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Super-Creepy Video: Allison Mack sings at Nxivm baby shower

Here is a link to a 2014 video of Allison Mack singing – and Siobhan Hotaling accompanying her on guitar and providing background vocals.

In light of what we now know, this video is more than a little creepy.

The performance is at a baby shower – the baby evidently being the child of Sarah Edmondson.  The song Mack – who gave up acting to sing and oversee a secret sorority (led by a man) that branded women on their pubic region – is called Lullaby – sung originally, I understand, by a group called the Dixie Chicks.

What is so creepy about this Mack video is that it features a ‘who’s who’ of Nxivm leaders – including Nancy and Lauren Salzman, who, like Mack, will be testifying against their Vanguard; the late Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske, and Monica Duran, Dani Padila and Rosa Laura Junco, and Esther Carlson.

In fairness to Edmondson, she was in Nxivm heart and soul five years ago, and it was natural for her to have a baby shower with her close friends. When she turned – when she woke up or made the full realization that Raniere is a stinker, she turned hard and thoroughly and sought to expose them – heart and soul.

Edmondson lived in Vancouver, and likely saw a lot less of the sinister designs and machinations of the Nxivm group – certainly a lot less than the women of Albany who she is seen with in the video.

In 2017, Edmondson left Nxivm and had a significant role in the cult’s takedown.

She is, to date, the only woman to publicly show her DOS brand – which she did to a photographer at the New York Times.  Before that, she provided Frank Report with powerful and insightful information to help expose and take down the cult.

Sarah’s revealing information to me, once published, allowed many DOS slaves to escape and prompted scores of non-branded Nxivm members to quit, appalled by  revelations on Frank Report which in turn helped caused Nxivm – at least in the USA – to crater.

The reason I am publishing pictures from the video – which is actually a sound track of Mack singing and a series of photographs is to give readers a glimpse of Albany Nxivm – what it looked like back on January 24, 2014 – when Nxivm was at or near its pinnacle.

Of course, Raniere, who ran it all, was not present – yet he is in spirit – and one can feel his eerie and ugly presence in some of the baby outfits and the vacant gazes of some of the women.

Below are some of the pictures Allison chose to accompany her dulcet tones.  There are 66 pictures. Allison appears in about a dozen of them.  It’s possible that soon after I publish this post, someone will remove the Vimeo video, so I took the trouble to capture it, so it will not be lost to the world.


A baby shower is attended – as most do – by only women. This was before DOS which was also supposed to be only women – but as Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman admitted – was secretly led by a man.

Karen Unterreiner [l] and future DOS slave Dani Padilla.
Sarah Edmondson with the late Barbara Jeske. Barb was to die about 9 months after this photograph was taken. Raniere handled her treatment. Lamentably, he misdiagnosed her cancer as carpel tunnel syndrome, which led to a delay in her treatment. But all’s well that end’s well. Jeske was induced to sign over all her assets to Raniere making out a last minute will in his favor.
Talk about super-creepy. The late Pamela Cafrtiz poses next to a baby outfit – that seems to sum up the philosophy of Raniere. At the shower, apparently the women had some stencils and pen and printed messages on the baby outfits. .


Lauren Salzman busily stencils a slogan on the baby outfit.
Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack are pleased with her work.
Actually, a lot of what happened in Albany wound up on the Frank Report – and later in court filings by the DOJ.

Allison Mack with future DOS slave Dani Padilla. Dani has run off to Mexico, home of her birth and is expected to testify for Raniere -if she can do so via closed-circuit TV that everything in DOS was adult and consensual. Allison is expected to testify to the opposite.


One of the great weapons of Nxivm was that the women do look normal, intelligent and attractive. Behind the smiles were plenty of secrets, first and foremost is that a monster named Raniere was their leader.

Future DOS slaves Monica Duran [l] and Rosa Laura Junco [r]. Little did they know that within a few years they would be branded and outed as slaves to their master, Raniere – and that he – their glorious one – would be arrested.


Karen Unterreiner was the longest-serving harem member for Raniere. Little did she know that the woman hugging her – Sarah Edmondson – would be an architect in ending her slavery to Raniere.


Allison appears in many of the pictures.


Allison sings accompanied by her flunky and future slave Siobhan Hotaling.

Pam Cafritz was Raniere’s leading pimp and wing woman – often working hard to get her master women and girls for his sexual mentoring. Since Pam was bisexual she had certain fringe benefits in her work. She holds a small stone as Allison looks on. After Pam died Allison took over as Raniere’s chief pimp. Together her and Raniere devised a fool-proof plan to get Raniere all the women (and possibly girls) he could ever need. It was called DOS, a woman’s sorority based on blackmail and branding – and master slave relationships. With Allison in charge, she need only order slaves to sleep with Raniere and they had to obey. But something went wrong and now Allison is facing years in prison.


Allison has a stone in her hand. Is it one that Pam passed on to her?


Nancy Salzman was president of Nxivm and no gathering could be complete without her. Now she has completely turned on Raniere. She cut herself a plea deal – and likely among all the Nxivm defendants serve the least amount of prison time. Yet, ironically, next to Keith, she is the one most responsible – the woman who induced most of the women to join Nxivm.


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  • More Frank logic: actress who left years before DOS/was not as involved preDOS is slandered for not knowing shadiness but (Sarah, part of DOS recruited thousands and was higher) “lived in Vancouver, and likely saw a lot less of the sinister designs and machinations of the Nxivm group – certainly a lot less than the women of Albany who she is seen with, um yeahhhh 🤔🙄 inconsistent tabloid logic for click bait from Frank

    • Well of course because he wants bigger names involved. FP = transparent
      Sarah was in deep that’s why when DOS was created by Allison in 2015, she was on the short list for it. She actually loved Nxivm.

      -so freaking creepy- what else is new The younger Salzman officiated her video
      I think Allison lovessss being center of attention. She’s so genuinely happy to be…..

  • Give credit and I wish Frank was actually factual and less tabloidy and fake. Sarah never slept with KR some never did maybe because they only ordered the ones who could be manipulated to (yuck) sleep with Kr

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