Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard on stage at V-Week talking to his mostly female followers.
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Rosales: The Photographs Were Not Sexual — Keith Obtained Pleasure From the Torment


Omar Rosales

By Omar W. Rosales, Esq., Author of ‘American Cult’

One of the more troubling aspects of this case is the link between NXIVM and the occult. There seems to be an undercurrent of occult practices in the Secret hierarchy of ESP, Inc., that shows parallels to the Zodiac killer and Aleister Crowley. This is being revealed during the trial.

Keith was a student of esoteric religions. He knew about Tibetan Buddhist meditation rites as well as references to Western mythology. His book was titled ‘Odin and the Sphinx’. Why did he compare himself to Odin? Did he consider himself to be the Allfather?



The Zodiac was a serial killer who terrorized the Bay Area in the 1960s and early 70s. Although never caught, the Zodiac was known and became popular for his taunts of the police. Zodiac would mail cyphers with clues to local newspapers and wait for the publicity. And Zodiac loved to be in the spotlight. One of his more famous notes was the Halloween Card of 1970. On October 27, 1970, San Francisco Chronicle writer Paul Avery received a card from the Zodiac. The card was a Halloween greeting and contained the phrase, “By fire, by gun, by rope, by knife…SLAVES FOR PARADICE”.

Paradise was intentionally misspelled as Zodiac loved puns. In the card, the Zodiac hand drew several symbols to show it was he and included his body count up to that time – 14 victims. He also said, “Peek a boo you are doomed.” Whomever the Zodiac was, he knew about mythology and literature. Zodiac read Milton, knew about theatre, and he could make cyphers. But, he also believed he and his victims were linked due to his victims’ painful deaths. That the psychic trauma created a bond, where the victims’ souls were forever linked to the Zodiac from the violent deaths – by fire, by gun, by rope, by knife. So why is Keith making slaves of women and telling them to, “Feel the Pain, Think of your Master”?


MK10ART – Keith Raniere


Other ancient civilizations buried slaves with their Kings and Queens. This was a common practice among ancient Egyptians, Vikings, Maya, and Aztecs. The belief was that the war captives or slaves would serve the King in the afterlife. To solidify the bond, the captives were killed at the funerals of the venerated rulers and then placed in the graves alongside their masters.

The Zodiac was also assembling Female Slaves for his afterlife. He believed that the souls of his victims would travel with him and serve him after he died. Was Keith doing the same thing? Did Keith become more and more aware of his mortality and seek to create a Slave Army to serve him beyond life?

Now Keith had read the Tibetan Buddhist and Indian Buddhist texts on meditation and reincarnation. Did Keith find something? More importantly, did he believe it too? Was he that insane, that like the Zodiac, Keith felt he could create an army of Female Sex Slaves that would serve him in the great hereafter?

Serial killers like the Zodiac also keep mementos known as ‘trophies’ of their kills. The serial killers will use the trophies as a memory anchor, to relive the memory of the kill. By holding the piece of clothing, touching the hairbrush, smelling the personal effects of the victim, the killer will be transported back to that moment of the kill.

But the problem is, it seems, no kill will ever beat the excitement that the serial killer received from the first time they killed another human. So, the killer will continue with their spree until they are caught or killed.

In one of Keith’s computers, he kept a backup file of all the pictures of women that he posed for his ‘studies.’ The pictures were of women on Keith’s bed, with closeups of their vaginas.

What if it wasn’t a study, but more of a trophy? An assemblage of all his victims. And this is where Keith’s psychopathic tendencies start to take over. He had to keep trophies. He could not help himself. That is how he gains pleasure – by tormenting women and later on reliving the torment.

Keith was happy to see Sylvie cry and squirm when he ordered her to spread her legs and be photographed. The photographs were not sexual. Keith did not masturbate to the photographs. Keith obtained pleasure from the torment. It was the feelings of shame, guilt, and sadness from the victims that gave him his excitement. It was not the women’s genitals, it was their suffering, pain, and anguish that made Keith aroused. That is why Keith made Sylvie come back. That is what excited Keith the most. Inflicting the pain on Sylvie. Because Keith knew Sylvie would feel even more ashamed the second time.

I will talk about Keith’s similarities to Crowley another time, when more testimony comes out. But make no mistake, Keith Raniere is a monster 100%.

Aleaister Crowley

Keith Alan Raniere

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  • “Was he that insane, that like the Zodiac, Keith felt he could create an army of Female Sex Slaves that would serve him in the great hereafter?” INSANE?? Nope, just plain old evil, nothing more, nothing less. Prideful, greedy, wicked and sadistic.

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