quips, you whip out more offensive vitriol comments.

    Do you happen to see a pattern emerging here? ( Rhetorical question).

    It’s called seriously obsessed.

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