Guest View: Why I Fell for a Cult; ‘How did I not see through this stuff? Right?’

By C

I understand that it is easy to shit on those of us who have been cult members. Do you really want to know why a person could fall for this stuff?

I would like to offer a few personal contributing factors:

No maternal bond. My parents were kept extremely busy by the organization that I was born into. They were made to believe that nothing was ever good enough, there was always more to do. I could expound on this aspect for hours but essentially it contributed to my feeling like I don’t belong. I didn’t have a safe space at home. But it was all justified by the sense of urgency.

“Jesus is coming! Any moment now! Gotta save souls! Gotta do more!”

I was schooled by this religion, so I was kept away from the general public, as well as taught that the rest of the world was evil. I was not allowed to read things such as Greek Myths or Fairy Tales or comics.

Of course I was not allowed to read the newspaper or watch TV. Movies were forbidden. Seriously. My guardian angel would wait outside the movie theater, so that if I died (and of course I was told that movie theater deaths were very common) I would not go to Heaven.

Holy Fuck! I KNOW! How did I not see through this stuff? Right?

No critical thinking skills were taught. I was encouraged to go to the faith’s expensive college, which did not teach science or philosophy. Daily classes about the faith were mandatory, from kindergarten on. Can you say, “Indoctrination”?

I was encouraged to work for this organization, which justifies lower wages to employees due to the group’s “Mission.” In other words, employees are missionaries and have to accept lower wages.

As I stated, I did not feel like I fit in. I was always seeking. I felt as though somewhere “out there” an answer might exist, something to make me feel whole.

Ha! I almost was a Scientologist! I have Rodney King to thank for that! My first day of class was to be April 29, 1992, but once I heard of the riots, I was too chicken to drive the 74 miles INTO the chaos. When the group charged me anyway, and berated me for my cowardice, I thought, “no way.”

Then I fell for the love bombing of the Mormons. Another cult entirely, in my opinion. But I do know that my particular personality (which I see as open and seeking, yet broken, somehow) is exactly what recruiters of any high demand group are looking for. And not just that, my particular flaws make me see to attract the most culty parts of any group. Ha!

As I am typing this I received a friendshipping text from my Ministering Sister, or whatever they call Visit Teachers now. Luckily I am out now.

Anyway, these are just a tiny smattering of contributing factors. Gaps in education compared to the general public, fear of anyone different that me, culturally, things of that nature helped keep me stuck. I am still combating these tendencies, and it makes me susceptible to anyone who acts as though they “have the answers.”

And yet it is easy for me to crap on the gullible, too. Someone I know lost money to Eric Pearl and Teal Swan. My sister went to a Ramtha retreat, and my reaction was both shock at her stupidity and envy somehow, even though her experience was miserable.


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  • My own opinion is that cults are another way of “trying to fill the emptiness from outside,” like drugs, sexual addiction, gambling, and other forms of dependency and co-dependency.

    • That’s what I think too. It’s a sense of purpose that people try to validate themselves with. It’s true, we have to stand for something or we’ll fall for anything. Standing for something is the tricky part or else you can fall for a vice like the ones you mentioned.

  • Being born into it and isolated is very different from people who join later or who are born into a less extreme one which becomes extreme but they can remember the old days when it was more reasonable or the days before they joined.
    At least you got out.

    What I have always tried to do with our children is give them lots of different influences and points of view and they often disagree with me and that’s fine. Not all children are so lucky.

  • There’s a famous quote from famous comedian Groucho Marx that will make anyone cult proof, as long as they remember it and heed its message. It’s been quoted in various forms over the years, but the meaning is basically the same:

    “There’s something wrong with any group that would want me.”

  • It is nice to see you managed to escape the insidious misery poured on you by cults. Bangkookery is displaying an unusual bout of blind hysteria, poor thing. Hopefully one day he or she will strangle him/herself to death. Must be a Trump supporter, this particular specimen! :-))
    Once again, well done for managing to escape their sphere of influence!

    • Thank you!

      Reading about other cults is what made the difference.

      When I was Mormon, I read about Scientology.

      The Frank Report is helping me address the cult I was born into.

  • Just ignore The kookry below. It is mentally challenged, but its sickness amuses Frank Parlato.
    I hope you get free of your demons and accept the hardship of building away from your fixed circumstances. We’re all born into those and have to make our own way. Life isn’t fair in and of itself -its up to you to strive to make it so. All the best.

  • Thanks for sharing the mindset that made you susceptible – it’s hard to erase old set mind patterns that are ingrained. Keep up the good work, and I hope for good things to come your way. And just ignore that Bangkook rabid dog barking. I think he lies in wait hoping to bite someone with his/her words. Just a waste of pixels.

  • You’re right, it is easy for others to crap on you.

    I may as well join in.

    Firstly, the problem isn’t that you were born or indoctrinated into a particular religion. Nobody can fault you for that.

    The problem is that you and your fucken sister kept REPEATEDLY joining cults and FALLING for scam artists, over and over again.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Why the fuck didn’t you LEARN from your bad experiences and STOP joining fucken cults?

    You deserve to be crapped on since you don’t seem to have much common sense.

    You really need help.

    • Again, you are disgusting.
      Instead of being helpful all we get from your foul mouth is this, Bang.
      Frank should never have allowed your post.

      • Frank allows diversity of ideas, even stupid ones. You’ve had some yourself. I think it’s disgusting that you won’t even name the cult you were in. You obviously don’t want to help others, it’s all about you.

        • Talk about shaming…what cult do you run SJ?

          it is obvious to me the cult is JW.

          C- thanks for sharing.

      • Thank you, g.

        It is in part your strength and your posts that encouraged me to write.

        You were my trailblazer and I love you for it!

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