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Small Words’ ‘Good Day, Bad Me’: A Concept Album About Four People Getting Through The Worst Year Of Their Lives

Indianapolis, IN indie rock trio Small Words has released their new album ‘Good Day, Bad Me.’

‘Good Day, Bad Me’ was recorded at The Lumberyard in Hammonton, NJ and was produced, and mixed by Ace Enders (The Early November), and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) and mastered by Jesse Cannon (Basement, The Menzingers).

The follow up to the band’s 2016 debut EP ‘For What It’s Worthless’, ‘Good Day, Bad Me’ is an ambitious concept piece that examines four different people getting through the worst year of their life.

The album explores the struggles of addiction, grief, depression, and accepting one’s own mortality without spoon feeding you “it’s gonna be okay’s. In these trying times, we need to know that it’s okay to struggle, and no one needs to fight their demons alone.

Frontman Nick Long says, “Good Day, Bad Me came to be after several weeks of recurring nightmares that seemed to pick up where they left off, night after night. I started keeping tabs in a dream journal, and soon after an album started to form. A lot of good can come from something bad. The same can be said, vice versa. I think if we walk away from a horrible experience without taking anything away, then we’re missing an opportunity to grow. Some people exist in really dark voids, spinning in one spot for months/years/eternity. I wanted to explore what it would take for me to get there, and find out who I’d be if circumstances took a turn.”

Small Words shows us that it’s not about the size of the words, it’s how you use them.

The band has released a string of videos leading up the release. Check them out below. Additional videos coming soon.

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