Lauren Salzman with Allison Mack.
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Lauren Salzman to Testify Tomorrow

Tomorrow one of the chief cooperating witnesses, Lauren Salzman, will be testifying.

A green sash in Nxivm, [high rank] and a longtime member of Nxivm, Lauren was indicted last July along with Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, and Lauren’s mother, Nancy Salzman.

Prior to these indictments, Allison Mack and Keith Alan Raniere were indicted – in April, 2018.

All of them have pleaded guilty except Raniere.

Lauren signed a 10-page cooperation agreement as part of her plea deal and is expected to take the stand tomorrow and give ample evidence of a number of crimes. Perhaps most significantly she will testify about Daniela, the Mexican woman who was confined to a bedroom in Clifton Park for some 22 months on the orders of Raniere.

Lauren worked hand-in-glove with Raniere to punish and keep Daniela imprisoned. There is evidence that Lauren prevented Daniela from getting her ID so that she – an illegal alien in the US – might not be able to return to Mexico

Daniela was imprisoned because she refused to be part of Raniere’s harem – with its stricture that while Raniere could fuck any woman he pleased – all the women in his harem could only be with the glorious one – who referred to himself as Vanguard.

In interviews with Frank Report long before the investigation, Daneila said she told Raniere that if he could have sex with any women, she would demand the same privilege.

He grew furious, and ordered her to be remanded to a room until she realized she had committed an ethical breach. She was one stubborn woman, for she refused to admit it and remained in the unlocked room for some 22 months.

Her “ethical breach”, which Raniere, of course, kept secret from the Nxigm community, was simply that she had a hankering to date Ben Myers.  Frank Report had written about this years ago.

And the upshot was that while Daniela was imprisoned, Lauren’s sister Michelle wound up falling in love with Myers, whose main function in Nxivm was to hack into enemies[and friends’] computers for Raniere.  They wound up becoming engaged while Daniela was caged in her room.

The good news is that Raniere is now in a cage and I figure he will be there for much longer than 22 months.

As for Lauren, who aided and abetted this crime and many others, pleaded to two counts – racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. She faces 3-5 years based on sentencing guidelines.

However, Lauren’s cooperation agreement and how well she testifies tomorrow may go a long way toward getting a downward departure on her sentencing.

I expect her to sing and not necessarily a cappella.

She knows of many crimes and it might be added she was a front line DOS slave who also likely coerced many slaves to do Raniere’s bidding.

She, as much as Allison Mack, was a leader of DOS and I have had leaked to me a series of her texts which show the extraordinary lengths she went to get collateral on her slaves. She was a regular Nazi about it  – demanding her slave take more and more graphic nude pictures etc.

I interviewed some of her slaves – and they paint of picture of a woman who could be loving one minute and very punishing the next moment.  Sarah Edmondson was one of Lauren’s slaves – and it was this blunder on Lauren’s part – that created the implosion of DOS.

I have often alluded to Lauren and Keith’s relationship. She was in his harem and long ago he promised that he would sire for her an avatar baby. Tomorrow we may hear more about it.

I expect we will hear a pretty disillusioned Lauren tell us about all the lies and crimes that Keith Raniere made her do. She will admit to crimes and describe life in his harem, I suspect.

She is the first harem member to testify and remember Lauren – brought into Nxivm by her mother Nancy – has been in Nxivm since the beginning in or around 1998.

Lauren is now 42. She never had the avatar baby – and probably had numerous abortions at his command and was director of education.

She was an exploration of meaning practicioner [An EMP] which was the mind-fucking therapy that got Nxians to go into a one and one session and dive back to their childhood to sort out issues that affected them today and in so doing provided plenty of secret information about themselves for Raniere to chew on.

This should be quite a day tomorrow.

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