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John Tighe: There Be Justice in Brooklyn Today

John Tighe is in many ways my predecessor. He was operating a blog exposing Keith Alan Raniere long before the Frank Report was birthed.  His blog was called Saratoga In Decline. It is now offline – since his arrest – but one can see selected posts by visiting Internet Archive.

For his exposes on Raniere, John paid a heavy price. He is now in federal prison. State authorities, who raided his house on alleged computer trespassing charges, [ala a bogus complaint by Nxivm] seized his computer and much later they ‘found’ child pornography on it.

Everything about that was suspicious and Frank Report is dedicated to finding out if Tighe’s computer was infested with Raniere’s minions planting the child porn. With or without the help of certain state law enforcement officers.

I personally think Tighe is innocent and that the child porn was planted and a lot of money changed hands.  Frank Report will not stop publishing articles on this topic until we get to the truth.

We want justice for John Tighe.

Meantime, and this is a moment of pride for me, John Tighe, suffering as he is in federal prison, has written something for us – from prison, his first contribution to the Frank Report.

He wrote it while our common nemesis, Keith Alan Raniere is on trial in Brooklyn. It is in the form of a poem.  It is entitled There Be Justice In Brooklyn Today.

An innocent man? A life destroyed by NXIVM? John Tighe led away in handcuffs.

To me, this poem is important and meaningful, gut wrenching – for John is suffering – he is ailing – at the hands of the monster. He suffered as much as any of Raniere’s many victims – and that the work John started – for he had a great role in bringing down the monster – is headed at last toward a just and fitting conclusion: Keith Raniere will be convicted.

But let us not forget that John too needs justice and we must help him find it. Just as he was seeking truth and the end of the monster, we are now – that that end is in sight – seeking to help all the victims of Keith Alan Raniere and this must include John Tighe.

The monster enjoyed a laugh at the expense of John Tighe when he was arrested. But today, Keith Alan Raniere is hardly laughing. He is on trial and unlike Tighe, the charges are true and he is soon to get justice – in the form of a likely life sentence.For John, he needs exoneration. For the man who helped lead Keith to his punishment, it would be glorious if we could help exonerate him.  The saga of Keith Raniere may not end, should not end, until all his victims receive some measure of relief and compensation.

Keith is getting his, in Brooklyn. It remains for us to ensure John, now suffering in his prison cell, alone and ailing, also gets justice and his freedom.

Here is John’s poem:

There Be Justice In Brooklyn Today
By Federal Inmate 21508-052 

I grip the sides of the steel sink
And vomit the yellow bile
For my body is worn
And my stomach is torn
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

My cellmate complains I was punching the cell wall in my sleep
For my spirit rebels
For I’m living in Hell
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

We march in the morning rain
The sick, the old the lame
Slowly we stumble up the hill of pain
The unrepentant, the evil, the framed
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

You don’t eat much for a buck and a half a day
The fruit that won’t sell
The bread that’s too stale
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

There was a fight in N2
They found bath salts in the SHU
There’s a lockdown in J
And Cannibal Dave passed away
But there be justice in Brooklyn today

It’s springtime in Devens
For the forgotten and damned
There’re no trees and no flowers
Just heartbreak and towers
But there be justice in Brooklyn today
John Tighe is a former writer, creator, and editor of
Saratoga in Decline. He is currently Federal inmate
21508-052 in Devens Federal prison

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  • John Tighe pissed off a lot of politicians in Saratoga County back in his day. I overheard some people in coffee shops, who were not Nxians, complaining about him – so he was well known. I would look into who would have cooperated with NXIVM to put him away. Everyone thinks he was framed but I think others were also involved.

  • What can we do to help him get out? Please find out who to call write etc. I posted this on my fb page.

  • ?. Thank you, John! Your archived blog helped Frank and all of us immensely to help see justice done in Brooklyn and perhaps in your beloved Saratoga, too. You are sorely missed and dearly appreciated.

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