Ph.D.: Allison Mack had no intent to harm women; has little self worth, adopted ‘false self’

Editor’s Note: This anonymous guest view is from someone who claims to be a Ph.D. but whose name to Frank Report is unknown. The observations are interesting and are published as written. This was originally submitted as a comment on the post Guest View: In Defense of Allison Mack – Salzmans did far worse crimes

Guest View: By Ph.D.

My background is as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology although I have never served in forensic psychology capacity in court.

I have never clinically examined Mack but I have been around many people with similar characteristics that she presents. Furthermore, as a student of this trial, I’ve had the opportunity to observe her behavior in court during several appearances at MDC Brooklyn.

In my direct observation, Mack’s behavior at court was frequently hyper and “over-friendly” to everyone so much so it was not appropriate to the circumstances and graveness of the situation. It appeared that Mack was more concerned with pleasing others and having others like her than acting in accordance with the seriousness of the situation.

Mack strikes me as someone who has what is known as a “false self”. People like this don’t know who they are or how they feel. They rely on their sense of self from others’ opinion of them and are thus frequently targets of manipulation and abuse from others.

People with a false self will do anything to please others even if it means hurting themselves or acting against their own interests. Mack is possibly this kind of individual and it is strongly possible that Mack had no intent to harm other women while she was serving Rainiere.

I believe 3 things:
1) Mack has little sense of her own self worth and has adopted a false self.
2) Mack is the type of individual who can be easily manipulated to please others
3) Mack would have a hard time believing she was harming others if she felt the need to please a significant other (such as Rainiere) was more important. Thus, it is hard to believe Mack had intent to harm another.

I realize there is little empathy for anyone associated with Nxivm because of the outrageous abuses Nxivm created and fostered. However, I hope law enforcement and the EDNY take into account the above factors when considering the case of Allison Mack.

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  • It’s called a pseudo-personality, something a cult does.
    Nevertheless, it does not lessen the severity of her crimes.
    One cannot say “I was only following orders.”

    I would ask….where were Allison’s parents? Or brother?
    And once Catherine Oxenberg went public, where were Allison’s parents then? Where are they now? Not a peep out of them.

    • I have a hard time believing that you were a cult victim (as you said) , recognize that a cult can do this kind of damage and yet be that antipathetic.

  • The release today of a study by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) showing than 64 percent of local jail inmates, 56 percent of state prisoners and 45 percent of federal prisoners have symptoms of serious mental illnesses is an indictment of the nation’s mental healthcare system.

    Most people in prison have serious mental health problems.
    Why should Allison Mack be treated any different than anyone else who commits serious crimes and has mental health issues?

    The main purposes of the criminal justice system is to discourage criminal misconduct and protect the general public.
    What about vindicating the rights of the women who were branded like cattle, blackmailed and forced to serve as sex slaves.
    All crimes committed by Allison Mack while she proclaimed she was for female empowerment.
    This kind of devious deceptive behavior must be punished.

    And at the most recent court hearing Allison Mack was joking around with attorneys and laughing and realizing that was inappropriate in a criminal case held a scarf to her face to hide her jovial spirit.
    Allison Mack was as devious this week as she was two years ago when she was still recruiting women for the sex cult.

    I have talked at length about Ms. Mack’s Narcissistic Person ality Disorder.
    This disorder is the cause of most of her anti-social conduct.

    She has no empathy for others.

    She has no boundaries in her personal behavior.

    She craves constant adoration and always must be the center of attention.

    Here is a good rundown from Mayo Clinic of Narcissistic Personality
    Disorder that fits Allison Mack’s criminal behavior to a T.
    Narcissistic personality disorder

    • Oh so you are a Ph D too…I advice to practice what you preach.
      Try to analyse yourself, you’ll have a Customer (in you) for life.

      You know Nothing about Allison (Something that the author of this message atleast acknowledge).
      Those who really knew Allison clearly showed that it’s actually the opposite.

      But now, seriously, if you really are a Ph D in psy, do yourself a favor and find what is wrong with you…If not for your sake (i couldn’t care less for you), do it for others.

      • “You know Nothing about Allison”

        I know she is a criminal who tortured and enslaved women for her own advancement.
        And I know that she goes into the court room and jokes around and laughs and when she realizes that laughing might be inappropriate she conceals her face.
        In a nutshell she is a devious person.
        And I realize that there are lots of people who use Psycho-Babble to defend her.

  • I believe 3 things:
    1) Mack has little sense of her own self worth and has adopted a false self.
    2) Mack is the type of individual who can be easily manipulated to please others
    3) Mack would have a hard time believing she was harming others if she felt the need to please a significant other (such as Rainiere) was more important. Thus, it is hard to believe Mack had intent to harm another.

    remove mack and one can add just about any current prison inmates
    the harm she did to others deserves what other inmates received…TIME !!!!

