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Sex ‘Toys’ – Including Cage and Paddle Sold to Top DOS Slave, Dani Padilla

By Dianne Lipson

Today the trial of Keith Alan Raniere continued. He was wearing a blue sweater over a white, button down shirt.

In the morning, Sean Welch, the chief technology officer of Extreme Restraints, a sex toy manufacturer, was called to the witness stand by the prosecution.

In essence, he served to testify that $922.74 worth of sex toys was purchased and delivered to the home of Daniela Padilla, a DOS front line slave/master, at her home on Raleigh Drive in Knox Woods.

They were purchased on the website Extremerestraints.com.

Welch spoke about items that NXIVM members ordered from his company.

A hanging rubber strap cage, cost, $299.95

No, the model is not Keith Raniere

Studded rubber paddle 

Remote “puppy trainer” that’s “perfect for puppy play or naughty slaves.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza questioned Welch about the items, asking if one item described as a studded “puppy paddle” was “meant for animals.”

“No,” Welch replied.

Easy Access Thigh Sling with Wrist Cuffs

Welch said the device allows “you [to] call the shots while your submissive partner is restrained and at your mercy” — and a “subdued” full-body strap set he said is used to “paralyze your partner.”

Ankle shackles

Two days later, another order in Padilla’s name was placed for $1,730.90 worth of sex items.

They were:

Jail cell — $1049.99 – a “true piece of dungeon furniture”.

It can be used upright or horizontal .

A steel “puppy” cage  [not for animals] = $849

Welch said it was 3.5 tall by 4 wide.

A wireless vibrating remote “Good Boy Vibrating Puppy Plug.”

The “puppy” plug is not used on puppies.

A “puppy” play hood with breathable ball gag.  It was a mask and a gag together with puppy dog ears.

Bed restraint kit.

Total for these items was $1,730.90 but the second order never went through because of an issue with payment and shipping, Welch said. The shipping address was different from the billing address and the order was canceled.

After Welch finished his testimony, there was cross examination.

Marc Agnifilo asked if his they sold thousands of these kind of sex toys. “There’s no shortage of customers, right?”

Welch said, “yes.”

Agnifilo: And it’s 100% legal to sell and buy these items? There’s a community of people who have sex using these kind of items?

Welch said yes.

Agnifilo: Was there was any increase in sales after June 2011 when 50 Shades of Grey came out?

Welch said “We saw a slight increase.”

In redirect, the government asked Welch to describe the importance of “safe words” within this community that uses these kind of items.

He answered that it was essential

Welch explained what “safe words” were, and added that everything in bondage was supposed to be consensual.

On recross, Agnifilo asked if everything is consensual, then it is 100 percent legal and not inappropriate.

Welch agreed.

Next up was Lauren Salzman which we will report on later tonight.

Here is the picture that the government is using of Raniere as exhibit 46.

Here are some of the government exhibits that were shown to the jury in connection to the witness: –


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