Lauren Salzman was part of a scientific experiment that Keith Alan Raniere conducted. In order to complete the experiment, she had to take all her clothes off and be photographed in a variety of poses.
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Who are the 12 women Raniere photographed nude in 2005?

It was for science, Keith Raniere said.

According to prosecutors, there are “sexually explicit photographs” of Jane Doe 2 taken by Raniere in November 2005 when she was 15 years old. He was 45 at the time.

Jane Doe 2’s photos were found on a hard drive seized by the feds at 8 Hale Drive. They were in a folder titled “BACKUPS,” and in a subfolder titled ‘Studies.’”

“Studies” – note the word. Not “porn,” not “nudes,” but — “studies.” We’ll get to that later.

In this subfolder, “Studies”, there are 12 subfolders, each containing “sexually explicit photographs of … members and associates of the Enterprise [Nxivm] with whom Raniere had sexual relationships, including … Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell,” according to the prosecution.

“The photographs in each of the 12 subfolders,” they continue, “were taken contemporaneously with the photographs of Jane Doe 2, and the women in all of the photographs – including Jane Doe 2 – were photographed in many of the same poses.”

The prosecution further writes that Raniere had “a collection” of nude photographs of women including “two digital images of a juvenile nude female exposing her vagina [Jane Doe 2]  including one in which the minor victim’s legs are open and her inner labia are visible.”

Whether child or adult, for Raniere, “the emphasis on close-up images of the women’s vaginas is apparent,” the prosecution wrote.

Who were the women in the 12 subfolders in the ‘Studies” subfolder?

The most important one was – in terms of evidence – the only one whose photos are illegal – is then 15-year-old Jane Doe 2. [She is 29 now.]

The prosecution informs us there are also nudes of then 29-year-old Lauren Salzman and 47-year-old Kathy Russell.

Sources who were around in 2005 – and who had insights into the other women likely photographed in 2005 – provided their names to Frank Report.

Nude photos of Lauren Salzman were found on Keith Raniere’s hard drive in a subfolder called “Studies”.
Kathy Russell, 61, was 13 years younger when self-proclaimed scientist and ethicist Keith Alan Raniere had her take her clothes off and photographed her for his studies.


Loreta Garza, of Monterrey, Mexico, was Nancy Salzman’s personal assistant. She later became head of Rainbow Cultural Garden. Kathy Russell admitted at her guilty plea hearing that she lied on Garza’s visa application to get her into the USA.  She never mentioned on the visa application that Loreta was part of Raniere’s studies.


Pamela Cafritz, Raniere’s longtime roommate and wing woman. She was 45 in 2005


Barbara Jeske was in her 50s in 2005. She was a regular subject of his studies.


Monica Duran came from Mexico eager to join his harem. She moved to Clifton Park to be “studied” by Raniere.


Mariana Fernandez was 17 years old when she came to Raniere. She shared a bedroom with Pam Cafritz and lived menage a trois with Keith and Pam. She was 19 in 2005 when Keith conducted studies of her which required her to be photographed nude with the emphasis on close-ups of her vagina and inner labia.


Dawn Morrison, a longtime member of Raniere’s harem, was around before Nxivm/ESP started in 1998. Keith once conducted a study of her in the woods in Knox Woods. Police, unfortunately, interrupted this study and they were almost arrested.


Sara Bronfman was studied by Raniere. She later dated Edgar Boone, Emiliano Salinas, Lama Tenzin, an emissary for the Dalai Lama, and finally married Basit Igtet.


Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect. She not only was studied herself by Keith, but gave her daughters, Lauren and Michelle, to him for similar studies.


Karen Unterreiner, his longest-serving harem member and a top pimp woman. She was with Raniere from the 1970s until 2017 – when the feds came looking for Vanguard. She wisely slipped away. Over the years, Karen was not only studied – but found him many young women to study – including girls under the age of consent.


Esther Chiappone Carlson. She came from Alaska to Albany to be in a monogamous relationship with Keith. After she arrived, she found he had a harem. She rejected the chance to be part of his harem but not before he studied her. She wound up settling for James Del Negro. And as bad a choice as that might seem, Del Negro is a big step up from the perfidious Vanguard.


Above all, Keith Raniere was a scientist. Painting by MK10ART.***

It was Raniere’s practice to take nudes of women before and after sex. There are probably many photos on many hard drives. Keith did lots of “studies.”

We know that Allison Mack helped him collect nudes by having slaves pose nude.  She then sent the pics to Vanguard.

