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Keith Raniere’s Son and the Lies He Told About Him

During her testimony on May 29, Dani discussed Kristin Keeffe, the longtime roommate of Keith Raniere.

It seems that in mid or late 2006, Kristin’s belly was swollen. Some thought she might be pregnant, but Keith said she wasn’t pregnant.  Keith said she was just getting fat.

One day they found Kristin in a pool of blood and several Nxivm wing women rushed her to the hospital. Dani and Keith did not go.

Daniela took the call regarding her condition. The doctors found Kristin was in fact pregnant.

She ended up having a baby – named Galen. But only a small circle knew he was Keith’s son.

A cover story was crafted by Keith because the Nxivm community thought Keith was celibate. That was his image — though he actually had a harem of some 20 women [none of whom were allowed to be with any other man]..

Some of the following is from Dani’s testimony and much of it comes from well known sources in Nxivm:

Keith Alan Raniere – poses for the camera while lying on the floor.

Keith ordered Kristin not only to say that Galen was not his son, but he required Kristin – in order to maintain his lie – to claim she was not the child’s mother.

The cover story they crafted was that the baby was an orphan – whose father was unknown – and whose mother died during childbirth. The lie was embellished by saying that Barbara Jeske [one of Raniere’s top wing women] was a friend of the grandfather of the baby and that he asked Barbara to take the child and adopt him – for she was a kindly person.

This of course led to the further lie that Kristin was better suited to take care of the orphan baby than Jeske, who was busy selling Nxivm memberships. So Kristin took on the role of caring for Jeske’s adopted baby, whose mother died in childbirth and drat – they did not even know who the father was.

Of all the monstrous things Keith Raniere did – this might be the worst – to require the mother of a newborn to deny her own child. Normally, a mother is proud to be a mother and Kristin undoubtedly was, but such was the monster’s evil that he stole this from her [and he, the father]. She had to pretend the baby was an orphan, whose own mother died giving him life.

Some readers might ask why Kristin tolerated this. She had little choice. Keith insisted that it was to protect the mission. She had no other income. She had an infant child and he needed caring. In Kristin’s defense, when the boy got a little older, she fled from the monster and saved her son from his  influence.

She also tried to rescue others in the cult – including everyone who was indicted alongside Keith – [if they would have listened to her, they would not now stand convicted.]. And Kristin provided law enforcement with a literal blueprint of crimes Raniere committed.

So going back to what Dani testified, she said that her sister, Camilla was the first nanny in Rainbow Cultural Gardens. Galen was the first student.

Rainbow Cultural Gardens is Raniere’s brainchild. it is a program he devised where babies [starting with his son] are separated from their parents as much as possible and forced to be with seven different nannies weekly – one for each day of the week – each of them speaking to the child in a different language.

The idea is that a baby’s brain power will increase [they’d be super-intelligent like Keith] by being exposed to many different languages.  Twelve years later, after scores of babies and children were subjected to this program, it has not proven effective and likely detrimental,

As far as my research indicates, not one of the Rainbow children speaks anywhere close to seven languages. While most seem normal, some can barely speak their own native language.  Some children reportedly babble, or speak a hybrid of languages.

Some think Raniere had a diabolical plan with Rainbow. By separating mothers and fathers from their children every day for 12 – 13 hours a day [most of the child’s waking hours] and to have the child always subjected to strangers care- strangers who speak different languages every day, the child would grow up paranoid, [it was always someone new – the nannies were switched around a lot]. Without closeness to parents, they might grow up to be sociopaths. Perhaps the girl children could qualify for his special sex teachings at around age 12.

The nannies – were from foreign countries – [this is one of the reasons Nxivm had illegals here]. They were required to take Nxivm classes where Raniere worship is taught. Most of the nannies were slender, attractive young women, with long hair. Raniere had sex with some of them, and a number of them were branded and became DOS slaves.

Imagine the scenario:

On Monday, a nanny comes who speaks to the child all day in Arabic. Another one comes on Tuesday who speaks only French to the child. The parents [who are Nxivm members] are forbidden to speak to the child in any language other than the language of the day. Since most parents don’t speak Russian or Swahili etc. – they can’t speak to their child all day.

A typical schedule:

Monday = Spanish

Tuesday = Russian

Wednesday = Hindi

Thursday  = French

Friday = Mandarin

Saturday = Swahili

Sunday = German

To Kristin Keeffe’s credit, she fled with her son as soon as he was old enough to travel. They went into hiding. But that’s another story for another day: How Keith spent a million dollars of Clare Bronfman’s money to hunt Kristin down and – it is quite possible – he intended to murder her.

The plot failed and one day perhaps Kristin will tell all of it.

The upshot of Rainbow Cultural Gardens is that many of Raniere’s wealthy students placed their children in this program. Rosa Luara Junco, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Edgar Boone – all paid about $200,000 per year to Raniere to place their children in this crazy program.

DOS first line slave Loreta GArza headed up the children’s program for Keith Raniere.

Loreta Garza was head of Rainbow under Keith.

And here’s a funny thing: Keith’s philosophy was that the children would become brilliant if they were exposed to all these languages. But Keith himself only speaks one language – English.

Loreta Garza, who was a sex slave of Raniere’s, did the interviews of nannies [with one eye no doubt on pleasing Keith by getting women he would want to fuck. She hired these nannies at low wages, yet she had no way of assessing whether, for example, the Russian woman who sought the job as nanny – [they were actually called by the fancy title Multicultural Development Specialists – and paid between $10- $15 per hour] could speak Russian well or speak it like a gross, uncultured, uneducated street person.

Loreta doesn’t speak Russian, or Swahili or German. How could she assess the educational level of the women she was hiring for $10-$15 per hour?   She couldn’t of course.

