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Who Not To Believe …The Democraps, Jerry Nadler, Judge Napolitano, Juan Williams, And Msm!!!

Remember when…the Main Stream Media, MSM, wrote and reported all over the NEWS MEDIAS that “Hillary, according to the famous National Poling service, “NEVER CORRECT POLE”, enjoys a DOUBLE DIGIT lead over loser to be, Candidate Trump”? Remember how many times CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC even FOX NEWS reporting Clinton held a big , almost insurmountable lead! Remember that? Well what the hell happened…how could they all be sooooo wrong?

Because they lied!

 I wondered how they could be so wrong, but here’s why those of us never faltered in our belief that Donald Trump would win… we believed DONALD! When he was saying there was 15,000 people at his rally and 300 at Clinton’s Rally we believed Donald. The Press would lie and claim there was 1000-2000 supporters at Hillary’s Rally and probably 1000 at Trump’s…BUT they  never showed the crowds at Trumps Rally and showed “skewed” views of Clinton’s Rally… made her Rally look much larger than it was…every time!

Many times he would say…”show the crowd”…Mr Trump would dare the press to show the crowds and they would not…WHY?  That’s dishonesty in reporting.

When a Presidential candidate fills a football stadium at a Rally…that’s a major statement folks and all you had to do was to believe what you saw and what Trump said. Remember when he was saying, the Democrat Party is corrupt and the Democrat Nomination is rigged for Clinton, and Bernie is being screwed by the DNC…remember all that? This was BEFORE we knew that Donna Brazile gave Hillary the questions that would be asked. That was before we knew that Hillary actually bought, purchased, owned the DNC…TRUMP KNEW and was correct on everything he said! Hot damn…he was right! I have no idea how he knew…but he did and I for one am very happy we finally have a President who actually knows what he’s doing… to Make America Great…Again!

Then came the election…and…he freaking won JUST AS HE SAID HE WOULD  and he even had predicted a land slide which it was! But ,that’s not possible, the NEVER CORRECT NATIONAL POLES say Hillary is leading by double digits…? They probably poled ALL Democraps in the first place!

Mr Trump was correct on every front! What does the guy have to do to convince you people that the President knows what he’s doing and is correct 90% of the time and the Media and Democrap leaders are never correct? Tell me this …who said our Border is in Crisis and who says it’s not… it’s just fine? Why do we now have epidemics of measles, mumps, chicken pox, and some unknown diseases? It’s of course NOT the millions of un-inoculated illegal aliens, says “THEY”! You should be happy we finally have a President who is smarter than the leaders of both our allies and enemies…smarter than the Press and smarter than any Democrap candidate you can think of. He did things like “bring manufacturing jobs back”, that the idiot some of you elected ,Obama, said emphatically, “It’s just not possible”. Well, admit it,Trump did what Obama said is not possible and he did it in 2 freaking years…open your eyes people!

Trump did away with insane EPA Regulations, and in two years made us the largest energy producer in the WORLD…think about what he did in two years that Obama didn’t WANT to do for his entire reign of terror!

It gets better, he fired Comey and the Racketeering Organization of the Obama/Clinton Crime Family was in full swing… “Collusion with Russia to defeat Clinton”… “that’s the only way Trump could have won”…said they! All of the Medias, all the Democraps said the same thing… “Trump is corrupt, Trump Colluded with Russians to discredit Clinton and it worked”! ALL PURE BS that many of you swallowed! AND it was all false…Trump even said his campaign was spied on…and I’ll be dammed, he’s correct AGAIN! …when will we learn?

The AG rendered his prosecutorial opinion…”I decline prosecution”…which is how our system works. When the FBI presents a case to DOJ (US Attorney) we get an ‘I decline or I authorize”. We never got a “he’s guilty” or “he’s not guilty”. A declination could be because there’s not enough evidence to prosecute or I don’t care what you say…”I am not wasting my time and government money “to prosecute some body for lying…for example. It’s the Prosecutors duty to prosecute those cases he feels are worthy of prosecution and winnable. Only a moron would authorize an investigation of a non chargeable offense, like a person who cannot be charged with a crime. Now… make it a case where nobody can say what CRIME they believe President Trump Obstructed the investigation there off…what is the Title and Section of US Code Trump violated?…anybody?… you have NOTHING? Nadler…you listening?

Now it’s time for the President to do his job of “cleaning out the swamp” as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the US and find out how an opposing political party can cause the  appointment of a Special Counsel and get a Counter Intel Case opened to defeat an opposing candidate. I guess it probably helped having the outgoing President using his intelligence Agencies as “weapons” by using their powers to obtain illegal FISA wiretaps on US Citizens.

In my opinion, that’s exactly what happened… Obama’s FBI, CIA ,NSA, IRS and others were used against, not just Trump, but against Republicans in general. Obama aimed his Black Ops Gun and his people pulled the trigger!

 IRS Director Lois Lerner plead the 5th  to refuse to answer if she used the IRS against Republicans. Folks, that’s unconscionable that the IRS was, in all probability, used like a tyrant would use the power of Taxation on his people…unbelievable and she hasn’t been charged…yet! NSA, Clapper admitted that he lied to Congress, under oath, two weeks after the statute of limitations expired for perjury, when he denied using the NSA to monitor US Citizens. CIA Brennan lied about everything he said. UN Rep Susan Powers , lied about unmasking FISA monitored citizens. Rice lied about the cause of the Benghazi assault. Secretary of State Hillary lied about …easier to say…Hillary never told the truth about anything!

I predict …because it’s not possible to ignore any longer…that MANY high ranking Obama Administration employees are going to be Indicted by DOJ for very serious crimes…not Collusion, not just Conspiracy, and not just lying, cheating, stealing , but much more serious crimes, like; Espionage, Treason, RICO-Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering , Hobbs Act-Political Corruption, Title 18 Sec 2404,USC. I predict there will be people named as well for other crimes that will surface for several reasons…I have seen firsthand how corrupt some elected officials are and what we now have in Congress is a bunch of ignorant, inept, agenda oriented, self centered members of Congress looking for fame and glory and nothing job related. They don’t even know what a Congressman’s job is and could care less what the law says.  They either never read the Constitution or are on a course to destroy it, because of their un-admitted beliefs.

Who to believe? …believe in your President, support him and trust he will drain the swamp…because he will if you let him!

Never believe MSM, Jerry Nadler, Judge Napolitano, Juan Williams or ANY Democrap!!!

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J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .

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