What we need to be alert to is dishonest Congressmen and women giving us FALSE comparisons as “Rules” that must be followed by various Agencies, Organizations  Departments. Here’s the latest…the Star Special Prosecutor gave Congress the full report on their investigation but AG Barr only provided a Summary and won’t provide the Full, un-redacted, report by the Mule team, “he must be protecting the President…withholding evidence”! Your Congressmen know the facts that follow, but the phony bastards won’t disclose them; the Special Prosecutor was based upon a Nixon Executive Order for a “Prosecutor”, with provisions for the full report to be released, hence the name Special Prosecutor and the release of the full report! The Mueller Special “Counsel” is NOT a prosecutor but simply a Special Counsel, with NO prosecutive powers, by a new law passed during the Clinton Administration, (because the Special Prosecutor revealed too much information on innocent people, according to Jerry Nadler in 1998!).

Nadler ,the phony he is, and the righteous Chairman of a Committee that he thinks has “oversight” on everything…but doesn’t…  now wants FULL disclosure. Unfortunately for Nadler, because of his own laws, the Special Counsel provision doesn’t allow for ANY disclosure to ANYBODY!  AG Barr is under no obligation to make ANY report to Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, “Me To” Schumer, Adam Shitty, Maxine Waters, Eric Swallow, Congress in General nor any other Elected Officials…BUT HE IS!

The Law prohibits AG Barr from disclosing, Informant information, Grand Jury Testimony, any FISA Court information, he can’t even disclose the location of the FISA Court! The fact that someone leaked that there was a FISA wiretap on a US Citizen ,in and of itself is a serious Felony and violates many other Criminal AND Civil Laws, as all the signors will soon find out! He will not give any of the 2 year term Congressman or any other Federal employees an un-redacted copy…he can’t…AND they know it! The only other person who can receive the un-redacted copy is the President and those HE designates and they know that as well!

Maybe Nadler should put forth the “Nadler Bill” which allows for two sets of laws…the Left and the Right…where, on the Left Laws,  Nadler can change EVERYTHING, as they go along to benefit the LEFT and on the Right Laws, Nadler can change EVERYTHING as they go along, to benefit the LEFT, anytime they want!

I think that’s what they want and it’s called SOCIALISM!

The AG must follow the laws even though Nadler, Waters, and the rest I name do not! This AG is the first honest AG we have had in well over a decade! Holder, Lynch and Yates will be charged with Crimes they committed during their tenure as Attorney Generals. Holder allowed members of his Civil Rights Unit to …Witness Tamper, Alter Evidence, Obstruct Justice, and  violate Court Orders, according to  3 Federal Judges in three separate Federal Districts! Some of Holder’s “investigator Attorneys” were even barred from appearing before 23 difference Federal Courts, by one Texas Judge and Holder did nothing! There must be Federal criminal Violations associated with Holder’s complete and total disregard for the law. It could even be Obstruction of Justice in Missouri, New Orleans and Texas…!

Lynch is in serious legal jeopardy for her Obstruction in the Hillary email case; lies, deceit and possibly Conspiracy or Obstruction of Justice in the Espionage Case, T18 S 793 USC  for burying the S793 violations of Clinton! Section 793 is very specific on destroying and failing to provide adequate protection of State Department/Government communications…so much so that it makes it “Espionage “and not just simple “destruction of Government property”, to violate the trust given to whomever accepts it and using a personal email, blackberry, strawberry or even an apple, in the clear, for any secret email is …Espionage…fruitcake!

Yates is toast! That smug piece of crap will find out that refusing to enforce the Presidents’ lawful orders has consequences! She signed the Carter Page FISA wiretap Application knowing that the Probable Cause was false. It was “NOT” true and Accurate to the best of her ability, and that’s a fact…”I didn’t know…I wasn’t told…I’m stupid”, may all be true, but they are not a viable defense!

Don’t even try to compare anything President Trump has accomplished to what president Obama did…nothing… (president with a small “p”)  …!

 Remember when “your” Obama said, “How can Trump even bring back manufacturing jobs…it’s not possible”? Remember that…do ya…well do ya …huh? Who’s the dumb ass now!

BUT here’s what you Democrap Criminals, and you know who you are…really need to worry about because a Real AG and a real FBI are coming…

 FISA Court abuses; there was fraud committed, against the court by ALL the signors to the Carter Page warrant applications…ALL SIGNORS! In addition to Civil Rights violations against Carter Page and other Citizens, there are major crimes that actually would be better investigated and tried as a RICO Case, Racketeering Case(s)! They range from, Espionage, Hobbs Act -Wire, Mail Fraud, Political Corruption, Obstruction of Justice and more.

Counter Intelligence Case-What justification was there for Strzok to open a Counter-Intel Case? If he used the Dossier and other Fraudulent info , he has dug a deep hole for himself…I predict that ,unless Strzok and McCabe hand up Comey, they will both be convicted and get jail time. If they smarten up and tell the truth about Comey…BEFORE “he” cuts a deal they will make out OK as we want Lynch, Obama, Holder, Brennan, Clapper for starters.

For all that Hillary did I would not be surprised if she has already been Indicted in a sealed indictment. This AG is not going to let these vile, criminals who violated every trust they were given, walk away unscathed…it ain’t going to happen! Hillary’s days of freedom are numbered!

The AG said he believes the Trump campaign was spied on…in my opinion, he’s not talking about Russian Spying!!! Obama…better set up a “Go Fund Me” account!

The Fraud members of Congress have pulled with their underhanded deals with Banks, hiding money in the Caymen Islands, do any of you have unreported income..and they demand Trump’s Taxes…that’s a hypocrite joke?!

There’s a new Sheriff in town and his name is Barr!

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