Nicki Clyne with her now-convicted spouse Allison Mack

Shadow: Is Nicki Clyne very dumb or very devious?

[Editor’s Note: A source told Frank Report that Nicki Clyne is likely cooperating with the Feds. Sometime before Allison Mack pleaded guilty, the Feds noted that Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne had “a sham marriage” which suggests they may have learned that based on Clyne informing them. Clyne and Mack married, it is widely assumed, in order for the Canadian Clyne to remain in the USA to be nearer to Keith Raniere. It was her fast track to permanent US residency.]

By Shadow State

I discussed aspects of the NXIVM case with my brother who has ties to DC.
When I told my brother about Nicki Clyne uploading Instagram photos from the vicinity of Keith Raniere’s hideout in Puerto Vallarta, he was astonished.
His response was either Nicki Clyne was very dumb or Nicki Clyne was very devious.
He was referring to the fact that when photos are uploaded to Instagram, they are given a Geo Locator ID that identifies exactly where they were uploaded from.
Nicki Clyne’s now famous Instagram post where she revealed to Frank Report that she [and hence possibly Keith Raniere] was in Puerto Vallarta. Nice going kid!
In other words, Nicki Clyne was telling the FBI exactly where Raniere and his entourage were hiding out.
In watching the 26 second video, where Raniere was arrested by the Federales, one can see that Allison Mack looks dazed and confused but Nicki Clyne is cool, calm and composed. Nicki Clyne was very much in command.
Allison Mack watching Keith Raniere being taken away by police in Mexico


It’s almost as if Nicki Clyne had advance knowledge of what was going down.

And, of course, the Feds passed over Nicki Clyne when it came to indictments, but the Feds did indict Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman.
The Feds also passed over the “first line” DOS members from Mexico.
And the Feds passed over Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt as well as Edgar and Omar Boone when it came to handing out indictments.
When it came to indictments, it is as if some people were untouchable.
A possible reason is that powerful people in Mexico, like Carlos Salinas, Carlos Slim and Alejandro Junco found Raniere and Allison Mack to be expendable embarrassments, which they are, and decided to do some NXIVM house cleaning by removing the Salzmans and Bronfmans.
What is left of NXIVM could be slimmed down and owned and operated by wealthy, influential Mexicans.  They will have an American front man but the Mexicans will call the shots from behind the scenes.
And the Salinas family has the financial resources to rebuild NXIVM on a more business-like basis.
So I am compelled to ask Yolanda Cortez, Legatus Pro Temp and Pea Onyu if this scenario is plausible.
And is Nicki Clyne very dumb or very devious?

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  • This is a very thought provoking article. I’m dumbfounded that this was written by the same person who wrote all that crap yesterday. Well done.

  • I agree why didn’t she get arrested I’ve head she’s been around knoxwoods I have seen her strange

  • Nicki Clyne is smart and has made the right decision for herself.
    Getting out and working for the FBI as an informant and cooperative
    witness is better than being charged. And the opportunity was good
    because Nicki had wanted to get out for a long time, but only on safe

  • Can’t she be both? In all seriousness, great insight. I hadn’t thought of this before. I must say it’s possible Nikki tipped the FBI off and get leniency. It sure looks that way. Sucks to be ratted out by your own spouse, eh Allison? I would think Keith would have warned his slaves of posting to social media as he was obviously hiding out, even if he didn’t tell them they were hiding out. Smartest man? I think the only people he fooled into thinking that were the ignorant self help wanna be’s of whom he snared from afar. Because anyone observing his behavior and actions relative to this case can clearly see he isn’t very smart. Just a sex obsessed pedophile with a giant gaping black hole in his chest that he could never fill, no matter how many people he had sex with. And it seems clear he tried to put a noose around Allison’s neck and sink her to the depths of the ocean when he got her to admit to the branding to the press. What a slimy piece of shit. Since nobody is really getting a justifiable sentence in this case, I hope those cards fall on him and he gets life.

  • Nicki probably got caught up in something and didn’t know how to get out. She was probably scared and rightfully so. Look what Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Frank Parlato and many others.

  • You pose a good question Shadow. I hope she saw the light, wanted out and was being devious not just plain dumb

  • It also begs the question whether Niki and Allison were ever or never in contact. Shouldn’t the judge have given her permission to have contact with her wife as part of the bail conditions?

  • Dumb as a BOX OF ROCKS. If Clicky Nine/Yolanda was that smart, she would have figured out a way to keep the $$$ coming in with her career.

    Even HS Dropout Kristin Kook was smart enough to buy a house in Vancouver and keep her acting career going.

    Clicky Nine…not so much.

    And wait for it… I have said THE NAME.

    No doubt BettleSpank/Jesse/Sultan of Sick will be on here in 5 mins. Defending his beloved. The non-nefarious Kristin Kook.

    • Just saw his twitter page. All of it is a digital jihad for spanking it to Kristin Kook. Does he have asbergers or is he just a sad, soyboy, emasculated, incel, insufferable c***?

