Keith Raniere

Notice to the Public and Press Attending the Raniere Trial

Here are the applicable rules for the court throughout the trial:
**NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC AND PRESS**The following restrictions will apply during the trial in this matter:(1) Electronic devices, e.g., laptops, cellphones, etc., will not be permitted in the Courtroom (4D South) or the overflow room (6G North);

(2) The Court will provide a media room for the press, located on the third floor, North Wing, Room 322. The members of the press may leave their electronic devices in the media room and return to the room whenever they choose. Reporters who wish to bring their electronic devices into the Courthouse and the media room must fill out a press pass application, available on the Court’s website, While subject to all other restrictions, in-house press need not submit this application. In accordance with the Local and General Rules of the Court, photographic, video, and audio recording in the Courthouse at any time is strictly prohibited. Violators will lose their press privileges;

(3) Sketch artists will be allowed in the courtroom and overflow room with their supplies. They may not, however, draw exact likenesses of jurors or witnesses other than co-defendants should they testify; and

(4) The first row on both sides of Courtroom 4D South will generally be reserved for press. All other seating will be at the Court’s discretion. Please note the signs that will be posted.

Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 5/6/2019. (Strohmeier, Seguin)

Here’s the link to the judge’s schedule:
According to his Administrative Assistant, the judge normally runs his trials from Monday through Thursday (9:30 AM – 4:30 PM). But she added that “there may be some Fridays with this trial”.
One thing was very clear: i.e., there was no sense that there might be a last-minute plea deal.

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