    • Still have the hots for Sultan I see. He tried to get away from you but you keep stalking him. Forget him. He has never met you and never will. You’ll never be his lover. He loves another. You can’t have him, no matter how many times you bring up his name in unrelated posts.

  • Doc,

    What happens the next time Allison Mack decides to break the law to please an evil man?

    The only positive thing that I can state about Allison Mack is that she did not murder anyone.


    I agree with Frank that opposing or dissenting view points in a public forum are a good thing. Frank made a good call as an editor of the Frankreport website to post this comment as an article.

    • That is actually a good question but i doubt this analyse is fitting Allison’s profile.

      Although she seem to have been unsecured and relayed a lot on other’s opinion.
      Permanently unsatisfied by herself, it was explained by one of her close friend (before nxvim) that she had a poor opinion of herself (partly due to the “lack” of education).
      It’s one of the reason she searched the answer in Self help.

      Sadly, she stumbled in Nxivm…

      She never did anything wrong before KAR got her in DOS. So i’d say that this profile isn’t accurate.

      It was also said that EM were made to challenge the way you percieve things, this include convincing someone that “wrong” was actually “right” depending the situation.
      It would also explain why some of the other (long term) victims were also doing things that weren’t their best interests.

  • Based on a certain understanding of psychology, and a long term interest in frauds and exploitative groups and understanding the dynamics of their pathological leaders, this generally seems about right to me.

    However, as I’ve noted before, Mack seemed to really take to the role of perpetrator. I suspect she may have been a victim of abuse herself, which typically results in poor boundaries of a sort I think fits with the description here, also sometimes perpetration against others; and her reported “collateral” of a video confessing to abuse of nephews fits with that – even if it were made up, it still raises the question of why that particular offense would even have come up as a sort of free-association response.

    • Mr know everything yet nothing…
      You are as much knowledgable on the case than i am the king of the world…and no, i’m not!

      Nobody can say for sure what Mack was feeling. As far as i read, since the moment she was in DOS(summer 2015), it feel like she was getting more depressed and not really happy.
      But she was stuck, just like the other victims, she couldn’t get out for the fear of her collateral being released.

      The nephew’s collateral has not been fully discribed so you are shadowstating this.
      You Believe it was her who confessed the abuse , it could be anyone else who did the abuse.
      The feds have not done anything of this collateral which means it’s probably not credible and probably another fake story.

      We already had that “conversation”. A Nxivm member who knew Allison talked about a mail exchange seen on Allison’s computer.
      That member saw Raniere demanding more serious collateral(like a confession) if she wanted to bed with him.
      She asked what to do if she had Nothing to confess to which he answered to create a story.
      This mean that
      1. Allison wasn’t the criminal that some of you try to make her until she was in DOS
      2. The collateral is highly likely a false confession.

      It was also confirmed by some victims that you could confess fake story/crime as the only mean for it is to destroy your reputation afterward.

      Just like a legal expert know less than you(see the ¨TOP NYC…” news from the 6th april), a (possible) Ph D (who made sense here and it’s consistent with the general behavior Allison had) is probably less competent than you are…
      That shows what kind of person you are.

      Maybe i should try to analyse you…just for the fun

  • I suspect that former child actors who stay in the profession have a poor grasp of the real world. They are accustomed to taking direction, they are over-praised and over-indulged. They are catered to in order to elicit the performance. Time is money on the set of a production. Keep that kid happy.

    Mack gave a hint of childhood issues that skewed her self image by saying, in the New York Times Magazine article, that she felt uncomfortable as a child when she was praised while other kids weren’t.

    Did Mack feel that she didn’t really deserve her success? Did she overcompensate by allowing herself to be punished with sleep deprivation, the NXIVM diet, and taking blame for other’s decisions?

    We can only speculate.

  • I call BS. Allie Whack is just a stuck-up former C actress who thinks she’s better than everyone else.

    With NXSCUM she found the role of a lifetime – Headliner Star for a Cult.

    Allison Mack wanted to be World-famous. Well, she sure is now.

  • From “The typical person that is vulnerable to developing anorexia is perfectionistic and a people pleaser. They must have things just so and are often the mediators of the family. When problems come along, they often try hard to believe that they don’t exist or they try hard to get the problem to go away as soon as possible. Often they care very much about what other people think of them, whether those people be their parents or their friends or even crushes. Caring so much about pleasing others and wanting to be liked usually ends up being the gateway to someone vulnerable developing anorexia.” Obviously, this cult majors in developing mental illness as a way of controlling the gullible, needy women it attracts.

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