A former harem member told Frank Report that when Raniere photographed women, he sometimes told them it was for scientific purposes.

He was observing physiological effects, the increase in radiance, indeed their auras [which he was able to see, he said] and other subtle changes in their features [including their genitals] which was why he needed them to spread their legs and be photographed – before and after sex with him.

Nude photographs, taken before and after scientific [sexual] ‘tune-ups’, made these women, he said, part of a great experiment meant to improve humankind.

The nude photos were not, he stressed, for his personal enjoyment. He would never share them with anyone.  He was improving their “body sexual” at great cost to his own “energetic body.”

He taught women that they must not have sex with any other man after he ejaculated on their persons.  This was a great gift, one that could heal and enlighten them. He wanted to photograph them to study the benefits they received.

Yes, he sacrificed, he said.  He could even die if they had sex with another man at any time during the rest of their lives – for he was connected to them in body, mind, and spirit – the latter on the highest spiritual platform.

This was science, but it was also mysticism and above all, he said, love – and as their teacher, it was his desire to see them evolve and become unified. He was ejaculating his way to eliminating their disintegrations.

Keith worked hard or semi-hard [sometimes flaccidly] performing his mentoring  – always sacrificing his energy and time to heal what he called their “body sexual.”

In the name of science, he photographed them.

This is why he required them not to eat garlic – for its earthy elements and odor disturbed subtle spiritual aspects. Much of his study was performed by his scientific tongue which required his nose to be within inches of his experiment.

He told them not to shave their pubic hair so that it remained fulsome, for this was part of the experiment. The body sexual, he said, was enhanced by pheromones incubated by a bushy pubis, as nature intended.

Low-calorie diets were needed to eliminate fat – as fat disturbs transmutation of spiritual energy. Fat actually captures spirit-energy and holds it captive in a slimy body of oil, whereas a lean body is able to intake and manipulate ejaculate in a more muscular fashion to absorb and disperse it throughout the body sexual on a physical, astral and casual level.

He also required women to be vegetarians, since meat, like garlic, is gross. His sperm could never be absorbed properly when the mouth of a woman was filled with remnants of carnage. He told women eating meat was cruel for it cost the lives of gentle animals, and that love for all beings, not only humans, was essential for spiritual evolution.

He told women they must never sleep more than 4 hours in the night since too much sleep kept women lazy. A strong mind and vigorous body naturally eschew sleep in favor of activity and consciousness. If a woman slept too much, it was proof she did not have a strong mind or a vigorous body.

He himself, he said, never slept more than 4 hours in the night.  And this they could well believe for he was with one or another of them, sometimes several, in the night and was seen to be up all night, every night.

What they did not know is that, while he never slept more than 4 hours in the night, he would often sleep a full 8 hours in the day. But that was something only his inner circle knew.

In general, women were proud to be part of his study, his noble experiment, knowing it was not lust or pornography. This was science.  It is interesting to note that he posed them in similar poses – with closeups of their vaginas and with legs spread to show their inner labia.  This is called in science “the control.”

Not to throw a discordant note during this already inglorious time for the Vanguard – he sits in jail and, as some of his followers say, most unjustly – but one former harem member told Frank Report that the so-called science experiment was pure bullshit.

She said Keith told her he wanted to collect nude photographs of women he slept with simply to have something on them he could hold over them.  Plus he was a perv.

He liked looking at nude pics and chuckling over how they stupidly put in his possession photographs that, if he released them, could ruin their reputations.

Indeed, she said, the only study he was doing was a precursor to his collecting collateral which he later perfected in DOS. This was the beginning, his “studies” were a trick to get collateral.

It is ironic that his later collection of collateral in DOS forms a large part of the basis of sex trafficking charges against him.

It is also ironic that his stupidly taking pictures, back in 2005, of Jane Doe 2, then 15, and stupidly keeping them on a hard drive for some 13 years –  then leaving that hard drive behind after he vamoosed to Mexico to escape the law – is why the feds now have the single most damning piece of evidence likely to be used against him.

The child porn dispels the myth that it was all consenting adults doing adult things.

Indeed, the Jane Doe 2 pics became collateral on him and, more than any other piece of evidence, will likely send him to prison for years to come, quite possibly for life.

And federal prison is a place, it is not necessary to say, where he can see no vaginas or photograph women with their legs spread ever again. In fact, he won’t even be allowed to possess a camera.

MK10ART’s fabulous painting of scientist Keith Alan Raniere. In the background is an underage girl he [ethically] raped,  as we can imagine, in the name of ‘science.’
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