  • Wasn’t the indictment still secret when this photo was made public? She had no reason not to post. She’s an actress with a following. It’s perfectly innocent.

    Even Nancy didn’t know and that’s why they siezed all her files the day after Vanguards removal to the border. No one knew.

    Of course the authorities would know they could use geo-tracking and would be watching everyones account, not just hers.

    Too much conspiracy theory.

  • LOL.

    Shadow’s post about Nicky Clyne is downright stupid.

    Frank’s decision to repeat this nonsense (via an ‘article’) is even dumber.

    Hey Frank, with all due respect bro…

    If Nicky Clyne REALLY wanted to give the Feds a heads up on Keith’s location (to have him arrested) — then she wouldn’t have resorted to HOPING that some Instagram fan spots her photo while using their Sherlock Holmes instincts to assume Keith is nearby. LOL.


    Guess what?

    Nicky Clyne would have simply went to a public telephone and PHONED THE FBI. Duh.

    They have a toll free 1-800 tip line.

    She could have phoned them anonymously using their tip line to report the whereabouts of Keith Raniere. Duh.

    Grow a brain, Shadow. Stop these dumb conspiracy theories.

      • Since the Salinas gang wants NXIVM purged of Raniere, Mack, the Salzmans and the Bronfmans, Nicki was under the protection of the Federales.
        Nicki was present to film the whole operation.
        And Nicki wants her immigration problems solved.

    • If Nicky Clyne REALLY wanted to give the Feds a heads up on Keith’s location (to have him arrested) — then she wouldn’t have resorted to HOPING that some Instagram fan spots her photo while using their Sherlock Holmes instincts to assume Keith is nearby. LOL.

      Nicki made two trips to Puerto Vallarta.
      One in February, 2018 and the other in March 2018.

      The second trip was arranged so that Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman would be on hand to be implicated.
      And Nicki was there to record the video for uploading.

      The whole take down was prearranged for maximum impact.

  • It seems to me that this case (possibly just the first) was limited to the top echelon of NXIVM. Did anyone else really belong in that category, other than possibly Karen Unterreiner, who weren’t charged?

    I see Cline as being in the next tier down with quite a few people including Michelle Salzman, Jim Del Negro, Sara Bronfman, and Karen Abney who worked alongside Kathy Russell (or was there another bookkeeper?) who weren’t prosecuted (at least in this first case) because they were not key players in the conspiracy, not necessarily because they were cooperating.

    Plus if Cline was really cooperating with the feds, it seems to me that she’d have had a better way of communicating with them, than relying on Instagram geotagging to try to telegraph her location.

    • Plus if Cline was really cooperating with the feds, it seems to me that she’d have had a better way of communicating with them, than relying on Instagram geotagging to try to telegraph her location.

      Geotagging worked.
      And Nicki, even though she was in the second tier, had ties to Raniere, Mack and Bronfman.

  • It makes sense: Nicki was convinced and payd by Emiliano Salinas to reveal Raniere’s location to the FBI.

      • Shadow, how do you see the geo location on an Instagram post? I thought the location was only shown if the poster tagged it.
        I think it would have been very simple for authorities to find the location without a tag anyways, since this is a picture of a landmark.
        If Nicki is devious rather than dumb, and intentionally posted their location, do you still think she is posting as Pea Onyu?

  • Dear Mr. Shadow – Could you please explain exactly why powerful and wealthy Mexicans would want to own, operate, and continue NXIVM?

    Maybe I could buy into dumb, poor, powerless Mexicans wanting to pick up the pieces of a failed cult. But your way is a head-scratcher.

      • Scott,
        As much as I dislike the Salinas Gang they are businessmen.
        And businessmen, straight or crooked, don’t want bad publicity.
        Once they saw what Raniere and Mack were involved in, with help from Clare Bronfman and Lauren Salzman, the Mexicans knew that NXIVM would have to be purged.
        And they will stay away from branding, prostitution, pedophilia and the like.
        And you’re right that NXIVM will get a new name.

    • “why powerful and wealthy Mexicans would want to own, operate, and continue NXIVM?”

      What attracted wealthy Mexicans to NXIVM in the first place?

      NXIVM is an operation involved in tax fraud, money laundering, immigration fraud and a variety of other scams.
      And it masquerades as a self-help group.

  • My vote on Nicki is very naive, gullible, idealistic and heavily indoctrinated in the cult’s belief system.

    She conquered her vertigo bc they completely convinced her she had no fear of heights — past the point of leaving her with a healthy respect for a hard landing (or for Foreign National monuments :)). She’s damn lucky the psychos didn’t have her using her inner, authentic angel wings to fly next.

    My take on the Mexican Espians is that most of them — the students and slaves not the co. owners or “grandmasters” — like that creepy “little Keith” and pre- school administrator, Alejandro Betancourt —are getting shafted big time on justice and ARE in future danger of the same exploitation — using the same formula — that’s gone on from the get-go. Having nothing to do, however, with Allison Mack’s or Nicky Cline.

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