The Rainbow program is still ongoing and children are still being abused in it in Mexico [run by Carola Garza] and in France [run by Sarah Bronfman].

We also learned from Dani’s testimony that Keith didn’t spend much time with his [secret] son, Galen.  In fact, Dani said there were only very few times that Dani saw Keith interact with Galen.

But Keith told everyone how he was going to guide this poor orphan whose mother died and whose father was unknown. Noble Keith would arrange for him to be raised to be brilliant and he even devised Rainbow just for him. He made his son a human guinea pig -the son he denied was his son – and told the mother she must deny.

This is the monster now on trial. He faces life in prison if convicted on all charges.

Meantime, Kristin is free. Her son is free and safe now. And Dani – long imprisoned by him – is free. And others too.

Now it is the monster’s turn to be ruled and ruined.





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  • Leaving the abhorrent misogynistic sex stuff aside (which is HUGE but not willing to comment).

    As an actual polyglot, educator, and emergent anthropologist myself this is NOT how you raise polyglot children! You either need deeply invested caregivers who are fluent in the particular language overlappingly there (best is parents/grandparents/other family) which speak each language fluently, and/or if in an educational setting one or more of the following: Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, Bilingual Educator, Bilingual Educational Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Bilingual Educational Therapist, or Bilingual Early Childhood Educator … and they MUST either be licensed *or* at minimum of 12 units finished + working towards one + under someone who is. They cannot be some rando stranger and yes having a different uninvested caregiver each day of the week with no overlap can lead to someone with sociopathic or related issues.

    Most schools with successful multilingual programs have at least three teachers of different languages simultaneously working with each other at any given time, and each teacher comes at least three days a week. For example (using the old schedule of USGS aka https://www.usgs.gov/ the people who study earthquakes) onsite pre-K&K schedule:

    MONDAY: English, Chinese, Spanish teachers; plus one/two Parents/Guardian.
    TUESDAY: English, Chinese, Russian, Art/Music, plus one/two Parents/Guardian.
    WEDNESDAY: English, Chinese, Spanish teachers, plus one/two Parents/Guardian.
    THURSDAY: English, Spanish, Russian, Art/Music, plus one/two Parents/Guardian.
    FRIDAY: English, Chinese, Spanish teachers, plus one/two Parents/Guardian.
    SATURDAY (optional): English, Russian, Art/Music, plus one/two Parents/Guardian.
    SUNDAY (optional): any mix of English, plus two of the above AND volunteer Parents/Guardians.

    One classroom had Hindi instead of Russian to accommodate the large population of Indians here in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as each family had to have at least one parent volunteer at minimum twice a month.

    Children need to have more than one person at a time, they need to see that Teachers/Parents/Guardians care and will come back repeatedly and since the younger they are the more they lack “object permanence” the closer together timewise they need to see the adults. Bonding with adults is important, not just for sociability but also hearing the languages simultaneously helps them create the neuropathways to see how things are related.

  • “Keith ordered Kristin not only to say that Galen was not his son”

    Not to worry.
    As Galen grows up he will not want to be known as the son of Keith Raniere.

    And about that name Galen.
    For the sake of the boy please change it.
    It reminds me of that scene in the movie “Meet the Parents” where Robert DeNiro discovers his prospective son in law. Ben Stiller, is named Gaylord.
    DeNiro’s response, “What? Did your parents hate you?”

  • Were it not for the Bronfman money NXIVM might not have been able to pursue their “enemies” legally.
    Nor been able to buy political influence this side of the border.
    As far as south of the border no doubt the Salinis name opened many doors that might never have been opened.

    • “As far as south of the border no doubt the Salinis name opened many doors that might never have been opened.”

      Carlos Salinas is 71 years old and enjoys an estimated 17 billion dollar fortune.
      (I suppose Salinas amassed that fortune honestly by collecting used soft drink cans for recycling the way many poor Mexican people do.)
      When Carlos Salinas shuffles off this mortal coil that fortune will probably be divided equally among his six children meaning that Emiliano will be a billionaire able to fund the revival of NXIVM or the creation of a new similar cult with a new name.
      And Emioliano’s significant other Alex Betancourt comes from a wealthy Mexican banking family.
      Just because Emiliano and Alex are no longer officially associated with NXIVM does not mean that they can not work behind the scenes to revive the organization.
      NXIVM is not going away.

  • “He touched her face with his penis while Dani pretended to be asleep.”

    Well, I think this passage answers the question as to whether or not KAR believed in his own penis “potency” powers.

    This is close to something my sister, Gina Hutchinson, used to obsess about. She said it’s done among gay men but I never heard dick about it from anyone but Gina. And I know lots of gay men.

    Her “inner-circle” NX “friends” were taking her out dirty dancing with gay guys — one named “Joe” — to help her with her penis envy, jealousy re: me especially, etc. issues and bc she would feel safer letting loose with a gay guy than with a hetero — having been raped (introduced to sex) by KAR aka “chosen” at such a young age (for a human not a goddess such as she).

    Joe taught Gina all about this thing, I think he called it “dunking,” I’ll have to search it, that gay men supposedly do to eachother — tap their penis’ on eachother’s foreheads or face.

    Joe ET AL was showing her some obscure movie called “Pecker” — I never saw it, despite Gina’s insistence that I should to overcome my KAR-alleged issues and have more empathy for lechery, but Gina said It’s about the plight of a poor boy named “Pecker” and the farcical humiliation he suffers. She would shed tears while laughing over poor “Pecker” and poor “Joe.”

    [Yeah, I should have suspected. Woulda, shoulda, coulda…?]

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