Cecilia Occelli González, former First Lady of Mexico, mother of Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas. All three are Nxivm members.
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Rodriguez: Call for Mexican Investigation and Prosecution of NXIVM

The great Mexican journalist and columnist, Francisco Rodríguez has written an outstanding editorial on the topic of Nxivm and its Mexican adherents:


Here is a translation of the story:

NXIVM: Mrs. Occelli? And the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic?

Francisco ‘Paco’ Rodriguez, one of the great journalists of Mexico. He has written numerous articles about Nxivm – even prior to the arrest of Keith Alan Raniere.

Francisco Rodríguez

Sorry to read the name of Cecilia Occelli González among VIP Mexicans, those in the circle close to Keith Reniere.  She is the ex-wife of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, mother of Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas Occelli.

What was she doing in the NXIVM sect?

Will it be fair to think that, in order to protect their mother, the Salinas Occelli siblings would have approached voluntarily to justice and thus not expose this grossly, through the statements of Lauren Salzman in the trial against Keith Raniere, the honorability of who was First Lady of Mexico?

But things are not like that, as have not been the tricks of the enrollment of people to the Executive Success Programs for the personal development of hundreds of unsuspecting Mexicans.

Everything is a mockery, a deception, as many are barely discovering through the scandalous statements of the youngest daughter of Nancy Salzman, second in the organizational chart of horror.

Lauren Salzman has spent two and a half days on the bench of the defendants of the courthouse in Brooklyn, New York. And is that, after signing a cooperation agreement with the US authorities to try to guarantee fewer years in prison, she is describing in detail the atrocities committed by a monstrous being, with a twisted mind, posing as the avant-garde savior of humanity — Keith Raniere .

What was this ball of mentally-retarded in Mexico thinking to join these satraps? It can be interpreted in several ways, but more often than not it is due to the need for recognition, for those children who feel they are diminished fronts to their rich and powerful parents.

Did you fool the Salinas mom? And the sister of the former SHCP?

In the case of Mrs. Occelli? Is it because, like Nancy Salzman, who voluntarily surrendered her daughters to be part of the harem, Cecilia Occelli González sponsored and participated in Nxivm knowingly? Or did they cheat and deceiver her too?

Surely, as they also deceived the highest level officials in the previous government since, the sister of José Antonio González Anaya – ex of the IMSS, ex-Pemex and former Treasury-, Alejandra González Anaya, being a Mexican VIP -the Keith Raniere- inner circle, formed together with Anabel Cantú, a company dance and choreography called Anima Inc.

Company that, with Raniere’s philosophy, served as a recruiter for the perversions that took place in Albany, New York. Company, too, of which Raniere continues to be a partner.

With that philosophy, they tried to change the world and they were hooking hundreds of Mexicans. And with the influence well placed, they began to sneak, like ivy, among the so-called “high society” – entrepreneurs with connections in the government; top level Public Administration officials- and celebrities from the world of show business.

As it shows is the Government of the then Federal District that gave juicy contracts on several occasions to organize and carry out shows such as the launch of the new name CDMX, the Parade of the Day of the Dead, for two consecutive years. Or the Veracruz government that at the time headed another unpresentable, Javier Duarte, who commissioned the sister of the “best friend” and ex-officio advisor to the presidential candidate José Antonio Meade, the opening and closing ceremonies of the failed Pan-American Games held in the entity of the Gulf.

In front of the Ministry of Tourism, the presidential candidate now far ahead of the rest of the PRI, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero , he was also generous sponsor of Anima Inc . Huge contracts that meant huge profits not only for Alejandra González Anaya and Anabel Cantú , but also for their master, who dominated them: Keith Raniere.

And in addition to this scandalous influence of those who are part of the Mafia of Power, there is the scandalous level of recruiting of young people, who form the ranks of acrobats and artists of these shows. They must belong to the pyramid of NXIVM to participate in Anima Inc.

Raniere’s teachings from kindergarden!

Another toy that was invented by Loretta Garza and Lauren Salzman, which gave birth to DOS (Dominant over Submissive), the sex slave sect of Raniere, is the group Jness. “Movement for women in a modern world, to change their lives …”, according to her presentation on Twitter.

Since the naive women became “pieces” of this Jness group, without them knowing it, they began to prepare the women for the taste and enjoyment of the master. Lauren Salzman’s statements are scary but more chilling is that they, the recruits, completely ignored the perverse intentions of the spies, as they called each other.

How many young people with longings and dreams, with the need to feel accepted and pampered, or simply because they feel part of this group, supposedly elite, enrolled with the only interest of fostering friendships and enlarging their circle of acquaintances? How much human misery inhabits the hearts of these scoundrels who deceived and abused them! How rotten our society is that opened the door wide to a perversion of this magnitude!

Just as Lauren Salzman and Loreta Garza created Jness, Cecilia Salinas Occelli, along with the previous ones, created the Rainbow Cultural Garden program. The program with the most impact on a human being. The teachings of Raniere taught to them since childhood. From the kindergarten. Incredible, disproportionate, terrifying!

There is talk that most slaves are Mexican. Here are the suppliers of those naive women who approached ESP or who were invited and whose only desire was to get better, as indicated by the promotion of the program.

What has to happen so that arrest warrants are issued against the operators in Mexico of this scandalous case of trafficking and trafficking in persons, child pornography, rape, organized crime, money laundering, extremely influential, abuse of authority, etc.?

The prosecutor Gertz Manero has the floor.

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  • Pea, or whoever you are, are you aware that you are defending the leader of an international child abuse ring, a torturer and a sex trafficker, who’s first line collaborators have all pledge guilty, and that makes complcit? Or have you the balls to use your real name in order to speak for your Vanguard?

    • Pea Onyu is Nicki Clyne.

      When Pea Onyu first appeared she almost directly admitted her identity.

      Pea Onyu
      October 10, 2017 at 9:53 pm
      I think you birches are insane who comment on this website. These girls are hot and smart and sexy as hell. They get that way because of the diet and what Keith’s teaching. I agree that the diet alone might be not enough but when you add the nourishment of Keith teaching then they are well fed. So shut up and tell the person who uses the name Van Douche that he is libeling Vanguard. And stop tt.

      Pea Onyu
      October 11, 2017 at 12:40 am
      You don’t get it Keith can turn someone’s life around. He can transform a person totally

      Pea Onyu
      October 10, 2017 at 7:58 pm
      Nicki is still one hot sexy woman. Your comments Van Douche are unwarranted and unwelcome please apologize.

      Nicki Clyne could not say it better herself.

  • That was well-said IMHO and knowing how the behind-the-scenes REAL power down there works, also a very courageous article to put that out there quite forcefully!

  • The Mexican country is corrupt. Keith tried to bring peace and prosperity to Mexico. He tried to stop the suppressives. They won temporarily. But Edgar Omar will lead the company until Keith returns to Monterrey and Mexico City.

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